Health Council Launches Telehealth Surveys

August 17, 2020

The Bermuda Health Council has launched surveys to “gather feedback from the public, providers and insurers on the use and offering of telehealth services.”

A spokesperson said, “Telehealth has been an important part of the response to COVID and an innovation that has its place within Bermuda’s health system. This has included phone calls between doctors and patients, mental wellness sessions on video, and some pre-scheduled overseas interactions.

“The surveys – which will run until 31st August 2020, look to explore ways to adapt telehealth services and payment as we move forward during the COVID pandemic and in the future beyond. One survey addresses patients and the types of services they are utilizing and their experiences, and the others address health professionals and insurers on how telehealth is delivered and paid.”

Dr Ricky Brathwaite, Chief Executive Officer of Bermuda Health Council, said: “Simply, we know that telehealth is an important bridge of health to our residents. However we also want to make sure that we have some structure around it. COVID-19 has caused us to make quick recommendations and guidance in support of the emergency situation, but some of those rules around telehealth are not sustainable in the long term.”

“We encourage residents of Bermuda to complete the relevant survey. By providing their feedback, the Health Council can take local and international evidence and best support patients and health professionals in their use of a safe and effective health care solution.

“Receiving feedback from local residents and health professionals will show us areas that need improving. We would like to get input from as many people as possible on how Bermuda’s telehealth system should work, and use the data we receive as a benchmark to compare against as time goes on,” stated Ashley Rodgers, Data Analyst of Bermuda Health Council.

A spokesperson added, :The Council will publish anonymous results of the surveys on our website at To complete the survey as a patient, click here. For health professionals, the survey can be found here.”

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