Virtual CPA Post-Election Seminar To Be Held

November 30, 2020 | 0 Comments

Members of the Bermuda House of Assembly will attend a virtual CPA Post-Election Seminar this week run by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association [CPA], according to a statement from the organisation.

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A statement from the organisation said, “New and returning Members of the Bermuda House of Assembly, elected on 1st October 2020 in the Bermudian General Election, will attend a Virtual CPA Post-Election Seminar this week run by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association [CPA].

“The CPA Post-Election Seminar programme offers elected Members of Parliament the opportunity to examine the core elements of democratic governance and to explore examples of best practice from across the Commonwealth.

“The newly elected Members of the House of Assembly, chosen to represent Bermuda’s approx. 64,000 citizens, join the Parliament in a year that marks 400 years after it first sat at St Peter’s Church in St George in 1620.

“At the seminar, which Members will join remotely, the cohort will be addressed by distinguished guests from various Commonwealth nations, including Speakers, Parliamentarians, Clerks and experts, who will share their experience and knowledge with attendees.

“The CPA Secretary-General, Stephen Twigg, will open the seminar with a discussion of the opportunities and challenges of being an MP, drawing upon his experience as a former UK Parliamentarian.

“Topics to be covered include the legislative process and the committee system, standing orders and the constitution, and effective communication. The three-day programme will support Bermudian Parliamentarians to carry out their duties effectively and promote best practice and good governance.

“The CPA supports Parliamentarians and their staff across the Commonwealth to uphold the benchmarks of good governance and implement the enduring values of the Commonwealth. It is the only Commonwealth body that works to strengthen territorial assemblies such as the House of Assembly in Bermuda, as well as national, state and provincial legislatures in the Commonwealth.

“Through the CPA Small Branches network, small legislatures, including UK Overseas Territories, are encouraged to share good practice and collaborate to develop solutions to issues that are common to small Parliaments.”

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