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August 14, 2020

Following comments made by outgoing MP Trevor Moniz, the PLP said it is “shocking that Mr Moniz would claim fealty to good governance” whilst supporting Craig Cannonier and Vic Ball, while Mr Cannonier said that the PLP “continues to deflect from the main issue: the economy” and people want to “know why they are suffering under more and increased taxes” and “when will the cost of living come down.”

PLP Statement

A spokesperson said, “In light of Mr Moniz’ comments on corruption, Bermudians need to ask themselves, who they trust most to root out corruption in our government?

“On the one hand, you have Craig Cannonier who himself resigned in disgrace after a corruption scandal, a corruption scandal that Mr. Moniz himself declined to investigate.”

The PLP added that “this is the same Craig Cannonier who appointed Vic Ball to replace Mr Moniz who himself was fingered” in a “scandal by the Commission of Inquiry for recommending a $1.4 million contract to a company owned 50% by his father.”

“On the other hand, you have David Burt who as one of his first acts in government enacted a tighter Ministerial Code of Conduct to ensure that all Cabinet Ministers are held to the highest ethical standard.

“Further, this PLP Government published the Procurement Code of Conduct which prevents the awarding of no-bid contracts such as the $40 million no-bid contract the OBA awarded for the building of Cross Island or the No-Bid airport contract that will cost taxpayers $2 billion in revenue over the next 30 years.

“The PLP enacted the Good Governance Act strengthened the powers of the Director of Internal Audit enacted whistleblower protections and outlawed collusion in bidding for Government contracts.

The PLP added that “human beings are not perfect and there are certainly areas for improvement, but it is shocking that Mr Moniz would claim fealty to ‘good governance’ and ‘anti-corruption measures’ whilst supporting Craig Cannonier, who was himself involved in JetGate and Vic Ball” who was “cited by the Commission of Inquiry.”

Craig Cannonier Statement

In response, Mr Cannonier said, “If this Government was serious about rooting out corruption, it would take it upon itself to investigate the cases outlined by Mr Moniz. Interestingly the statement does not issue any denials about Mr Moniz’s claims.

“It is clear to everyone now that Bermuda does not have a Government in the PLP. It has a permanent campaign machine. This kind of statement reflects that.

“The PLP continues to deflect from the main issue: the economy.

“The people want to know why the PLP is letting them down. They want to know why they are suffering under more and increased taxes, such as the sugar tax which has put prices up.

“They want to know why nothing has been done to help the retail sector which lost 200 Bermudian jobs pre-Covid.

“What is the PLP going to do to grow GDP, which is falling and which has only been sustained by OBA projects such as the airport and the St. Regis hotel.

“Bermudians want to know when the Premier will keep his promise over comprehensive immigration reform. They want to know why promises of a budget surplus or a balanced budget were broken.

“When will all those jobs and millions of dollars in promised investment under all those fintech MOUs materialise? These are the things that Bermudians want to know.

“When will the cost of living come down? When will the promised living wage happen?

“What are the financial details for the arbitration centre? What has the Government committed the taxpayers to? Why is this an untendered contract with a US firm?

“These are all the things the people care about and these are the things that the OBA will concentrate on in order to help Bermuda and Bermudians.”

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  1. Lost wages says:

    Tell me Burt – how much did Cannonier’s misdemeanor cost Bermuda? Once you’ve figured that out, tell me how much Dr Brown has cost us all. Tell us how much Port Royal was overspent and to which PLP minister the money went. Or perhaps why Heritage Wharf, Berkeley and Mag Court went so far over budget. Perhaps then also explain why Heritage Wharf repairs and channel widening were on budget? And then perhaps tell us which party was in control at the time. Which party left the civil service to do it’s job, and which one interfered at every turn.

    You don’t have the guts.

    You hide behind party politics, you care little about Bermuda.

  2. Really? says:

    What are the financial details for the arbitration centre? What has the Government committed the taxpayers to? Why is this an untendered contract with a US firm?


    Ok when were you jokers going to tell us about JetGate and Morgan’s Point and the airport? All done under secrecy and in the airport case at a 5am sitting if the House!

  3. hmmm says:

    JetGATE Craig needs to write his resignation letter that way he’s better prepared for his lost at the next election. For anyone in the OBA to believe that he will swing black voters back to this organisation is clearly not in touch with the PEOPLE.