Ministry: 114 Bus Runs Cancelled On Friday

June 8, 2018

The cancellation of bus runs continue, with the Ministry releasing a list of bus cancellations for this afternoon [June 8] with eighty-six bus runs cancelled, and as there were 28 runs cancelled this morning, it makes a total of 114 runs cancelled today.



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  1. upset voter says:

    This is so dumb, just give out more mini bus permits and put them on these routes! Quick fix!

  2. Ringmaster says:

    If this is what 25-11 brings to Bermuda then watch out for Bermuda to fall into the grasp of the IMF like Barbados. The IMF have already indicated reforms will have to be made to the Civil Service numbers, get rid of 1,500, and their pensions. Clearly there is no money in Bermuda to buy buses, or garbage trucks, let alone pay down debt.