Nkosi Hollis Singing His Way To Success

November 21, 2018

[Written by Don Burgess]

Could a Bermudian man end up being “The Voice?”

Nkosi Hollis hopes so.

Mr Hollis said he has been asked to come in for an audition next year for a chance to appear on the popular singing contest which airs on NBC television.

He was contacted last Friday by one of the show’s casting directors about the opportunity.

“I didn’t apply,” he said. “She stumbled across my YouTube page which has a few covers on it. She let me know she liked it. She told me this season they are only doing invited auditions.”

Mr Hollis said when she told him the news, “I couldn’t believe it at first. I wasn’t sure it was real or not. I was shocked. It was a very surreal moment for me, but once I confirmed it with her, then the reality started to sink in.”

The Bermudian singer’s cover of Sam Smith’s ‘Pray’ had caught the casting director’s attention.

“It didn’t go viral,” Mr Hollis said, “but it did get a good amount of views with about 30,000 views.”

Mr Hollis said NBC will be in touch with him ahead of casting next season’s show. He isn’t allowed to discuss when that might be.

In the meantime, he will continue to work on his EP, which he hopes to have out in early 2019.

Mr Hollis didn’t start singing until he was at middle school at the Bermuda Institute.

“I participated in Bermuda Idol and made it into the top five, and I’ve also sang at various events.”

Mr Hollis said he describes his singing style as mostly R&B, but with some pop too.

And who is his dream choice for a coach?

“Jennifer Hudson, 100 per cent,” he laughed. “She is very, and I am also a very soulful person when I sing as well. I sing from the heart. There is something about Jennifer Hudson’s voice when she sings you feel it.”

You can check out his YouTube page here.

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  1. Excellent! says:

    What a beautiful voice! Praying all the best for you!

  2. Maybe says:

    If the show wasn’t scripted then maybe.

  3. Siberian Girl says:

    Wishing you all the best. You have a wonderful voice. I know you will do well and get the well deserved recognition. Rooting For You!!!

  4. Kim miller says:

    Awesome N’Kosi….you have an amazing voice….praying for your success.