Events Leading Up To “A Moment Of Reflection”

August 4, 2020

Mirrors, Imagine Bermuda and Social Justice Bermuda are inviting the community to participate in a moment of reflection on Saturday, August 8th.

Glenn Fubler said, “Bermuda families traditionally enjoy recreation in August; offering an opportunity for reflection, facilitating our capacity to ‘respond’ rather than ‘react’ to life’s inevitable challenges.

“2020 has offered the Human Family extraordinary challenges, with COVID 19 creating a ‘new normal’ and an especially cruel Police murder, touching off an unprecedented response.

“In light of these circumstances; Mirrors, Imagine Bermuda and Social Justice Bermuda invite our community to Pause on Saturday, August 8 and Reflect at 8 pm for 8 minutes. In doing so, we might consider the following two questions: What is 2020, calling up in me? What steps might I take in answering that call? This exercise’s goal is to help ourselves ‘make a difference, in our lives and our world’.

“August 8th marks the 103rd birthday of pioneering Bermudian film actor, the late Earl Cameron. This ‘back o’ town’ boy overcame significant challenges as a transformational figure, honoured at home and abroad for his art and his life of solidarity with those he shared the planet.

“On August 8, 1970 there was a small demonstration in Bermuda, in solidarity with the people of South Africa. Organized by the Black Beret Cadre, protesting the UK Government’s weapons’ sales to the apartheid regime, it resonates with 2020 protests regarding racism.

“Those ‘seeds’, regenerated in the 1980’s, with a fulsome anti-apartheid movement, peaking in February 1990, with 3,000 people marching upoun Mandela’s release – 20 years prior to the 7,000 marching affirming that ‘Black Lives Matter’ in 2020.

Table of events Bermuda August 3 2020

“Leading up to this August 8th observance, will include:

“Tuesday, August 4, 7 pm: Social Justice Bermuda will host an Interactive Dialogue on their Facebook Page, about taking action– “I Marched, Now What?” Including activists: Juanae Crockwell – Social Justice Bermuda; Zakiya Johnson – OUTBermuda; Ryan Robinson Perinchief -Future Leaders Bermuda; Cordell Riley – Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda.

“Learn about their journeys, lessons offered and motivation for activism, with the goal of getting involved in ‘making a difference’.

“Wednesday, August 5, 7.30 pm; Bernews will host a Panel Discussion: “Drawing From Our Legacy, Moving Forward in Challenging Times” – including: [former Ombudsman] Arlene Brock – 2020 Senior Fellow for Harvard University’s ‘Advanced Leadership Initiative’; Kristin White – Social Justice Bermuda; Iesha Musson – Mirrors; Gary Kent Smith – Earl Cameron’s friend; Glenn Fubler – Imagine Bermuda.

“August 8: 8 pm: Reflect for 8 minutes; then at 8.08 pm on Social Justice Bermuda’s Facebook Page, share reflections via social media at hashtag #bermudareflections.”

A moment of reflection Bermuda Aug 2020

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