OBA: What Is Happening With Unions & Cuts?

August 18, 2020

“Government must clarify what is happening with the Island’s unions in regard to the pay cut they are being asked to take now that it has been rejected by the prison officers and the fire service,” Shadow National Security Minister Ben Smith said.

Mr Smith said, “I have seen reports that suggest that unless all the unions agree to the same deal, the deal is off the table. Can Government clarify if that is the case and if so, what do they intend to do?

“Premier David Burt has already indicated his ‘profound disappointment” with the Prison Officers Association and the Fire Services Association and has indicated that failure to agree to the Government’s deal would a mean an enforced pay cut for those uniformed services.

“With the POA and FSA rejecting the deal, does that mean that other unions will no longer agree also? Will the Government really insist on an enforced pay cut for people who were on the front line during the Covid crisis?

“How will this impasse affect the budget deficit? The Finance Minister wants to keep the deficit to $175m – will that still be possible? We need some answers.”

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  1. Noah James says:

    Good questions! If the unions do not accept the deal there is no way for Dickinson to keep the budget deficit down to $175 mill unless Government imposes cuts – and how will that go down with the unions

    • Onion Juice says:

      Well good thing OBA are not in, they wanted to privatize when things were good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Onion Juice says:

      The major Unions have agreed, the uniformed Unions (Police, Prisons and Fire have not).
      Putting greed before country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!¡

      • Anbu says:

        STFU already. When the hell have things ever been “good” under this admin?! You wont tell the truth because like your party, u are a LIAR!!! Sit your ignorant ass down. And u r STILL suffering with your mates on the hill in charge. Dumb as a box of rocks. Lmfao. Suck it.

      • Hey says:

        You said it. Greed, just like the PLP ministers and cabinet, whose faux pay cut leaves them with the same take home dollars before as if nothing actually happened. Greed, me myself and I is a hallmark of PLP politicians.

        They do not serve the people of Bermuda, they serve their own greedy selfish pockets at the expense of the people of Bermuda. Onion Juice, you simply aid the PLP in filling their pockets while people suffer. You are disgusting.

      • Really says:

        Funny how you show up to stir the pot when elections are happening.

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    Neither the Premier nor anyone else can impose “an enforced pay cut for those uniformed services”.

    Opportunities to earn overtime pay can be curtailed, but a pay cut cannot be imposed by the PLP Government

  3. toadinthehole says:

    good questions – if Dickinson wants to keep to the $175 mill deficit he forecast, then he needs the unions to accept these cuts.
    we need an update – the public deserves one

    • Onion Juice says:

      The major Unions have agreed, the uniformed Unions (Police, Prisons and Fire have not).
      Putting greed before country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!¡

      • Hey says:

        Just like PLP ministers not taking a pay cut, they still pocket th
        E same amount of dollars. The PLP putting greed before the people of this country.

        Their greed has resulted in sugar tax, higher payroll tax, price hikes and all to pay themselves.

  4. Onion Juice says:

    Its none of ya business

    • Noah James says:

      it is everyone’s business! if unions say no, where does that leave the budget deficit and the debt?

    • wahoo says:

      The PLP love you….and you are too dumb to know why.

      • WHAT? says:

        The UBP change their name to ubp/oba to try and sway black voters to return FACT.

        The party is too DUMB to realize that it didn’t work but they still went alone and placed the last remaining surrogates to the front lines expecting a different result. (:

        • Double S says:

          And yet Wahoo’s comment is still valid and can even be attributed to yo as well.

        • wahoo says:

          Can you tell me what was so bad about the UBP? Did you not like not having a national debt? How about over employment? We had a black middle class and an environment that saw many entrepreneurial black Bermudians become millionaires. If you have been told that the UBP was bad you should do some homework for yourself. Remember that the PLP will tell you anything to get elected. PLP have done nothing to move our economy ahead other than rename holidays and parks they have no substance whatsoever.

          • REAL TALK says:

            You really should ask the oba they change the UBP name to run away from it’s racist past. Opps did I answer a question with the #1 answer? Now run along and try to find some more people to front for you.

            • wahoo says:

              Please back up the “racist past” comment. I am sick of this situation where someone like you can throw around such nasty accusations without backing them up.

  5. wahoo says:

    How will this impasse effect the plp’s election chances? Sadly that is what is holding up the process. The taxpayer can only tolerate so much. By my estimation we are close to another lock down so figure it out Mr. Minister.

  6. Ringmasterr says:

    It is certainly Bermuda’s business. If there is no consensus then there will be serious consequences. The Bermuda Government does not have the revenue to continue with the current expenses. Either reduce costs or there will be redundancies. The choice lies with the Unions.

  7. Warrior says:

    PLP and OBA take a 50% pay cut..those former mp’s take a 15% pension cut for 3 yrs.

  8. JAWS says:

    I say we all vote OBA and let them cut the Prison Officers and Police $$$$$$ even more. Now when their government again don’t cry for the people to help you walk.