Stop Leaving Garbage At Bus Stops & Docks

April 9, 2020

Minister of Public Works Lt/Col David Burch has asked people to “please stop leaving garbage at bus stops, public docks or school dumpsters” as it is “selfish, inconsiderate, and irresponsible.”

Minister Burch said, “The general public is reminded to adhere to the normal garbage collection schedule. This includes ensuring your garbage is placed curbside before 7:30 am on your regularly scheduled collection day.

“If you are late putting out your garbage, and all your neighbour’s trash has been collected – please do not continue to place it out for collection and later call Marsh Folly to complain your trash hasn’t been collected. In those circumstances – you must take it back home and store it in a lidded bin until your next scheduled collection day.”

“Likewise the public was informed that the Tynes Bay Public drop off is closed for the two week State of Emergency. Also, as per the Shelter in Place Guidelines, residents should not be travelling to the public drop off for any reason. Yet, there are those in the community making the trip, and worse, simply leaving their garbage at the locked gate.”

“Similarly, please stop leaving garbage at bus stops, public docks or school dumpsters. It is selfish, inconsiderate, and irresponsible.”

“In this period when so many public services are curtailed – we are privileged that our sanitation workers are out there every day doing their job to keep our Island clean.”

“I am asking that those who are doing this – cease and desist – you are breaking the law and quite simply disrespecting all our citizens who are doing their part. We are in a crisis and our efforts should be solely focussed on stopping the spread of Covid-19 in Bermuda, not addressing other health issues and the irresponsible behaviour of a few.”

“Please give a thought to your fellow Bermudians and a special thought to our sanitation workers who are doing the job many of us would never consider doing. On their behalf, I thank the majority of residents who are following the rules and responsibly disposing of their garbage.”

“Anyone with information that can assist in identifying offenders are encouraged to contact the Education and Enforcement Officer at the Ministry of Public Works at 501-3114 or”

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  1. Wahoo says:

    People breaking curfew, running around when they have nowhere to be and now dumping trash in public places. Well done Bda.

  2. MB says:

    Can I ask why you do not provide large mini dumpsters in neighborhoods for people to place trash??
    They go this all over Europe at end of rural roads and it works

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Using dumpsters at the end of estate roads etc. would save an awful lot of money & should not be too very difficult to do. Imagine no more 3 man trash truck crews. One man in a truck that picks up the dumpster, empties it & sets it back down.

      The public could dump trash any day of the week. A dumpster for recycles & a dumpster for regular trash. Would that be to complex for Bermudians to understand?

  3. Ella says:

    You people are just plain nasty. You all no who you are.

  4. Paul Revere says:

    I could never understand why not have additional trash collection at the public schools. All public schools are the land are owned by the government. Designate an area that additional bins can be installed.
    While you at it have the 3 separate bins like the rest of the world has.
    Install lights and cctv camera
    Mail fines to anyone found illegal dumping at these designated site
    Problem solved

  5. Bin Liner says:

    Col. Have someone play detective and go thru a few trash bags, i am sure there will be clues to whose trash it is even if its DNA or mail address or receipts. Or better yet get some camouflaged cameras that moonshiners use motion activated, info red and stores on a sim card, battery operated. You can retrieve card and view recorded action. Then when a trash pig is determined publish the footage and photo name and shame and FINE them $50.000.00 plus community clean up time for 10 years. These trash pigs have to be dealt with plus at present they are also reading the Covid statues shelter in place

  6. Iabingi says:

    No one is to travel the island to look for dumpsters ( STAY AT HOME !! )