BEDC’s ‘Think Like An Entrepreneur’ Course

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Think Like an Entrepreneur — which is described as an “in-depth course with the aim of teaching entrepreneurs how to establish goals and manage risks” — is set to begin on Tuesday, June 20th.

A spokesperson said, “Driven by the internationally recognized, award-winning Ice House Entrepreneurship Program, the Think Like an Entrepreneur course will provide a challenging learning experience for all budding entrepreneurs.

“The course is designed to reveal new opportunities, ignite one’s ambition and foster the skills that will empower individuals to reach new heights as an entrepreneur.

“The curriculum for the course draws on eight fundamental concepts that can empower anyone to success. Hailed by one past student as “an educational opportunity not to be missed”, BEDC is looking forward to welcoming the next group of participants.

Think Like An Entrepreneur Bermuda June 2023

“Think Like an Entrepreneur will be facilitated by Ray Lambert, the current Director of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise. The course teaches an innovative, international program, which was introduced to Bermuda in 2015.”

“At BEDC, we believe in empowering individuals to tap into their entrepreneurial potential, and this course exemplifies our commitment to that mission,” said Ray Lambert, the current Director of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise. He continues, “We are confident that the ‘Think Like an Entrepreneur’ course will provide invaluable insights and practical knowledge to all attendees, propelling them towards their entrepreneurial dreams as this.

“Participants will learn how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, identify and evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities, establish goals, manage risks, and build a successful brand. The eight-week scheme will aid in developing cross-discipline entrepreneurial attitudes, behaviors and skills. According to a past student “Think Like an Entrepreneur opened my eyes to the potential and possibilities of one’s ideas. The course showed me that a dream, a passion, can be actualized. Keep your vision set on the destination and trust the process along the journey.”

The spokesperson said, “The Think Like an Entrepreneur Course will be taught at the BEDC Main Office, weekly, on Tuesdays from June 20th to August 8th from 6:00pm until 8:15pm.

“The Think Like an Entrepreneur course has a cost of $325; your investment includes, all course materials, the book ‘Who Owns the Ice House?’ and access to an online learning portal. For more information or to register for the course, please visit; email or call 292-5570.”

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