Waterlot Inn To Reopen In December 2024

July 8, 2024 | 5 Comments

Westend Properties announced that the Waterlot Inn at the Fairmont Southampton will be reopening on December 3, 2024, following the “completion of extensive interior and exterior renovations.”

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A spokesperson said “Housed in a building that dates back to 1670, the destination restaurant has always been an island favourite and we are eager to welcome patrons back in a few short months. The hiring process for the reopening is beginning this week.”

“Works at the Waterlot are ongoing,” said Kiaran MacDonald, Reginal Vice President, Caribbean and General Manager of the Fairmont Southampton. “We are very happy with the progress being made and are looking forward to hosting everyone back at the iconic restaurant that’s been an institution in Bermuda for decades.”

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The spokesperson said, “Local companies are leading the efforts on the overhaul of the Waterlot. For instance, Bermuda-based Atlantic Mooring Maintenance Ltd. has been responsible for the replacement of the dock; that part of the renovation is almost complete and The Dock establishment is on course to reopen early in 2025.

“Local contractor BCM Construction is taking on the interior renovations. The new furniture, fixtures and equipment [FF&E] have already been ordered. The bathrooms are being completely redone and all of the rooms will benefit from a fresh coat of paint, updated lighting and brand-new carpeting and window treatments.

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“Performance Construction Ltd. will be undertaking the necessary work on the exterior of the building, including replacing the roof and repairing the façade. We anticipate that this phase of the project will begin the first week of August.”

“It will be wonderful to have people back at the Waterlot Inn, meeting for delicious food and drink, and taking in the spectacular views of the bay,” MacDonald continued.

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Alessandro Colantonio, Chief Investment Officer at Gencom, added, “This is an exciting step in the continuation of the process of reopening the resort. We look forward to sharing further updates on our progress in the weeks ahead.”

For more information, visit FairmontSouthamptonBermuda.com.

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    “Waterlot Inn at the Fairmont Southampton will be reopening on December 3, 2024″

    Just in time for Christmas. It is a fair hike for me to Southampton, but I have always enjoyed Waterlot Inn. I look forward to December and dining at Waterlot Inn again.

  2. watching says:

    Progress, although slow, is still progress. Having Boundary remain open, and now the reopening of Waterlot shows progress. Hopefully we can have tangible, visible progress on the main hotel and things can continue to rebound.

    • hey says:

      What is rebounding, you said continue to rebound? it is over half way through the year of 2024, this restaurant will open at the end of the year. 2020 was the year of COVID, so 4 years to open a restaurant!

      Yes it will be great to have a foreign owned restaurant for Bermudians to spend their money in and the profits to go overseas. It must be staffed by Bermudians. That was the sell for this. I saw no mention on staffing.

      • watching says:

        the flights are rebounding
        tourism arrivals and spending are rebounding
        the economy overall is rebounding

        i know that may not fit the “narrative” but it is true.

        • Hey says:

          From when we were closed down as a country sure, but we are miles behind where we were.

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