‘One-Time Withdrawal Of Up To $12,000′

May 7, 2020 | 5 Comments

“We will expand the scope of existing provisions for financial hardship to include a one-time withdrawal of up to $12,000, from person’s individual pension accounts,” Premier David Burt said.

Speaking at last night’s [May 6] press briefing, Premier Burt said, “On Friday, the House of Assembly will meet to pass legislation that will provide further economic relief to Bermudians. Under the proposed amendments to the national pension scheme, which were approved by the Cabinet yesterday we will expand the scope of existing provisions for financial hardship to include a one-time withdrawal of up to $12,000, from person’s individual pension accounts.

“There are those who will raise legitimate questions and legitimate concerns about the impact this could have on the long-term health of person’s individual pensions. We share those concerns. But it is clear that this is not any normal time. Funds like this should only be accessed in emergency situations. And it is undoubted that the massive amount of unemployment that is seen in our economy due to the restrictions that are necessary to put in place to preserve life is such an emergency.

“The reality is that there are people suffering today, who need assistance today and the overall health of our economy requires help today. This money is Bermudians’ savings, largely overseas and bringing some of that money home is the right move at this time.

“This will have no impact on anyone currently receiving pensions and no impact on those persons set to be eligible to receive pensions over the next couple of years.

“It is important to note that withdrawals can only be made from individual defined contribution plans, what we call private pensions. Withdrawals cannot be made from Government’s Social Insurance Fund, or it cannot be made by public officers or those persons who work in quangos, such as the Hospital and other places from the Public Service Superannuation Fund, or public officer pensions.

“These are defined benefit plans and other defined benefit plans are not eligible for this one time withdrawal. So, to put it simply, you will not be allowed to dip into anyone else’s savings. These funds will come from individual savings that persons have saved up over the years. It is your money and at a time like this, your money can be used to help our economy. Applications for participation in this relief initiative will be administered by the current pension plan administrators.

“In developing this relief programme, we consulted with the Opposition who have agreed to allow a process which normally takes weeks to be conducted in one day in the House of Assembly on Friday. I am grateful to the Opposition for their support and cooperation in moving this forward. I am also grateful to the Speaker of the House for allowing us to be able to move this in virtual session on Friday.

“This relief and initiative has also received the endorsement and support of Bermuda’s Pension Commission. The Minister of Finance will provide further details on how to apply for this relief and other details once the legislation has completed the legislative process.

“I encourage everyone to listen to the House of Assembly on Friday, when we will have another virtual session. You can hear the details of the plan as the details are laid out. And the House of Assembly debates this legislation on how we can help Bermudian families navigate these extraordinary challenging times.

“On Friday the House of Assembly will also debate the new regulations which were put in place to govern Phase One.“

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  1. Jack Archer says:

    this is NOT economic relief – this is the use of private funds to help bail out Government. It is making people pay for Govt inadequacies by raiding their own futures.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Exactly. Where is the Finance Minister and some kind of stimulus package? Tourism is a write off for 2020 and that means it’s going to be a domino effect: tourboat operators, restaurants, bike rentals, etc are all going to suffer or close.

      So I ask again…where is the Finance Minister?

  2. Kudos to both governments for allowing this. They are thousands of vulnerable people that need this. Furthermore it’s our hard earned money. WHY is it that at 65 we cannot have OUR money? Is it because people will spend it foolishly then look to government for help? If so, everyone is not the same so why should we all suffer. In my opinion it’s stealing. They are holding our own money from us. People it’s about time we stood up and put a stop to this. It’s your money not an insurance companies. Pay attention people talk to people that have retired they will tell what choices you have and how much you can have monthly of your own damn money. Trust and believe your money will out live you then where does your balance go? Hmmmm

  3. Clem says:

    Do not do it! Let the Government make a sacrifice. Keep your money as long as you can. The Government want you to fund yourself so that they can avoid cutting civil service jobs and wages and having to make a shared sacrifice.

    Keep your money because this financial downturn will be the worst we have ever seen.

    • Warrior says:

      I totally agree. People do this and what will Government tell them to do should another hardship come. Has Government turned deaf to the updates of many leaders and Doctors over the months, in that this pandemic either Covid 19 or under another name is going to be around for sometime.

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