Motorists Advised Of Ongoing Trench Works

November 19, 2020

The Ministry of Public Works reminded motorists that the “ongoing trench work projects in the eastern parishes will continue through to spring 2021.”

A Government spokesperson said, “Please be advised of the following ongoing project locations:

  • Harrington Sound Road, Phase I: Paynter’s Road through to Devil’s Hole in Hamilton and Smiths Parish;
  • Harrington Sound Road, Phase III: Fractious Street, Wilkinson Ave to Harrington Sound Paynter’s Rd junction in St. George’s & Hamilton Parish;
  • Coney Island to Fractious Street via railway trail in Hamilton Parish; and
  • Stokes Point Road to Mullet Bay in St. Georges Parish.

“Road users are advised to adhere to the traffic signals and signs placed on the routes, and drive with care, caution, and avoid speeding past these deep open trenches. Most of the trenches are between 4-7 feet deep and open to the centreline lane marker.

“On some route sections, roads have been closed to facilitate construction projects. For the safety of road users and construction workers, motorists are urged to avoid the closed road sections and take the advised detours. Furthermore, to avoid accidents, the detours should always be used at night.

“As a reminder, the BELCO master plan infrastructure upgrades are a two-year project with trench work being scheduled all over the island.

“In Spring 2021, these trench projects will continue in the areas of:

  • Middle Road from Camp Hill Road in Southampton to Belmont substation in Warwick;
  • Harrington Sound Road, Phase II from Devil’s Hole to Middle Road in Flatts in Smiths;
  • National Sports Centre in Devonshire through Palmetto Road down North shore road into Flatts in Smiths; and
  • Mullet Bay into the Town of St. Georges.

“These necessary upgrades will provide Bermuda a more secure, reliable, and state of the art infrastructure for all.

“The Ministry of Public Works encourages the full cooperation of the public and apologizes for any inconvenience that may result.”

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