8 Week Beekeeping Course Beginning In April

February 17, 2019

Passion Fields Maintenance and Beekeeping will be holding an 8-week beekeeping course starting in April.

In an online post, Passion Fields Maintenance and Beekeeping Ltd. said, “Discover the inner workings of a bee hive! We are so pleased to be introducing a 8-week beekeeping course, beginning in April.

“Meet with us once a week, on either Monday or Thursday evening and dive into the world of bees! Participants will be provided with all of the essential safety gear and equipment, and will receive a bottle of Bermuda Honey & Lip Balm.

“This course will educate you on how to keep your own bees, or inspire your next back-yard project. $250 per person.

“Book before March 1st, or be a member of The Bermuda Beekeeping Association and receive 10% off the course. For more information, or to book please email Spencer Field: fieldshivesandhoney@gmail.com”

Hand on Beekeeping Bermuda April 2019

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