Video: Sunday Oct 23rd ‘Good News’ Spotlight

October 23, 2022 | 0 Comments

News that Karim Creary and Kiara Wilkinson were both called to the Bermuda Bar, Keith Smith earned the Public Service Excellence Award, and Nia Christopher scored her 12th goal of the season were all some of the positive news stories from the past week.

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In additional good news, Nahki Wells scored in a Bristol City victory, boxer Adrian Roach won a fight in New York, Joshua Joseph and Cody Robinson scored in a Thomas College victory over the University of Maine, 17 Bermuda Police Service officers completed their investigators course and Kaden Hopkins and Caitlin Conyers both won medals at the Caribbean Road Cycling Championships in the Dominican Republic.

We also posted various community photo galleries, including coverage of summer students’ experiences with the Bermuda Zoological Society, the Dockyard Fall Festival and the HSBC Kids Triathlon Clinics event.

In an effort to highlight some of positive news happening in our community, we supplement our standard morning and evening email newsletters with a special Sunday “Good News” email newsletter edition, and also produce a highlight video and article which strictly focuses on the positive news about Bermuda and Bermudians from the past week. You can sign up to have the free newsletter delivered via email here, and/or access the links below.

For more positive coverage, you can also visit other websites in the Bernews Network; showcases uplifting Bermuda news and the tourism genre, offers free Bermuda themed Facebook covers and phone wallpapers; and you can view over 200 ‘Good News’ summary videos spanning back to 2017 here on Bernews.TV.

Links to some of the ‘good news’ from the past week are below:

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