Dr Wesley Miller Appointed BHB Chief Of Staff

December 17, 2020

Wesley Miller Bermuda December 2020The Bermuda Hospitals Board [BHB] announced that Dr Wesley Miller has been appointed as Chief of Staff, effective January 4th, 2021.

“He takes over from Dr Michael Richmond, who was appointed as Chief Executive Officer [CEO] & President in August this year. Dr Miller is currently BHB’s Chief of Surgery. The Chief of Staff position reports to the CEO, and is accountable to the Board and Minister of Health,” BHB said.

“As Chief of Staff, Dr Miller will lead BHB’s team of medical and support personnel. The position is the most senior medical role at BHB and is responsible for the supervision of medical and dental care given to patients and residents in BHB facilities.

“Dr Miller’s role ensures patient safety, sound clinical governance and building positive relations with the physician community.”

Chairman of the Board, William Madeiros comments: “We would like to congratulate Dr Miller on his appointment to the Chief of Staff position.

“Dr Miller is a respected senior medical leader at BHB and his medical experience and skills, and strong relationships with local physicians, will be critical as we navigate through these challenging times.”

CEO, Dr Michael Richmond, comments: “I’m very pleased to welcome Dr Miller into this new senior role. I’ve had the benefit of working with Dr Miller since 2017 and value his strengths and standing as a physician leader. He is the right person for the job as we manage our hospitals through unprecedented times, due to the global pandemic, and responding to the economic and health impact on our community.”

Dr Miller had been Chief of Surgery at BHB since 2007. Before arriving in Bermuda, he worked in Jamaica and the United Kingdom. In 1989, he was awarded Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland. He went on to serve as a Registrar in Portsmouth, a Senior Registrar in Northern Ireland, and an Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon in Rotherham, Yorkshire.

In 1996, he was recruited to work as an Otolaryngologist in Bermuda. After joining BHB, Dr Miller offered a wide range of services including paediatric and adult ENT procedures, sleep studies, allergy testing and management, and the evaluation and management of chronic obstructive airway disease [COAD] and asthma.

Dr Miller comments: “I am looking forward to taking on the Chief of Staff role and working with the physician community inside and outside the hospitals. We are in difficult times, but my focus will remain on ensuring safe, quality services that can adapt to the pandemic restrictions and economic challenges we currently face.”

BNH noted that the Chief of Staff appointment and compensation are approved by the Board and Minister of Health, and compensation for this position is $475,000 per year.

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  1. What? says:

    $40,000 a month? Is this guy Jesus or something comparable because for that type of money we could feed a lot of hungry Bermudians or shelter them!!!!

  2. Realist says:

    The average pay for a Chief of Staff is $321,337 a year and $154 an hour in the United States. WHY is our cash-strapped small, in comparison, hospital paying ABOVE average??

    • Bermuda born...Bermuda raised says:

      Salary is only one side of your equation. If you’re going to compare the salary to what the average salary is in the United States then you must also compare the cost of living to the average cost of living in the United States in order to make a fair comparison.

      If for example the cost of living in Bermuda is double the average of the cost of living in the United States, then all else being equal, the compensation for this position should theoretically be double what the US average is. If Bermuda’s cost of living is half the average of the US then it’s fair to argue that this compensation should be half that of the US average. I think we all know where our “cash strapped” island falls on the cost of living scale though.

      While I appreciate your argument, it only places focus on one side of the proverbial income statement.