PHC vs Paget Football Club Match Cancelled

April 6, 2019

PHC will be presented with the Premier Division trophy tomorrow afternoon [April 7] after Paget Football Club informed the Bermuda Football Association [BFA] that they will be unable to field a team due to player unavailability, according to the BFA.

A BFA spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Football Association wishes to advise that the match between PHC vs Paget FC will not proceed as scheduled. The match has been cancelled.

“We have been informed by Paget Football Club that they will be unable to field a team due to player unavailability. The match will be defaulted and as per the BFA competition rules it will be awarded to PHC with a score of 3-0.

“In light of these events, the Premier Division trophy presentation to PHC that would have traditionally taken place immediately following this match will now proceed at 330pm at PHC field.”

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  1. Bersin says:

    It’s hard to see our major league as anything other than a joke, no wonder nobody takes domestic football seriously.

    The BFA talks about grassroots, but I see nothing changing, the pitches are terrible, games kick off late, poor discipline, officials are missing and basic skills are forgotten.

    BFA – focus on your bread and butter, not on FIFA delegations overseas.

    • Erik says:

      I suggest it is persons such as yourself who are actually part of the problem. I will hazard a guess that you are not part of the solution.

      Paget Community Club informs the BFA they cannot field a team and your comments are reserved for the “BFA”. No comments about Paget? No questions for them and their leadership? No questions about their club culture or commitment? What about other clubs? Any commentary on them and their programs? When do the players/spectators, who are adults, become accountable for their own behavior?

      Who is “no one” who takes the league seriously? Football is still the largest spectator sport in Bermuda. and the largest participation sport in Bermuda….Hardly no one.

      When was the last time you left your keyboard to see what is changing? Or even to find out why? And if you have personally witnessed the negative aspects you mentioned, you should have also noticed the improvements. Instead you have decided to focus on negativity.

      What facts do you have to suggest that the BFA is “focussed on FIFA delegations overseas”? The facts suggest otherwise. The BFA Strategic Plan suggest otherwise. The Club Licensing initiative suggest otherwise. Coach Licensing suggest otherwise. The BASBEC policy suggest otherwise.

      Maybe its you who need to change your focus.

  2. PANGAEA says:

    Feel your pain, foot ball/ soccer is not the only sport here where there is a lack of discipline and sportsman ship, we can name a few others , I agree with you and regretably the situation as you see will not change in fact it will get worse.

    Unfortunately you will see those who put their time and effort in the the sport will look for and go else where, the game will fall apart as rules if any are broken, sportsmanship goes out the window ,the public trust will come to an end, anger will spil over on to the street.

    In order to put the game on track there is a need to review all the rules and modify those rules that do not and have not worked, even it takes three impartial referees on the field then so be it, penalties for poor sports man ship should be severe, deliberate behavior to cause body harm should be treated as criminal .

    You have defined football and all that goes with it as a” joke “does that mean the game is no longer fun because when you remove fun from the equation then all is finished and consequently every body looses.

    May be we should register players by name and number and keep book on them.

    The bully player has to go !

    After all it is only a game.