Chatmore Leaping Leprechaun Walk On March 13

March 7, 2020

Chatmore British International School will be hosting its third annual Leaping Leprechaun Fundraising Fun Walk on Friday, March 13 at 10.00am .

The event poster says, “March is Disabilities Awareness Month. People of all abilities deserve the right to be fully included as valued members of their communities and have equal opportunities to achieve their potential.

“We wanted to celebrate and acknowledge all those in the Bermuda community who face great challenge due to lack of accessibility, lack of acceptance or simply ignorance about their capabilities.

“We want to promote that all people are important and everyone’s needs matter. We hope that this message will resonate with your organisation and will be a motivator to join us on March 13.

“We encourage you to show organisational spirit on that day by wearing a tee-shirt or something that shows organisational pride.

“We are hoping to involve as many members of the community. Routes will be adaptive to encourage people of all abilities to take part.”

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