Photos & Video: Dennis Joaquin’s Sea Life Mural

May 11, 2020

[Written by Don Burgess]

An artist painted a sea life mural says he did so to help inspire others to explore their gifts during this pandemic.

Dennis Joaquin transformed the wall surrounding his Keith Hall Road home into a 70-foot mural full of dolphins, turtles, and whales among other aquatic creatures.

He told Bernews, “I’ve been wanting to paint that wall for about four years now. This was just the right time to paint the wall, and when I painted the wall, I decided to do the mural.

Mr Joaquin added it is to “encourage people to access their gifts and skills. We all have skills and gifts, and they are lying dormant in these times.”

The artist, who is also a puppeteer and a designer of cognitive games for seniors, said the inspiration for the mural comes from his house name, Ocean Green. “That’s why I put the water scene.”

“I chose the dolphins because they are mammals and I wanted to connect the human element with mammals. I wanted the perspective of a humanistic undersea world.”

This is one piece of art that is meant to be touched. Mr Joaquin said, “The children come up and rub their hands on the wall.”

He has been chronicling what he has been doing but posting photos of it on Facebook, and Mr Joaquin is not done yet. “I keep adding, adding, and adding, so when people come to look at it, they can see little intricate stuff like seahorses. There’s still a lot of work to be done to it yet.”

“I would like to do more walls in Bermuda,” Mr Joaquin added. “If anyone has a wall that’s an eyesore, if I am able to paint on it, I’ll go and put a mural on it.”

















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  1. Sailor says:

    It really is quite incredible. I saw him last week painting it and he is a really nice guy too.

  2. sage says:

    That looks amazing, great job.

  3. Harold Conyers says:

    Another great piece of truly authentic work by Dennis – so very talented.

  4. Joan Cabral says:

    Fantastic Dennis! Well done!

  5. Question says:

    Amazing. Well done.

  6. Pat Adderley says:

    Love it and wish you could do that in various places around the island that have walls that really would be great places for your art…
    so amazing…what a gift
    all the best

  7. Helle Patterson says:

    Absolutely glorious! I have long wished for such scenes to be painted in Bermuda, to show the magnificent life in the seas all round us. Congratulations, Dennis!

  8. Beverly says:

    AWESOME…. work!

  9. Weldon Wade says:

    Amazing work Dennis!