Offshore Boat Trips To View Bermuda Cahows

November 12, 2019

The Bermuda Audubon Society, together with the Bermuda Zoological Society will be offering offshore boat trips to view Bermuda Cahows starting November 9th until November 23rd.

A spokesperson said, “Our Cahows are back! The Bermuda Audubon Society in conjunction with the Bermuda Zoological Society will be offering offshore boat trips to view these elegant birds in flight. Everyone can take advantage of this unique opportunity to view one of the rarest seabirds on Earth.

“We will travel on the RV Endurance off the south shore beyond Cooper’s Point. This is where the birds gather and perform their acrobatic courtship displays in the late afternoon before they return to their burrows under cover of darkness. Other seabirds such as Shearwaters and Petrels may also be seen. Trips are planned for November 9th, November 16th, and November 23rd. Reservations can be made at here. Contact for more details.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Dobson

Cahow Bermuda Nov 2019

Just last week, Conservation Officer Jeremy Madeiros was pleased to report that: “All but a few of the Cahows have returned from the open ocean and have rejoined their mates in their nest burrows on the Castle Harbour nesting islands. November is the month when Cahows, which usually mate for life, meet their mates in the nest after spending the last 5-6 months apart at sea.

“They renew their pair bond by mutual preening of each other, mating, gathering grass and leaves for nest material and building the nest together in their underground nest burrows. They also carry out mutual acrobatic courtship flights both over the nesting colonies at night, and sometimes at sea off the nesting islands during the afternoon, when they assemble offshore waiting for night to fall”

The spokesperson added, “In addition to observing the Cahows on our boat trips, you can also view their fascinating and endearing nighttime behaviors up close on the Cahow Cams installed by Nonsuch Expeditions.”

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