New Operators Plan Upgrades At Snorkel Park

September 9, 2019

One of the West End’s most popular attractions is set to be “transformed into a world-class beachfront fun zone under plans by new operators,” WEDCO said, as a group of Bermudian entrepreneurs with “extensive destination management experience have joined forces to run Snorkel Park.”

A spokesperson for the group said: “We’re honored to carry the baton passed down from a string of passionate operators. It’s our intention to build upon the foundations laid and provide a Bermuda gold standard beach experience for residents and guests alike.

New Snorkel Park Operators: Vanessa J. Daniel Architectural project manager, Paul Franco Contractor & President Vasco Da Gama, Jennifer Turini Ysseldyke, Operations/Programming Manager & airport restaurant concession awardee, Belcario Thomas CEO/Development Director & Co-Chairperson East End Chamber of Commerce, Natasha Thomas Productivity/Business Intelligence, Chairperson Podiatry Board & certified lifeguard, Dennie O’Connor, Operations Director & 2019 International Certified Tourism Ambassador of the Year Joyce C. Hayward CPA Controller, owner of Fusion4Business & past Accountant General. Missing: Raymond S. Walker – Managing Director & past President St. George’s Rotary Chris Garland – past Chairperson Restaurant Chamber of Commerce Sidley Carswell Sanna – Liaison

New Vision Planned For Snorkel Park Bermuda Sept 2019

“Our team consists of proven tourism-hospitality leaders from Beach Boys Ltd, operators of Tobacco Bay, alongside new partners who are experts in construction, architectural project management, logistics, marketing, productivity systems, financial controls, food and beverage and beach culture.”

The West End Development Corporation [WEDCO] issued an RFP in early June and received six submissions. Four were shortlisted and the bid by the group was accepted.

The spokesperson added: “We have a three year phased plan to overhaul Snorkel Park. Safety, accessibility and a welcoming sense of place being our initial priorities.

“At the same time, plans will be drawn up for a waterpark and upgraded nightlife experiences. We aim to create over 30-plus Bermudian jobs providing employment opportunities beginning next spring. Industry certified professionals, local area residents and existing staff are all encouraged to apply.”

“With CTA and CPR certified staff, Bermuda Economic Development Corporation’s Small Business of the Year awards, recurring National Service Standard Certifications, Bermuda Tourism Authority Experience awards and TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Hall of Famers, the team is excited to be partnering with WEDCO to deliver our vision.

“We knew the team pulled together for this RFP was solid. Each partner brings a positive can-do-attitude, grit, determination and passion to the table. We’re confident that with a consultative and collaborative approach, Snorkel Park will become a compelling year round attraction.”

WEDCo’s Business Development Manager, Joanna Cranfield, said the RFP process had been very rigorous with some excellent submissions.

She added: “We felt that the team assembled had all the skills and experience necessary to make Snorkel Park an outstanding venue for residents and guests. We are very much looking forward to see the area enhanced.”

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  1. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    Beach Boys wrecked the beauty of Tobacco Bay and ruined the peace and tranquility of the area for the local residents.

  2. Cow Polly says:

    Impressive group. Wishing you every success for your future plans

  3. Tiffany. Simons says:

    Congrats All. Mr.O’Connor we know that you and the team will take this to the next level and more! Well deserved and keep up the excellent work! Making Bermudians proud.

    • Very interesting, what will be de fee to enter and it would’ve been nice if they all put their brains together to make some use of de know DEFUNCTED Cross Island.
      A hurricane proof green house would help to cover cost, oh I forgot thats part of de $350 Million projected forcast (still waiting for de trickle down).

      • Double S says:

        Your last sentence sums you up perfectly.

        Always waiting for something to be handed to you.

        Pathetic little ‘man.’

  4. Chris B. says:

    Well done WEDCo for not given it to the cruise lines! Lots of rumors. Congrats to all of you. Dennie and Chris, your reputations continues to shine, we are sure you will deliver excellent service. The rest of the team sounds solid.

  5. Sarah says:

    Tobacco bay is the best Beach when it comes to hospitality services and attention to detail. It deserves to be cloned and I am proud of all the awards and accomplishments they continue to have . Great job and wish you much success!

  6. Michel R. Smith says:

    We would like to say congratulations to Dennis and his team at Tobacco Bay and also others joining . They have a great vision for beach economy as a whole and we wish them greater success. From service standards to passion, they are a great fit to create the right energy for this beach .

  7. Stephen Thomson says:

    Congrats Beach Boys.
    You all have worked hard and earned your success. Forward thinkers with a vision. Exactly what Bermuda needs at this time.
    A great team assembled.

  8. THE BIG CHILL says:

    We wish the BEACH BOYS mucho success in the Dockyard.

  9. BermudaBeach1 says:

    Congrats guys, I wish you all the best. Can you do please do better than Tobacco Bay though? I’m sorry but TB is just disgusting. Can you not just think about packing as many people in as possible with the vision to make as much money as you want but rather actually make it a nice place? That would be great. TB SUCKS, just please do not do the same with snorkel.