Photos: City Unveils Two New Murals

May 3, 2023 | 2 Comments

The City of Hamilton has unveiled two new murals as part of the 2023 VIVID Public Art in the City initiative.

A spokesperson said, “The City of Hamilton officially unveiled two new murals as part of the 2023 VIVID Public Art in the City initiative. To date, the initiative has installed more than 25 murals throughout the City since first being launched as the City Arts Festival in 2015.

“Mayor Charles Gosling welcomed international large-scale muralist Andre Trenier from New York, along with participants of the two-day mural workshop, led by Trenier, that all contributed to the Cup Match-themed mural on Church Street.

“The artwork, entitled ‘Emancipation: Coming Together for Cup Match,’ depicts Cup Match revelers from the opposing teams, and portraits of Sylvan Richardson and Lisa Weekes captured by local photographers Akil Simmons and Anthony Wade, respectively, who are seemingly celebrating together the much-loved annual celebration of Bermuda’s favourite rivalry.

“The unveiling continued in Cavendish Car Park where a poem, ‘I Am Bermuda’ by Andra Simons, featuring the likeness of Denise Bowens-Tucker captured by local photographer Meredith Andrews, towers over the car park. Throughout the artwork are additional aspects of Bermudian culture, including the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, loquats, a soaring kite, and bicycle imagery captured by photographer Jayde Gibbons.

“Andra Simons is a Bermudian writer and performer living in London who has released two poetry collections, The Joshua Tales and Turtlemen, the latter from which ‘I Am Bermuda’ comes. Mr. Simons is a former visiting lecturer at the University of Greenwich.”

Mr. Trenier said, “It’s truly a pleasure to be here in beautiful Bermuda and be a part of this process. I’ve met amazing people and artists since I’ve been here and we’ve inspired each other.

“I’ve learned a lot about Bermuda’s history from emancipation to Cup Match. I always like to experience a place before I paint something and it all came together in a beautiful, organic way.

“It’s been a wonderfully intense week of creativity. To be able to share techniques and collaborate with such an eager group of artists was amazing. To have the collaborative piece as well as a monumental solo piece in an international destination is really a dream come true for any artist. I’m completely humbled that my work can be showcased here for the people of Bermuda and I thank the City of Hamilton for the opportunity.”

Mayor Gosling said of the first mural, “The City created an objective to have a vibrant City and utilize some of the unnecessary blank walls throughout Hamilton to do just that. Here we have a wonderful conglomeration of colours and feelings that truly exemplify what Cup Match and emancipation mean to the people of Bermuda.”

Of the large-scale mural in Cavendish, he said, “If you’re going to say something, say it loud. Here is a wonderful celebration of what it is to be a Bermudian. This mural actually ties in with any Bermudian. It speaks loudly as to what we are and who we are and I think it’s great.

“I don’t know about you, but I’d be driving by this three times a day.”

The spokesperson said, “He continued by thanking Mr. Trenier for coming and adding such vibrancy to the City.”

Emancipation Andre Bermuda May 2023

Emancipation Council Bermuda May 2023

I Am Bermuda Andre May 2023

I Am Bermuda Council May 2023

I Am Bermuda May 2023

I Am Bermuda Meredith and Denise May 2023

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