Ten People Complete Endeavour Programme

March 17, 2023

The Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme recently hosted their sixth cohort of ten young Bermudians aged 16 to 34 years old, who took part in the programme which aims to prepare Bermudians for working in the maritime industry.

A spokesperson said, “Endeavour, a Bermuda-registered charity that engages diverse youth across Bermuda in experiential learning that builds their self-confidence and life skills, partners with the Bermuda College Athora Division of Professional and Career Education [APACE] to prepare Bermudian youth for working in the maritime industry.

“The Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme is a seven-week training and career development initiative for Bermudian youth ages 16 and older to gain hands-on experience, skills development and exposure to maritime career pathways.

“From January 9th to February 24th, 2023, Endeavour welcomed its sixth cohort of ten young Bermudians ages 16 to 34 years old, who took part as a result of their interest in a maritime career. Seven of ten participants first started sailing through the Endeavour Middle School Programme, four completed the Endeavour Graduate Programme, of which one also completed Endeavour’s Assistant Instructor Programme. Four participants were high school students including three CedarBridge Academy students and one student from The Berkeley Institute, who impressively balanced academic commitments while being immersed in the programme.”

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Jennifer Pitcher, Endeavour’s Executive Director shared, “We are beyond proud of the progress and achievements made by our Endeavour Maritime Springboard Graduates. They exerted an incredible amount of commitment and effort to further their skills and learn as much as they can throughout the programme. By engaging in hands-on training, peer to peer and mentoring relationships, and multiple avenues for learning and growth they have benefited tremendously. We wish them all the best for their future endeavours.”

The spokesperson said, “One hundred percent of participants report that they improved their teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills as a result of participating in the programme.”

17-year old Berkeley Institute student Zakao Hart said, “Participating in the Endeavour Maritime Springboard Programme made me a better person, building my skills and helping me feel confident talking and working with new people, and stepping out of my comfort zone. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that makes you a better person and builds your character. It is a very useful experience to help get your foot in the door and I recommend it to other young Bermudians who want to work in the maritime industry.”

The spokesperson said, “One hundred percent of participants report they have a greater awareness of maritime opportunities and feel better prepared to work in the maritime industry as a result of completing the programme.”

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34-year-old Rajiv Mallory said, “I believe I am a true mariner now as a result of participating in the Endeavour Maritime Springboard Programme. I now know more about navigation and safety and I am very excited to see where these opportunities will take me vocationally. I’ve changed my whole life to be in the programme and start a new life in the maritime industry and I have never been happier. This was a personal decision that was a calculated risk and I now believe I made the right decision.”

The spokesperson said, “Rajiv is exploring career opportunities that combine his background and experience in security with his skills, qualifications and passion for working in the maritime industry.”

24-year-old Kahreem Williams shared, “I enjoyed the opportunity to be around a variety of people from all walks of life for this amazing learning experience. My understanding of the maritime industry has grown tremendously giving me an overall idea of what I’d like to do as a career.”

Karen Smith, Bermuda College APACE Coordinator said, “The Bermuda College is proud to partner with Endeavour for this career development initiative that equips Bermudian youth with the skills, knowledge and experience to be successful in their goal of working in the maritime sector while exposing them to different career pathways. Since 2018, 64 youth have completed the Endeavour Maritime Springboard Programme, of which over 70 per cent are gainfully employed with many now working in the maritime sector and pursuing additional training and education.”

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Sari Smith, Endeavour’s Programme Officer & 2021 Endeavour Springboard Grad shared, “We are grateful for Endeavour’s education and marine partners who support this programme through interactive career days. By sharing their own career highlights and tips for success, they expose young Bermudians to different maritime career pathways and offer invaluable insights and connections to equip them with the information they need to be successful.”

The spokesperson said, “Special thanks to the following marine partners and professionals for their support of the 2023 Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme:

  • Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo & Bermuda Zoological Society – Dr Alex Amat and team
  • Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre – Steve Pegg
  • Bermuda Shipping & Maritime Authority – Taran Card
  • BIOS – Kaitlin Noyes and Claire Fox and R/V Atlantic Explorer crew
  • Department of Marine & Ports Services – Maquel Bailey and team including Springboard Grad Taj Maxwell
  • K.S. Watersports – Kevin Sousa and Aaron Lindsay
  • Ocean Sails – Stevie and Suzanne Hollis
  • PW Marine – Stephen Cox
  • Royal Bermuda Regiment Bermuda Coast Guard – Sergeant Sean Wheatley and Captain Jeff Patterson
  • SailGP – 2018 Springboard Grads Tré Maxwell & Moriah Wheddon
  • Spar Yard Marine Solutions Ltd. – Mark Goodwin and team
  • Spirit of Bermuda – Lauren Yelle-Simmons and crew including 2022 Springboard Grad Sanai Robinson
  • Waterstart – JP Skinner, Anne Kermode and Phoebe Barboza
  • During the final week of the programme three students engaged in work shadow opportunities with some of our marine partners gaining further insights and experience into possible career pathways in the maritime industry.

“Two participants shared their time between the Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo and Waterstart.”

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Anne Kermode, Waterstart’s Education Officer shared, “We truly enjoyed having Melachi and Daniel with us over the last two days. Both were enthusiastic and engaged during our activities with the visiting groups. We had two days of teenagers – a group from Saltus and a group of students from the Spirit of Bermuda. Both Daniel and Melachi were excellent role models. They showed off their maritime skills, and I know JP [Waterstart Founder and Director] had confidence in them as he let them take the helm on several occasions under his direct supervision. Thank you for sharing them with us.”

A third Springboard participant spent his final week of the programme between Endeavour learning more about behind the scenes assisting with maintenance projects and with PW Marine learning more about marine mechanics, which is his particular area of interest in the maritime industry.

18-year-old J’Kai Berkeley shared, “This experience has helped me to build my resume and learn more about myself. Building my knowledge of the maritime industry helped me to enjoy this programme and develop knowledge and skills that will assist me in the future with my career goals. I enjoyed shadowing a technician because it was great to hear their pathway and to gain some hands-on experience.”

Olivia Reilly, Endeavour Operations Manager explains “Another benefit of the hands-on training offered is the opportunity for young Bermudians to achieve internationally recognised qualifications. The qualifications provide the foundation of maritime knowledge and skills which are transferable through many career pathways and provide exposure toward new opportunities or areas of interest in the maritime industry.

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The spokesperson said, “Endeavour is accredited by the Royal Yachting Association [RYA] which allows the charity to offer courses toward achieving the following qualifications: RYA Sailing Level 1 and 2, RYA Powerboat Level 2, RYA Seamanship, RYA Safety Boat, RYA First Aid, RYA Safe & Fun Safeguarding, RYA Marine Radio Short Range Certificate [SRC] as well as RYA Dinghy Instructor for those who are interested in teaching youth sailing.

“Participants also learn best practices to improve their resumes, as well as create action plans for their job search and career planning through interactive workshops that prepare them for future success.”

Mrs. Pitcher added, “We are grateful for the collective support from Endeavour’s donors, partners and supporters that enables us to create a positive impact in diverse young lives across Bermuda through Endeavour’s programmes. We are honoured to partner with marine organisations across Bermuda as well as the Bermuda College toward the continuing success of the Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme.

“Endeavour’s programmes focus on inclusiveness to ensure that young people of all backgrounds, skills and abilities are able to participate in our programmes. We are deeply thankful for the unwavering support from Endeavour’s lead founding partner Orbis Investments, along with Arch Capital Group Ltd., BF&M Limited, PwC Bermuda, Centennial Bermuda Foundation, and Ocean Wilsons Holdings Limited for their generous support of Endeavour and the Endeavour Maritime Springboard Programme, which enables us to ensure that young Bermudians from all backgrounds can access this programme and benefit from it for years to come.”

The spokesperson said, “The next dates for the Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme are Monday, January 8th through Friday, February 23rd, 2024. Candidates must be Bermudian ages 16-34 years old. Previous marine experience is not required, however candidates must be available to commit for the duration of the programme, exhibit a positive attitude and have a strong willingness to learn. Applications will be accepted until November 4th. For more information email info@endeavour.bm.

“Visit at www.endeavour.bm to learn more about Endeavour’s programmes that are positively impacting diverse young lives across Bermuda.”

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