2019 Cup Match Teams Selected & Announced

July 28, 2019

Selectors at the Somerset Cricket Club and St. George’s Cricket Club met last night [July 27] to decide who will represent their respective clubs at the upcoming 117th Annual Cup Match Classic being hosted in St. George’s on August 1st and 2nd.

Jordan DeSilva will captain Somerset Cricket Club who have recalled Derrick Brangman and brought in colt Alje Richardson.

Challengers St. George’s Cricket Club will be led by Lionel Cann. They have recalled OJ Pitcher, Justin Pitcher and Rodney Trott with Mackih McGowan coming in as a colt.

2019 cup match players list

Somerset Team:

  • Jordan DeSilva – Captain
  • Terryn Fray – Vice Captain
  • Stephen Outerbridge
  • Chris Douglas
  • Greg Maybury
  • Malachi Jones
  • Dion Stovell
  • Kwasi James
  • Steven Bremar
  • Derrick Brangman – Recalled
  • Alje Richardson – Colt


  • Dalin Richardson
  • Isaiah Richardson
  • Nirobi Mills
  • Jermal Proctor – Junior Reserve

St. George’s Team:

  • Lionel Cann – Captain
  • Onias Bascome – Vice Captain
  • Treadwell Gibbons Jr.
  • Temiko Wilson
  • Macai Simmons
  • Allan Douglas Jr.
  • Zeko Burgess
  • Oliver Pitcher Jr. – Recalled
  • Justin Pitcher – Recalled
  • Rodney Trott – Recalled
  • Mackih McGowan – Colt


  • Nzari Paynter
  • Isaiah Greaves
  • Oyindé Bascome


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  1. Dunn juice says:

    Another easy victory for SOOOMMMEEERRRRRSEET.

  2. Looks good on both sides.
    Still embarrassing to have Emancipation day named after a Colonizer(user friendly vernacular).

    • Anbu says:

      U could always cry about it.

      • Well someone has to speak for de Ancestors and de Autrocities they endured, but I realize it means nothing to you and those who think like you.

    • Mark says:

      Not as embarrassing as having the likes of you in the gene pool.