Police Advisory On Residential Burglaries

February 4, 2021

The police have advised people to refrain from posting images or videos of possible criminal activity around their home on social media, saying that not only can it “lead to legal issues” should a suspect brought to court, it may also alert a suspect and “lead them to dispose of items that could associate them with a specific crime.”

A police spokesperson said, “Following recent reports of burglaries and prowlers at residential premises, home owners are reminded to observe a few basic crime prevention measures, in order to minimise the attraction and impact of these acquisitive crimes.”

Detective Superintendent Nicholas Pedro of the BPS Crime Division stated: “A good way to start is by addressing simple measures such as ensuring the locks on your windows and other access points are properly installed and functioning as well as that outdoor lighting is properly secured and in good working order.

“Installing motion activated outside lighting, installing or refreshing existing alarm systems and/or CCTV helps in target hardening your property and can certainly go a long way in deterring criminals from selecting your premises.

Police feb 4 2021 bps

“In addition, if you see suspicious activity or persons around your premises, make note of the individual[s] and contact the police immediately. While you may think it helpful, please refrain from posting on social media, images or videos of possible criminal activity around your home.

“Not only can posting these images to social media lead to legal issues should a suspect be arrested and brought to court, but it may also alert a suspect that they are being sought and lead them to dispose of items such as the clothing seen in those images or, other property which could associate them with a specific crime.”

“For further crime prevention advice, please contact a reputable security company or Inspector Scott Devine at 717-2180 [e-mail sdevine@bps.bm] to identify the appropriate Community Action Team [CAT] officer responsible for your neighbourhood.”

Burglary prevention tips from the BPS:

“In closing, the general public is urged to assist police in making Bermuda safer by reporting suspicious activity and providing any relevant information by calling 211, the main police telephone number 295-0011 or, the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477.”

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  1. Citizen says:

    Heart this! Thank you BPS!

  2. Beaker says:

    You need to punish burglars and thieves harder. Stop tapping their wrists. Make them truly and deeply fear the punishment. We cannot let the public be victims.

  3. Bill says:

    I get that if you post a video on social media that it may cause “legal issues” with a case. The reason people are doing it because they feel frustrated that when they do call the police the perpetrators rarely get caught by the police. When you post something on social media there is a better chance someone knows that person. Like magic you can find out who it is and a better chance of getting your stuff back.