$50,000 In Junior Athlete Sponsorships

April 20, 2018

A total of $50,000 was handed out for young athletes as the 2018 National Junior Athlete Sponsorship Programme Awards Ceremony took place.

Fifteen Sporting organizations were presented funding to assist their athlete in development or competition for the upcoming year.

Kenneth Leseur from Bermuda Junior Golf Association was presented $2,765.00, while the Bermuda Basketball Association was presented a cheque of $3,947.00 for Seth Hardtman.

National Junior Athlete Sponsorship Programme Bermuda April 2018

The Bermuda Cricket Board received $2,500.00 for Jabari Darrell, while Yannick Hillier from Bermuda Rowing Association was awarded $5,050.00.

Nabiilah Nasir from Bermuda Netball Association was awarded $3.416.00, while Qur’an Raynor was awarded through the Bermuda Association of Motorsports $6,786.00.

The Bermuda Sailing Association received $3,383.00 for Ahzai Smith, while Kiwon Waldron from the Bermuda Equestrian Federation received $3,315.00.

The Bermuda Bicycle Association was awarded $2,426.00 for Kaden Hopkins, while the Bermuda Amateur Swimming Association was awarded $3,622.00 for Payton Zelkin.

Ashley Irby was awarded $2,703.00 through the Bermuda National Athletics Association, while Caleb Ingham through the Bermuda Triathlon Association was awarded $2,192.00.

The Bermuda Hockey Federation was awarded $3,795.00 for Isabella Boonstra and Arnezha Astwood through the Bermuda Football Association was awarded $4,100.00.


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  1. puzzled says:

    From private donations.
    Now Operation Ceasefire and Government.

    You get my bullet point?