Bean Speaks On Planning Review

November 18, 2011

Newly appointed Minister of the Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Strategy Marc Bean said he will review the planning files, and make a decision on the appeals, which could possibly be rejected depending on the information in the file.

Minister Bean will be reviewing planning appeals by fellow Cabinet Ministers Zane DeSilva and Wayne Furbert which were originally granted by then-Minister Walter Roban, but were declared void — because he had already left that portfolio before his Parliamentary colleagues had been notified.

After coming under fire for the decision to allow the two planning appeals, Mr Roban resigned last night [Nov.17] citing the “heightened public criticism of my decisions as Minister of the Environment Planning and Infrastructure Strategy in two particular matters.”

After Mr Roban’s resignation, OBA Senator Michael Fahy said, “We recommend that pending a full review of planning laws and regulations a policy be put in place that, at the very least, requires a Minister to follow recommendations by the independent inspector when dealing with anyone the Environment Minister has associations with.”

Speaking today, Minister Bean said, “I will take the opportunity to review each file in detail, and after I review the file I will make a decision as to whether or not the appeals will be upheld or rejected.”

When asked if the decision might be overturned, he said “Overturned as in the appeals being rejected – yes. It all depends on the information that is contained in the file, and as a result I will have to use my Ministerial discretion.”

Minister Bean was appointed as Minister of the Environment, Planning & Infrastructure earlier this month, replacing Walter Roban who was moved to the Ministry of Public Works. The 37-year-old former Senator was elected late last year in the Warwick South Central by-election.

Asked about it being his first serious decision as a Minister he said, “All decisions are serious in my book. That’s what comes with the territory of being a Minister and in a position of leadership. I have to be prepared to deal with the real tough issues, and also the not so tough issues. And I will do it with balance.”

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  1. PEPPER says:

    Mark,has a mind of his own I have been told …we need younger people like him who are not afraid to tell it like it is.

    • AGREE says:

      I totally agree Marc (Minister Bean) has a mind of his own and is not afraid to make the best decision. We do need younger people (mainly well versed young men) like him to get involved in the political process and to be groomed and mentored to be our future leaders.

  2. Fish to Fry says:

    Stop being a fool one of the appeals will be approved right after the PLP win the election. The UBP/OBA born again did it back then, why do you think a certain part of the community has the money. Every Government in the World helps it’s own.

    Right now we have bigger fish to fry with our young men killing each other.

    It’s amazing the out cry over this crap from the UBP/OBA, but when a man is shot and another life taken they say nothing about how we as a Bermudians can resolve the problem.

    Mr. Michael Fahy the next time a man is shot be that black or white, why don’t you rise up and do something about it. My cousin’s life had value and your doing this just to score political points.

    • Star man says:

      What’s he supposed to do? What can he do? Nothing. It is the black family that needs healing, and only the black family can accomplish that. There are just too many under-educated ‘latch-key’ kids running around this Island. And that’s the problem….

  3. Hello says:

    Said he will review the files and will make a decision on the appeals!!! Another do as I say dictator is it. Perhaps he should take guidance from the planning department folks who rejected the application.

    • omg says:

      Still wet behind the ears in the Dept he should listen to the DAB & the advisors and reject the application!!
      Make a Ministerial decision – why? the process is in place now for no involvement by the Minister. Ministers need to stop micro-managing each Dept!

      How can you approve an incomplete application?

  4. Bulla Bulla! says:

    Amateur hour………

  5. sigh says:

    The OBA haters are out in full force already. Why try to disparage Minister Bean in this process before he has even had the chance to do something? At least wait until he has made a decision (even though I am sure some of you will complain regardless what decision is made).

    • sandgrownan says:

      The point is that he shouldn’t be making the decision.

      • sigh says:

        Did you feel this way when UBP Ministers made decisions? This has been the law since long before 1998 that the Minister makes the decision on appeals. This is not a PLP law.

        • Star man says:

          This ‘the UBP did it’ bull sh/t is getting mighty tired… Just because they did it or didn’t do it doesn’t justify the PLP doing it as well. That’s a cop-out! Pure and simple.

  6. Instant Replay says:

    Let’s see what happens now..

  7. Red Flag says:

    The Minister makes the decision on appeals, that’s the way it has been since the law was put in place many,many years ago. The thing about it is that those who made the law never expected to lose the government and now that the law is working for others they are upset.
    I’m sure Minister Bean will make the decision he feels is best.

    • LOL says:

      @ Red Flag you are so RIGHT! The OBA is going to get a real shock when the election is over. PLP all the way!!!

      • Star man says:

        You wish.

        • Lets Talk says:

          Minister Roban did nothing wrong. He acted within the powers that a Minister has. The same applies to Minister Bean. The Minister has the right to overturn an appeal. However, the OBA/UBP/BEST spin this matter to make is seen as if Minister Roban had broken some law or the other. This is not the case. They will also react in the same fashion if Minister Bean decides to approve the applications IN Principal. I see no different reactions, as this is politically motivated.

          @RedFlag, you worded it correctly this is a law that has been in place for place many,many years ago. The thing about it is that those who made the law never expected to lose the government and now that the law is working for others they are upset. Never when the UBP/OBA made a decision, did anyone label it corrupt or evil act.