Premier Congratulates New UK Prime Minister

July 5, 2024 | 7 Comments

Following the UK general election, Premier David Burt said he has “written to the new Prime Minister to congratulate him on his election victory and reiterated the Government of Bermuda’s commitment to building relationships with the new UK Government.”

“There will no doubt be changes in policy and personnel and I look forward to working with the new Foreign Secretary and a new Minister for the Overseas Territories,” the Premier added.

The BBC reported that ”Sir Keir Starmer is the UK’s new prime minister, after his Labour Party swept to power in a landslide general election victory. The Conservative Party suffered a dramatic collapse after a tumultuous 14 years in power, which saw five different prime ministers run the country.

“It lost 250 seats over the course of a devastating night. Rishi Sunak – the outgoing PM – accepted responsibility for the result and apologised to defeated colleagues during a brief statement outside a rainy 10 Downing Street. He said he would resign as party leader in the coming weeks.”

“Britain’s House of Commons has 650 MPs, or members of parliament. Each of their “seats” represents a constituency, or district. So far Labour has won 412 seats, while the Conservatives have slumped to just 121 and centrist Liberal Democrats have taken 71. Reform UK, a successor to the Brexit Party, is set to pick up four seats, as is the left-wing Green Party.”

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    “reiterated the Government of Bermuda’s commitment to building relationships with the new UK Government.”

    What happened to the PLP policy of seeking to free Bermuda from the shackles of British colonialism?

  2. Ringmaster says:

    Very similar result to the last election here. Landslide in the number of seats yet only around 33% of the vote. Not exactly representative of the whole population, just like the PLP in Bermuda.

  3. Gerald says:

    For real Joe, all jokers here governing this island! They cant free anyone period

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    People are fed up with the lying, the deceit, the waste and the self serving of politicians and their political parties.

    Low voter turnout says it all.

    Little wonder at the interest in government made up of independents who don’t have a party to answer to.

    • Voter says:

      You should run as a loser candidate next election to help your obaubp circus win 10 seats.

  5. Downing Street Badboy says:

    1/100 Sir Kerr did not email back and/or write back

  6. Packman says:

    When a people become dissatisfied or disenchanted with their Government as shown by the low voter turnout and the the exodus of large number of tax payers that send a message loud and clear to those who find them selves steering a sinking ship.

    We did not get an opportunic resounding or fruitful budget offered in the last go round covid and inflation at 20 % became part of the blame . Every body just stood buy and watched the game .

    To put it bluntly unfortunate situations robbed just the Bank as the Government struggles to remain afloat .

    You can not bail a sinking ship if you have a large hole in the bucket as Governments cost lost of money in order to keep running say 00.85 administrative cents on the dollar.

    I did not say keep it self in business , we the tax payers do that.
    I am sure that you all are aware we play more than our part.
    No body can survive living in a miserable existance for long.

    Taxing food is very naughty.

    Government is competing with the private sector for every dollar both are driving around with empty trucks.
    If Government takes away a large part of our income .

    How can we pay taxes?
    The see saw breakes in half under the load.

    How do we and they repair a broken seesaw we need to go into economy mode by lowering the tax burden they can only do that by suspending Land tax and reducing T.C.D expenses at the same time creating new jobs.

    My favorite words are :-
    Enthusiasm … Not much of that theses days we and they just need to turn that round.
    Communications … We get the deaf ear.
    Incompetence … Lack of ability.
    Marketing … Business will always fail if they do no market their products, try advertizing , discounts and last night free.

    “No body can help a man if he always helps him self”
    So stop it .
    ” Face the music ” .
    New name for Bermuda ” TAXAMAINIA”.

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