Government Supports 2020 Superbike Race

September 12, 2019

The Bermuda Motorcycle Racing Association [BMRA] has announced that the Government of Bermuda, through the Ministry of Tourism and Transport, has given its support for its annual superbike road race.

A spokesperson said, “We are pleased to announce that the Government of Bermuda, through the Ministry of Tourism and Transport, has given its support for our annual superbike road race in the East End.

“The event will be digitally distributed to a top line audience of 180m worldwide. The star feature will be a race with international riders on zero-emission [electric] superbikes. There will also be a combustion category for 600cc bikes, and a 250cc entry level category to develop motorsport talent in Bermuda [only open to Bermudian Nationals/PRC holders, and subject to rigorous qualifying standards].

“There is additional clearance to run Touring Car races for race-modified versions of production models, both electric and combustion.”

Takara Dill, Bermuda Charge committee member and the first female President of the Bermuda Motorcycle Racing Association, said, “This is a wonderful opportunity for Bermuda to showcase diversity in sporting events – motorcycle racing is available to most people, it doesn’t require as much financing as sailing or golf, for example. We look forward to growing motorsports expertise in Bermuda through this endeavour.”

A spokesperson said, “Members of BMRA will be able to get involved in the entry level 250cc National Class. We are currently preparing the entry requirements, but suffice to say any prospective racers will need to qualify in the top tier of club rankings, and pass road race competency testing with the crew from the International NW200.

“The route will comprise a five mile circuit, which will start and finish at Clearwater Beach. Most of the races will be in time trial format, with participants competing against the clock. The dates for the inaugural event have been set as September 5 to September 7, 2020 [Labour Day weekend]. Full details of the route will be released in the near future.

“Race experts Steve Plater, Lawrence Ward and Mervyn Whyte carried out course inspections and collaborated on safety arrangements with Takara Dill of the BMRA during a recent visit to Bermuda. The trip marked a second round of assessments by the crew from the International NW200, after Mervyn Whyte carried out initial inspections and recommendations in May 2018.”

Event Director David Cahill said, “We now have a busy year ahead, formalising responsibilities with key partners in the public and private sector, and securing sponsorships to bring this event in the style we envision.”

A spokesperson said, “We will be looking for title sponsors in each of the race categories, including Zero-Emission Superbike, 600cc SuperSport, 250cc National Class, and Touring Cars. Interested parties can contact us through our website or e-mail

“We are focusing on electric superbikes to demonstrate that renewable energy can deliver. This event will become historically important in Bermuda as we stick our flag in the ground and commit to shining as a future energy leader.

“In October 2017, the Bermuda Tourism Authority endorsed the Bermuda Charge application to operate an annual motorcycle road race. We are focusing on zero-emission vehicles; electric superbikes. Now recognized as an official BTA Experience Provider, we will put the eyes of the world on Bermuda with a thrilling road race through the East End, commencing 2020.

“We have confirmed a beautiful route for the race. Many of the race vehicles will run on renewable energy [the fastest motorbike in the world, the Lightning LS-218, is electric]. We have a distribution partner, SCUF Gaming, to show coverage of the race and our unique island to a worldwide digital audience of 180m.

“We are flying over technical expertise and safety consultants from Ireland’s largest sporting event, the International North West 200 – including International NW200 Event Director Mervyn Whyte, who will feature as Clerk of the Course, and his team of experts.

“A zero-emission road race will not only benefit sports tourism and the economy; it will accelerate the move to electric vehicles in Bermuda, and with such a small island we can quickly become world leaders in this regard.”

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