Saltus Students Learn About Women’s Rights

March 7, 2020

With International Women’s Day being celebrated and the 400th year of Bermuda’s Parliamentary System, the Year 8 students at Saltus have been learning about women’s rights and their fight for justice.

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“As the project continued, each student had to choose a suffragette to research as ultimately, they would be writing an essay about them and presenting their work,” a spokesperson said.

“Throughout the project, the students learned and uncovered many new pieces of information that they found captivating; all this helped them learn valuable skills on how to research and how to effectively compile their thoughts. The students watched many documentaries, but one stood out; Emily Davison and her efforts to do everything she could to get the same rights as men.”

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“We always strive to expose our students to external sources and organisations that can help develop their education and understanding of certain topics,” said Briley Habib, Teacher of Humanities at Saltus.

“We were fortunate to have a visit from the Bermuda Human Rights Commission and the Government Whip, Lawrence Scott, during this project.

“They answered questions that the students had thoughtfully prepared regarding our human rights as well as the Bermuda Parliamentary System, which allowed the students to strengthen their knowledge regarding the history of human rights in Bermuda.”

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“The penultimate part of the project was to hear stories and learn firsthand from women who experienced being the first woman in their family to vote,” the spokesperson added.

“An element of this part of the project was to draw a portrait of their family member. Putting their artwork on display, the students asked the whole school to come and look at their artwork and provide constructive feedback. A valuable skill we are trying to instill at Saltus; being able to provide and accept feedback.

“To conclude the project, the students wrote personal reflections on their experiences throughout the project. The final product of the project was to compile the essay, portrait and personal reflection and hung it out on the school gates like how the suffragettes would chain themselves to railings.

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