Two Arrests: Southampton Shooting

December 23, 2011

Police said that two men have been arrested in connection with the shooting of a 38 year old man outside his East Avenue, Southampton home on Wednesday [Dec.21]. The suspects – a 26 year old male from Pembroke and a 22 year old male from Paget – remain in police custody.

A police spokesperson said, “Detectives from the Serious Crime Unit continue to investigate the shooting of a 38 year old man outside his residence on East Avenue, Southampton – during the early hours of the evening on Wednesday 21st December.

“Two men have been taken into custody regarding this matter – a 26 year old male from Pembroke, and a 22 year old male from Paget parish. These men remain in police custody.

“We are still interested in speaking to anyone that may have seen two men on foot in the East Avenue / Sunnyside Park / West Avenue / Horseshoe Road areas of Southampton between 6:45pm & 7:10pm. These men were dressed in hooded sweat tops and one may have had an exposed shirt underneath.

“Both suspects were black males – suspect one was approximately 5’6” to 5’8” tall, with the second suspect being taller in the range of 5’8” to 6’2” tall. Both were skinny males. Forensic processing of the crime scene has been completed, and items of evidence will be subject to further forensic testing.

“Area residents have been spoken to and some valuable information has been received. However, there are still people in the community that may have information that can assist. Any information passed to the Serious Crime Unit will be dealt with discreetly and in confidence.

“The Bermuda Police Service appreciates that people are understandably concerned about the recent shootings in the community.”

Commissioner of Police Michael DeSilva stated, “In light of the recent shootings and other gun crimes, there is a risk that community fears may rise over the potential for violence this holiday. However, the Bermuda Police Service has an increased number of officers on patrol. Those officers are well trained and equipped and I am satisfied that they will continue to meet these challenges and work with the community to make Bermuda safer.”

“The increased patrols over the holiday period will have particular emphasis in higher risk neighbourhoods. Police powers to stop and search persons under all available provisions of law will be utilized, with minimal disruption to the law abiding public. We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone in the community a safe & happy holiday.”

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Comments (26)

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  1. Spikes says:

    Keep up the good work BPS, you are doing an excellent job.

  2. summer lover says:

    Hopefully, we can have an ‘uneventful’ Christmas! Good job, BPS!

  3. Liars says:

    set up more road blocks guys and check every punk a$$ looking peice of shiit kid in a BMW or towing their aceboy to go kill someone…they always seem to do it in pairs…..or is that just me that notices to read the news and remembers the storied outcomes.

    • BMW Owner says:

      @Liars – What does the brand of the car have to do with it. didn’t you read the Southside Shooting was carried out in a “everybody and their momma has one” car – the KIA sportage. The vehicle doesn’t matter…’s the individuals in them. Now stop ASSuming

      • Mike Auxard says:

        We have our eyes on you BMW owner .

        • Same S*** Different Day says:

          Mike Auxard this sounds so stupid i have a blinged out BMW and i have nothing to do with anything gang related so what’s your point. I guess i am got to go buy a Subaru J10 now.

          • Concerned Bermudian says:

            what they are saying is alot of these drug dealers/gun totters want the lavish lifestyle and buy expense cars (i.e. BMW’s). If you see a man that is in his early twenties, with low income parents, high school education (sometimes not even that) and baggy pants on you are automatically going to assume they are drug dealers.

            • Concerned Bermudian says:

              forgot to put “and baggy pants on driving a BMW or another expensive car” you are automatically going to assume they are drug dealers.

  4. Same S*** Different Day says:

    BPS can have an increased number of officers on patrol and can be well equipped. That’s all good BUT they still do not know where an incident is going to take place. This is what pisses people off when someone come on here after something has happened and say’s well where was the police. They can’t be everywhere.

  5. bad man says:

    Good job….Christmas in Jail for these guys…SAD for their familes. KFC instead of Turkey and Casava Pie on Christmas day for these guys! Oh wait hope that KFC isnt on BIU strike. Whats the back up plan???? Buys share in Mr. Chicken.

    • PEPPER says:

      The back up plan should be bread and water .

    • CYGNET says:

      i was informed that BPS does not provide meals anymore from KFC or anywhere else. You have a choice of a meat or vegetarian frozen meal or your family has to bring you food.

    • Ranville says:

      lol Nope I found out the other day they don’t lol get KFC anymore lol those days are done

  6. mixitup says:

    Wow , these guys really wanted to spend Christmas in lock up?! Oh well back to my Christmas shopping! The joys of freedom!

  7. merryxmaseveryone says:

    Hi I figure readers would be interested to know that there is a system out there that will pick up the direction of a shot and relay it to the police in seconds this would help first responders react within minutes. This system has been successful and reduces shootings in some cases by 80%. This could be worth looking into for the well being of the island and keep people safe. I am sure the police have already looked at this system.

    • Buckshot says:

      looks interesting and promising I wonder how well it works in the real world..for instance can it detect the difference between a real gun and maybe a nail gun used in construction of by wood floor installers. Not sure the detecting or reporting of info is faster than BB messaging though…lol

      • Merryxmaseveryone says:

        In large cities it seems to work, I have never heard of bbm preventing shootings this product has by 80% in some cases :-)

  8. @WAR says:


  9. s.o.d says:

    @ mixitup , u sound like a hate’n creep who laughs at ppls problems, @liars, u sound like a total ass , kill yaself

    • Anon says:

      No. He’s just like a lot of people, including myself: someone who has no sympathy for knuckleheads like these. Moreover, who — other than these idiots, maybe — doesn’t enjoy freedom?

  10. CS says:

    Chitterlings for them on a daily basis.

  11. Triangle Drifter says:

    Lets see, Morgans Point is not being used these days. How about a fenced in area, electric fence, out at the point, round up all suspected gang members, provide them with a few tents, but not enough for one per gang, they would have to share, don’t worry with a weapons search before throwing them in.

    Leave them there till after New Years & go & see who is left. Let the former schoolyard bullys sort themselves out.

    • Concerned Bermudian says:

      I love this approach

    • Terry says:

      Naughty Triangle.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Beat you to typing out the thought didn’t I? I’ll bet many other would not object to the same resolution of the gangs.

        Merry Christmas.