Video: BWS Does Not Deem Storm A Threat

September 21, 2021 | 0 Comments

[Updated with video] The Bermuda Weather Service [BWS] said that “although the centre of Tropical Storm Peter is forecast to be near 400nm from us in the next few days, BWS does not deem it to be a threat to Bermuda.”

Update: BWS Director Dr Mark Guishard provides an update on Tropical Storm Peter, telling Bernews that “confidence is pretty high it will be a non-event for Bermuda, but we will of course continue to closely watch”

This afternoon [Sept 21] BWS said, “Peter is confidently forecast to weaken before making any sort of approach. It is currently looking very ragged, and many model projections have it fully dissipating before arriving in our area. Regardless of its characteristics when it gets this far north, we don’t anticipate any impactful winds or seas.

“We will of course be monitoring Peter closely as well as the rest of the tropics, which are starting to gather steam going into the end of the month. Stay up to date at”

Graphic courtesy of the BWS:

BWS Tropical Storm Peter Bermuda Sept 21 2021

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