Court Dismisses American Doctor’s Appeal

February 22, 2021

The Court has dismissed an appeal from an American doctor who appealed against the decision of Bermuda Medical Council [BMC] to refuse his application for registration as a medical practitioner.

Dr. Asad Qamar — a U.S. citizen who resides and practices as a cardiologist in Florida — applied to the Bermuda Medical Council [BMC] to be registered as a medical practitioner in Bermuda, with the BMC refusing his application.

According to a 2016 statement on the official U.S. Justice Government website, Dr. Asad Qamar and his practice had to pay “$2 million plus release any claim to $5.3 million in suspended Medicare funds to resolve a lawsuit alleging that they improperly billed Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE for medically unnecessary procedures, and paid kickbacks to patients by waiving Medicare copayments irrespective of financial hardship.”

The Bermuda Medical Council Credentials Committee noted the issue above, and in September 2019 they denied his application to register in Bermuda stating that he has not satisfied the “requirement of being of good character.”

“I see no reason to disturb the Credential Committee’s September 2019 Decision on behalf of the BMC,” the Bermuda court ruling said. “The Appeal is dismissed on all grounds.”

The full Judgment follows below [PDF here]:

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