Jason Hayward Appointed As Minister Of Labour

June 4, 2020 | 54 Comments

[Updated] The Premier is expected to make an announcement related to changes within the Cabinet, with unofficial information suggesting the changes being made involve the areas of labour, municipalities, communications and more.

Among the changes that unofficial sources suggest will be announced include Jason Hayward as the new Minister of Labour, Jamahl Simmons being made a Junior Minister, and the Minister of Public Works Lt/Col David Burch taking on responsibility for municipalities.

Update 2.06pm: The Government has confirmed that changed are being made, with a spokesperson saying, “Earlier today [4 June 2020] at a ceremony at Government House, Premier, the Hon. David Burt, JP, MP, announced the following alteration of Ministerial Responsibilities.

“MP Jason Hayward has been appointed the Minister of Labour; Minister Hayward’s portfolio will include Labour, Workforce Development, Financial Assistance and the Department of Immigration.

“MP Jamahl Simmons will leave the Cabinet, however, he will remain as a Junior Minister to continue to assist the Premier with communications.

“Consistent with the Premier’s responsibilities for economic development, he has assumed responsibility for the Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission. Additionally, responsibility for Municipalities will now be that of the Minister of Public Works.

“The Premier will detail the full changes to Ministerial Portfolios at this evening’s press conference.”

The Premier’s full statement is below:

Your Excellency, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen; good morning.

As a community, our collective attention has been diverted to managing the change that Covid19 has forced on us. It sometimes feels that all our energies are focused on making it through the various Phases to achieve some return to normality.

After months of doing all that we could do to protect Bermuda and shield our most vulnerable, the priority of work for the Government is to shift our operation to a mode that urgently delivers on the socio-economic package needed to renew this country’s future.

Govt ceremony JUne 4 2020 (3)

Early in this pandemic I determined that our communications strategy had to be one that exerted the greatest possible reach to ensure the saturation of every media available with the information required to keep people safe.

That challenge was issued and the assignment has been carried out with an energy and innovation that has rivaled larger countries attempts at doing the same things. The team that delivered on this imperative has been led by Minister Jamahl Simmons.

In spite of the fact that he leaves the Cabinet today, he has accepted my invitation to remain as a Junior Minister to continue assisting me via the Office of the Premier in this invaluable role of communications. His insight and shrewd advice about how to distill messages for the consumption of busy, hard-working men and women is an asset to the important task of informing the public of their Government’s work on their behalf.

I thank Minister Simmons for making the sacrifice and continuing on as a Junior Minister to ensure that the size of the Cabinet is not expanded in this era of tight budgets. His willingness to continue to serve epitomizes the sprit required of all of us.

Govt ceremony JUne 4 2020 (2)

Make no mistake, the historic arguments and hardened positions on immigration in Bermuda may not have changed, but the economic impact of the pandemic means that there is an urgency in this area that demands the focus of a single minister and ministry.

With the creation of this Ministry of Labour, I have determined to unite the areas of government that promote the training and employment of Bermudians with the unit that can serve to protect their interests when they seek employment for which they are qualified.

We must put our people back to work now and prepare those displaced by the pandemic to assume the jobs that will be created as we recover. Adding Financial Assistance to this mix will ensure that there is no gap between returning to work those able-bodied men and women who may have fallen on hard times.

I have asked MP Jason Hayward to take on this considerable challenge and I am confident that he brings the necessary combination of labour experience, energy and acumen to what might be considered the lynchpin of building a new economy for Bermuda. MP Hayward also has the empathy and balance required to preside over the culture shift that will be part of what must be done in immigration. Thank MP Hayward.

We are in Phase 2 and I expect to signal later today when we will move to Phase 3 next week. With Covid19 set to be a part of our lives and the requirement to keep up an enforcement regime that is itself more than a full time job, I have asked Minister Caines to devote his full attention to this effort and the inevitable enhanced border protection that will result.

At this afternoon’s Press Conference I will set out further alterations to ministerial responsibilities but I can indicate now that consistent with my responsibilities for economic development I have assumed responsibility for the Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission. Additionally, responsibility for Municipalities will now be that of the Minister of Public Works.

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  1. Jack Archer says:

    so the overall ministerial salaries will increase, again. How can this be justified when so many Bermudians are suffering economically?

    • toadinthehole says:

      kind of ironic as the story underneath this is about cuts in funds for lifeguards ….

    • JMSmith says:

      Where does it say that ministerial salaries will increase??

    • hmmm says:

      A Junior Minister makes $800 a month. Jamahl received a demotion which from a voters view was well overdue and his salary was given to Jason. So that was the Ministerial increase.

      • Paul says:

        Premier,do your self a favour…..get rid of Simmons,he is a waste of tax payers money…this guy has has done nothing to deserve a pay check..

  2. Guy Carri says:

    Head of BPSU to head of Immigration. Is that a conflict of interest? Sorry but this is not for the better. Poor, poor appointment.

    • LaVerne Furbert says:

      I guess you didn’t get the memo that Jason Hayward resigned as President of the BPSU months ago.

      • Navin Johnson says:

        So he has no connections at all ?

      • Toodle-oo says:

        I read it as “Head of bpsu TO head of immigration” , not “Head of bpsu AND head of immigration” . You’re not trying to confuse things are you ? Oh no , couldn’t possibly be .

      • Guy Carri says:

        Definitely doesn’t show his mindset and who he’s aligned with…
        Read his “speeches” as BPSU president and that’s the person in charge of immigration and the 6000 work permits this island depends on (I know, they must all be bogus). Scary thought for our economic health.

    • Are you kidding me? says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more ,very poor decision indeed..Mr Primer as far as your handling of this hard times we’ve dealing with You have done a remarkable job sir And we thank you sir..To come to this conclusion sir it’s like you have thrown all your hard work out the window you couldn’t pick two worth members …….

  3. whale watcher says:

    Jason Hayward in charge of immigration!!! What could possibly go wrong there???

  4. sandgrownan says:

    Minister of Labour, under a Premier who tells us the Government is ideology in lock step with the unions.

    It makes sense. But it also tells us we’ll get no meaningful civil service reform, no immigration reform and it’s another PLP nail in the Bermudian coffin.

  5. Despicable says:

    I can’t wait to vote OBA! I am a legendary PLP supporter but I am at my wits end! I have no job and food has to be begged for from friends and then my Premier does this? Despicable and I am going to do everything I can to get my brothers and sisters to vote PLP out!

    • WHAT? says:

      Ok LOLOL you do that.

    • Black Lives Matter says:

      Yes go vote for the oba aka UBP a party that past history endorsed racism so bad in Bermuda….. against black Bermudians they kept changing the party name to hide from it’s past.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Yeah , they were so racist that the black middle class burgeoned and more black millionaires emerged than in the near 20 years of PLP governance.
        Keep holding on to your fake fairy tales and stay angry !

      • WillSee says:

        At Least we had all the jobs we wanted and never starved like we are now.
        I agree with Despicable they are hopeless when it comes economics

      • wahoo says:

        How did UBP ever endorse racism? I think you have been in church far too long and now believe what you are told and not what you can see and feel.

      • Yes says:

        Thank you and YES I will be voting for OBA to put this disgraceful government to rest!

      • bluenose says:

        You know there are more ex-UBP in the PLP than in the OBA, right?

        • Answer says:

          Did you also note that they are all black Bermudians that realized the racism in the oba aka UBP.

          A party that is left with only 5% black voters needs to Wake up black lives matter.

    • You are a legendary fool, UBP legends will NEVER flipflop.

      • Mark says:

        There goes the myopic one. Finally figured out you can type and wear a mask at the same time??

      • saud says:

        LOL, your UBP legends are all members of the PLP now.

    • Tajmahl says:

      Good luck with that most Bermudians are brainwashed that the OBA is racist but truth is they’re more diversified. Also Bermuda was at its best under the UBP . Bermuda was built on conservative values which are hard work and accountability. Bermudians want to mimic Americans so much to the point where we have taken on their liberal ways . As long as the PLP reins Bermuda will continue to fall from its grace . The PLP agenda will always be the same independence and one day a prime minister. Another Jamaica were the rich get richer .

  6. Mark says:

    And the hole gets deeper and deeper.

  7. Me says:

    He is so handsome

  8. Congratulation to Mr. Jason Hayward and I say this is the right man for The right Ministry, Mr. Hayward has been a real voice for the working class people and my prayers he will work just as hard as the Minister of Labor.

    Congratulation again and well wishes to your success.

  9. Val says:

    Yessssssss!! Well deserved and well done!

  10. toadinthehole says:

    The phrase, ‘let them eat cake’ comes to mind

  11. Oh,I see now says:

    I see Burt is taking care of Ernie again whom by the way is a poor choice with his track record.I wonder if this decision went against the party too.

  12. BRAH says:

    Good luck with that. The PLP’s popularity within Bermuda is at an all time high. If an election were called tomorrow the PLP would win in a landslide again.

    • Truth is klillin’ me... says:

      Keep believing that Brah!! Complacency’s a b*tch.

      • Lol says:

        That’s the same think Bob Richards thought lolol he got kick 2 the curb.

        • bluenose says:

          Did you mean ‘thing’ and ‘kicked’? You should check your punctuation whilst you’re at it.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Agreed. So now is the time to do the right thing, something that would ordinarily carry electoral risk. Now is the time.

      When it comes to immigration and the economy, the PLP get it wrong everytime. Now is their opportunity to do it right.

    • Mark says:

      I don’t think you realize the difference between democracy and dictatorship.

  13. Joe Bloggs says:

    “With the creation of this Ministry of Labour, I have determined to unite the areas of government that promote the training and employment of Bermudians with the unit that can serve to protect their interests when they seek employment for which they are qualified.”

    The very goals that Jason promoted when heading the BPSU

  14. J says:

    Jamahl’s posture looks vex smh hahahahaha

  15. sandgrownan says:

    Let’s do this another way. How does the appointment on an ex-union agitator to Minister of Labour send a welcoming message to foreign investors and international business?

    Right now that’s the only option Bermuda has, and the failure of successive PLP regimes to address the idiotic immigration system is unlikely to change. Around the drain we circle.

    Even by Burt’s standards, this is a pretty idiotic move.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      This move is not intended to pander to international business, it is intended to curry favour with the voters. Everything David Burt does is with one eye on the voters. That is why Parliament is made up the way it is.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        Of course, but those votes are worthless without a strong economy. And for that you need IB.

        The PLP have failed constantly to understand what makes things tick. And it’s not the unions.

  16. JohnBoy says:

    Is it just me or do they look ridiculous doing a photo in their Halloween masks?!

    • Mike Hind says:

      Hopefully just you.

      To me, they look like they’re taking responsible precautions to help curb the spread of this virus.

      • jj ff says:

        Covid 19 .. Where common sense and the moral high ground part ways

    • bluenose says:

      Probably just you. Maybe you should think before you type.

  17. Answer the questions! says:

    When a news reporter asks a question and gives examples, stop saying, that there were a lot of questions in that one question. Stop acting superior and answer the question! Honestly, you are paid as the Premier or as a Minister by the taxpayer, so answer the people’s questions. Why is it that reporters are restricted to 5 questions anyway? It’s not like the are in a hurry, they keep the entire country waiting most nights because they have no respect for anyone else’s time and start late!

  18. What says:

    If you listen to magistrate Juan Wolfe he says black peoples feel like pariahs in Bermuda and that their voices are not heard. .How can that be with a black government? Sounds like BS to me? Go OBA! Time for the light to shine again!

  19. Ronald says:

    Has Jason Hayward apologized to Patricia Pamplin for what he accused her of saying. No! Rather than be reprimanded he is rewarded.

    I think this is a direct insult to the many of PLP backbenchers who have been in the trenches and this neophyte politician is elevated over them. So sorry for Jamahl Simmons (UBP/PLP)who has been working tirelessly behind the scenes since this shelter in place.

    Anyway Walter Roban keep and eye out Jason will be coming after your position next. This should surely make his clergy friend elated. By the way what happen to the People’s Campaign. Another trick to promote themselves. All this is self serving. Backbenchers you should be raising questions, you can’t get demoted because you’re not been promoted. Forget this Westminster style politics and speak from your conscience.
    Well I’ll be praying without ceasing about my vote for the next General Election. Grew up as a fighter aND voter for Labour but I’m not BLIND LOYALIST!!!

  20. Codfish says:

    I’ve been supporting the PLP but this terrifies me. Like putting a fox in charge of the henhouse… when you make your money selling eggs.

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