“BZS Rebrand Brings A Cohesive Approach”

June 4, 2024 | 0 Comments

The Bermuda Zoological Society [BZS] announced the launch of its new branding, “marking the next chapter in its ongoing mission to inspire appreciation and care for island environments.”

A spokesperson said, “As the support charity for the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo [BAMZ], the BZS rebrand brings a cohesive approach to create awareness of BZS’s work that includes the organisation’s commitment to ground-breaking research, the preservation of fragile endemic species and habitats, and the championing of future generations to become stewards of the natural world, along with funding community outreach projects and hosting notable public events.

“BZS provides more than 8,000 interactive, hands-on science experiences for young people in public and private schools every year.”

“At the heart of our mission is a dedication to fostering a love for the natural world among Bermuda’s youth,” said Dr Stephanie Toro, BZS Education Officer. “Our classes provide a unique opportunity for students to learn outside the traditional classroom. We’re seeing buy-in from teachers in the community; they help us develop the educational courses they need and then they can come to us and we assist with delivering them.”

The BZS Schools Programmes, including Generating Academic Success in Science [GASS], the Living Classroom at Trunk Island and other field sites, Ocean Education, and Natural History Classes, offer immersive learning experiences that bring science to life. Former BZS Junior Volunteer Dr Miguel Mejías said, “BZS programmes are extremely beneficial for youth in Bermuda. They have established Trunk Island as a place where students can explore and learn about the diverse species that make Bermuda unique.”

Among the organisation’s flagship initiatives is the Kids on the Reef programme, which aims to inspire the next generation of ocean stewards through hands-on experiences like snorkelling and freediving. Dr Alex Amat, BZS Ocean Educator, said, “Kids on the Reef is dear to my heart. We’re not just teaching; we’re empowering young people to feel confident in the water and to become advocates for our oceans.”

The spokesperson said, “In addition to its formal educational programmes, BZS facilitates field trips, camps and volunteer opportunities for all ages of the community to connect with nature. The organisation’s research and outreach vessel, Endurance, serves as a floating classroom for conservation education, and the year-long BZS Junior Volunteer programme allows teenagers to get hands-on weekend work experience at BAMZ; many who have gone on to pursue careers in science, research and related fields.”

Lynda Johnson, Fund Development Officer said, “Through our innovative programmes and passionate educators, we strive to instil a lifelong love for nature and a sense of responsibility for its conservation. Anyone interested in supporting BZS can sign up for membership which gives you access to BAMZ 364 days a year. You can also become a volunteer or a corporate or individual donor. More information can be found on our website bzs.bm.”

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