Digicel & Microsoft Partner To Help Businesses

May 17, 2021

Digicel Business is offering Microsoft Cloud Solutions in order to provide “opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to modernise by updating and future-proofing their business.”

A spokesperson said, “As technology changes, businesses have to change as well, and Digicel Business, through Microsoft Cloud Solutions, provides opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to modernise by updating and future-proofing their business.

“Embracing digital transformation means creating an environment where companies, employees and customers can thrive. But, for businesses that fail to modernise, that means failing to remain competitive, and also failing to serve its customers efficiently.

“The average office worker wastes 21 days annually as a result of outdated technology, and IT modernisation, in addition to solving that issue, can also increase employee motivation by up to 40%. Creating a responsive IT infrastructure to adapt to ever-changing businesses needs is key to thriving and staying competitive.

“For businesses using end of support software, migrating workloads to the Cloud, means that businesses benefit from $1B Microsoft investment into a platform that users can trust to be secure and supported 24/7. When software becomes outdated and no longer receives support and security updates, this increases businesses exposure to security attacks or compliance risks.

“With global regulatory standards around compliance [like GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation] being introduced, observed and enforced, an outdated system poses not only a security risk, but also a business risk that could ruin the company due to the cost of financial penalties associated with the regulations.

Kevin Beckett, Head of Digicel Bermuda’s Business Solutions said: “We all know how tedious it is when technology doesn’t work well, and how much it can throw off the day. And if the last year has taught us anything, it’s how important it is to ensure that our technology is working for us, not against us.

“Growing businesses need the kind of flexibility that allows teams to scale IT resources quickly and cost effectively, and the Microsoft Cloud proposition provides that kind of customisation because we understand that different businesses will have different requirements. This also means that companies never have to pay for more than what they need.”

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