Police: Beware Of Deceptive ‘Assistance’ Calls

July 18, 2018

Following an increase of reported cyber scams, the police released a detailed explanation of the current scam in operation, which involves someone being told they purportedly have an issue with their router, and then being asked to download ‘Team Viewer’ software and access their online banking.

A police spokesperson said, “Following an increase of reported cyber scams which is believed to specifically targeting seniors, please find enclosed a detailed explanation of a current scam in operation.

“This week alone Organized and Economic Crime Department [OECD] has received a number of reports, the majority of which have resulted in financial loss. In order to promote awareness, a detailed explanation of how the scam operates is enclosed;

“Bermuda resident receives a call from person who identifies themselves as being from Logic Communications [or occasionally One Communications]. The caller is said to have an Indian accent and is identified as using 937-555-0183, a telephone number also used during the recent Microsoft Windows scam.

“As a means to add authenticity, the caller will identify the resident personally. If the resident challenges the caller, they might be threatened with disconnection of service or worse.

“The caller then informs the resident that they have identified a problem with their router and that two employees are scheduled to attend their home the following day in order to replace the hardware. For the inconvenience caused, the resident is promised a $200 reimbursement, which would be directly deposited into their bank account.

“The resident is then instructed to turn on their computer and are directed to open ‘Windows Event Viewer’. Event viewer is merely a log of applications and systems messages, although the caller falsely represents this to be a serious problem with the resident’s computer.

“The resident is then asked to download ‘Team Viewer’ software, which allows the caller to remotely access the resident’s computer. The resident is then asked to access internet banking as a means to verify receipt of the $200 inconvenience reimbursement.

“With remote access, the caller now has full access to the resident personal bank account and is now able to transfer funds from the account at will.


“Following discovery of the theft, resident should report the theft to the relevant bank as soon as possible. Thereafter, report the matter to the Organised and Economic Crime Department at 247-1757 or fraud2@bps.bm

“Remove ‘Team Viewer’ or any other software installed. Ensure anti-virus and firewall software are installed.

“Team Viewer allows remote access to all files, including documents which might contain passwords or other personal data. Where there is a chance that personal information is compromised, change passwords and notify the relevant organisation.

“Be suspicious of any person asking you to install software and especially so if you are then asked to access your personal bank accounts.

“If in any doubt as to the authenticity of the caller, disconnect and call the business number listed in telephone directory. Do not call any telephone numbers given to you by the caller.”

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  1. aceboy says:

    They find the information they need on discarded bills in the trash. Be very careful what you throw away!!