Covid-19: Rapid Response Team Will Be Created

March 8, 2020

As of today, there are 22 persons who are self-monitoring with public health supervision, five additional persons have been tested with results pending, and a Rapid Response Team will be created to “increase capacity for detection of potential cases of COVID-19.”

This was from the Health Ministry which said, “The Ministry of Health can confirm that as of today, 8th March 2020, there are 22 persons who are self-monitoring with public health supervision. Also, five additional persons have been tested with results pending from the Caribbean Public Health Agency early next week. It should be noted that persons undergoing testing are under self-isolation.

“A Rapid Response Team will be created in collaboration with community healthcare professionals to increase capacity for detection of potential cases of COVID-19.

“Over the weekend religious organizations were sent guidance to share with their congregations to assist in spreading the word about preventive measures the population can take now.”

The Guidance for Religious Gatherings follows below [PDF here]

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  1. Question says:

    Why is this advice just being given to “religious gatherings}?
    Sometimes this place is just frikin weird.

  2. Ringmaster says:

    So only religious people are expected to be infected? Good to know that it’s safer to attend soccer matches than going to church.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Well, religious people should just pray harder, I mean that always works right? And if that doesn’t work, it’s just Darwinism at work, thinning of the herd if you will…

    • Rick says:

      Soccer matches are outside and people are spread out dumb a$$. If people can’t go soccer matches they might as well not even go to the grocery store or work.

  3. jbl says:

    Surely this “guidance” should address the obvious danger of drinking from the cup at Communion …. anyone?

  4. Jussayin says:

    The results from these tests need to be completed faster. Why is taking so long and how can this be completed more quickly?

    • Overboardhope says:

      Absolutely, Why only now are we forming a rapid response team?

      • sandgrownan says:

        Well, it is Bermuda after all. You never see the words “rapid” and “Bermuda” together…

      • BermudaRat says:

        For sure why? Over many weeks some of us have been persuading the media to ask all these critical questions. The media have done a great job of trying to get answers such as how many test kits, how long does it take for results to come back. In the meantime some of those “waiting for results” who were told to go into isolation are on the beaches. Seems has been zero check on those people who could spreading the virus. There is absolutely no excuse that Bermuda has
        not masks for doctors….what about hazmat suits, more beds , more ventilators, more anti viral medicines. Thanks to media for
        doing everything in proactive and responsible manner.

    • Sara says:

      Um, because we don’t have test kits. many places in US are still awaiting test kits. Meanwhile, in South Korea, you can drive thru an actual drive thru and get tested.

  5. Sanai says:

    so your saying its in Bermuda?

    • question says:

      There are no tests so it’s not possible to know the answer to that at this point.

  6. Gustav says:

    A Rapid Response Team will be created
    Right after we fixed the Immigration Reform issues …….

  7. Onion_peels says:

    Given that it takes this government more than a week to get test results, never mind a bus schedule, please define “rapid”.

  8. Questioning says:

    When are we going to hear more from the Premier, the Tourism Minister, and the National Security Minister? The CDC told Americans not to go on cruise ships. This surely will impact our economy. It’s not just a health issue!

  9. sage says:

    Does anyone believe 3 feet is far enough away from a person coughing or sneezing? Watch this:

  10. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    The plp government is clueless