Prisoner Denies Assaulting Two Prison Guards

July 19, 2012

Westgate prisoner Jahmel Blakeney appeared in Magistrates Court this morning [July 19] where he pleaded not guilty to two counts of assaulting prison officers, however he did admit to one charge of possession of cannabis inside Westgate.

Mr Blakeney, 30, remained silent throughout the proceedings, and will stand trial on the assault charges in October 2012.

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Comments (33)

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  1. Organic Bermudian says:

    Weed must have been scarce that day

  2. Observer says:

    He don’t get tired!

  3. Swing Voter says:

    Man that hotel room you got mus be really nice cuz you’ve jus extending yur time there

    • we are all paying for it says:

      And why not, You get three meals a day no rent and can smoke all the weed you can. After all what is the law going to do luck him up. LOL

  4. Haha says:

    Dumb a$$

  5. citi zen says:

    It’s time to cut his backside

    • Family Man says:

      Now, now. The Minister of Family & Social Services will tell you that’s not how to raise a child if you want him to be a fine up-standing young man.

  6. it wasnt his he took the wrap bein he doin the most time! duhhhhhhhhh

    • get a grip says:

      and I suppose it wasnt him who allegedly assaulted the prison officers either. Please be real.. stop the excuses.

      • Swing Voter says:

        excuses are their only defense.

        (1) It wasn’t me
        (2) It’s not mine
        (3) I didn’t start it
        (4) Its society’s fault
        (5) The system let me down
        (6) I had a bad childhood
        (7) The Big Conversation says its somebody elses fault

      • Someone Looking at The Brightside says:

        You ever wonderd what ifd it was the other way around just because someone is in jail for who knows what does not mean that every word aganist them is always true… you never know if the guards lied just to get vacation and pay day at the same time… Knowing what state Bermuda is innow you have to be really open-minded, perople are willing to do the dirty work to get what they want.

        • The nitty gritty says:

          Those guards have to be in prison around dangerous minds for 8-10 hours a day.
          That job is almost the same as being incarcerated yourself.
          Who amongst you (excluding the friends of prisoners) would want to be up there doing that job?
          OK oK put all the hands back down, I know you’ve heard rumors about it being like a hotel but seriously the weed isn’t as good as they say and cable only goes up to 145 with PPV.

          • Someone Looking at The Brightside says:

            Yes they are working around dangerous people but remeber they had a choice wether to work there or not knowing the circumstances and the conditions they will be faceing… They did not walk into thast job all giddliy happy as if they thought it was all about standing there watching over some kids. THEY HAD TO PREPARE THEMSELVES FOR THIS JOB.
            Furthermore when you think about the complaints they are always making of the facility, what if they that of this as an excuse to get what they want without potentially working for it. I have beeen down to the prisons before where all the men are and they get placed in single cells in different house like structures with a limited amout per structure to avoid such conductivity and believe it or not the prisoners have a lot of freedom therefore this is the first assult we have heard of in decades so something must not be right at all and last think bout all the criminals who escape… That can lead back to thier wants without working and it is a true embarassment to our country.. You ever wonder if they are letting these people go to make a statement? Like thet Mabury kid the police had him handcuffed in the front and they were walking beside him and not all aorund he was dangerous and its stupid they did that he was going up for gun and murder…Think about that when the had him cuffed in the front he could hav ekilled on of them simply by choking them and holding them hostage for an even better escape concluding in an endmic emabarrasment to Bermuda and lost of tourist if the police cant do a simple escourt.

  7. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Lotta excuses coming from people these days. As shaggy would say “Wasn’t me”….yah right!!!

  8. THIS GUY IS A WANNA BE!!! says:

    He is VEX right now because the REALITY of 20 plus years inside of Westgate is just starting to hit him! It was all a joke in the beginning when he spat at the news camera but the joke is OVA now! He has DECADES in Westgate to sit up!He better join the Westgate Men’s Choir or something! He is such a fool because he literally HAD IT ALL !! Everything! All he had to do was pay ATTENTION but he was too EASILY INFLUENCED! Didn’t have his OWN MIND! So now he has been STRIPPED of EVERYTHING! I wonder where all his bredrens are now? Probably with his girl cause thats how it goes! By the time he comes out of jail he will be a DISTANT MEMORY!I wonder how many of his bredrens come to Westgate every week to see him rain ,blow or shine! If they are coming to Westgate now i bet you MY LAST DOLLAR that after about five years or a decade all of those people aint coming to see him anymore!They WILL FORGET about this guy like so many others that have committed HORRIFIC CRIMES like himself!No young girl in her right mind is waiting 20 years plus for a guy to come out of jail unless she is a patient in MAWI AKA ST. BRENDANS. We are the same age and i couldn’t IMAGINE being locked up for all that time in the prime of my life! To all of you THUGS AND WANNA BE THUGS Jahmel Blakeney is the PERFECT EXAMPLE of what will happen to you when you get caught! ITS OVA! Life is too short to be ROTTING in Westgate! He is in the PRIME of his life right now and CAN’T EVEN ENJOY IT TO THE FULLEST!

  9. Bermuda Is Another World... says:

    Considering that his father is an entrepreneurial type, and political figure, you’d think his would have been exposed to a more promising lifestyle…


    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      stop shouting, and prove what you know… otherwise shut da f#@k up school friend..

  11. Pure Madness!!!! says:

    He took the wrap for someone else.. Well, he just proved he’s actually dumber than what people thought he was!!

  12. Said n Done says:

    Don’t you just hate when ppl think they have the answers to everything how about u ppl 4 once in ya life think if the shoe was on the other foot would u like 2 b called all these names yes we all kno they make silly decisions n he has gave a bad name 2 himself but don’t sit up and act like your perfect remember we were all once silly at one point in life some take longer then others 2 grow up and he seems like one of the some ok he got caught with weed big whoop like you have never done anything illegal before in your whole life lol bermudians r so quick to judge forgettin that they r the same a** as the next person the girl wasn’t takin his side she was statin a fact that she knew and dnt get me wrong I agree with all of you when u say he is silly but come on

    • cornerstone says:

      I almost passed out reading that…use a full stop every now and then….whew!!! Hooked on Phonics worked for me!

      Silly decisions are rash decisions that peope make without having the time to think about the consequences. He has nothing BUT TIME to THINK before he acts. He is in JAIL! Funny how in one story people say weed us NOT addictive and then the minute someone gets in trouble and needs to get out of trouble they cry…its not my fault – or not his fault…I got caught up in it and I can’t stop because – I’m addicted. Westgate is not Buger King – you cant pay to have it YOUR WAY. The bloggers here are 100% correcct – HE IS A DUMB A** and as long as people like you keep defending him and enabling him he will never change, always cry “it’s not mu fault” or “I had a horrible life” or “nobody loves me” or say anything he has to, to make you feel sorry for him. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t love him – but you are not helping him by defending him! In short if you enable him – he will always be a Dumb a**! By the way – I have someone just like him in my family so don’t take it personaly!In fact they might even be friends at Westgate.

    • Don't Act Brand New... says:

      Blah blah blah blabbitty blahh…….when all is said n done Mel B is up for a looooonngggg time, bie! And its sad…cuz we weren’t “all once silly”….”we” saw dumb *ish for what it was from a mile away and chose to do the opposite…talking bout “taking a long time to grow up” Mel is grown up, he’s a man, men take responsibility for their actions, make their beds and lay in ‘em….he’s laying in his…ya boy could have been anything, he was in a position to be a leader…but instead he chose the hurts to see my brothers suffering from defective thinking…on the streets, you have the blind leading the blind…right down the road to Hell..

  13. Mayan says:

    Tsk, tsk…he must really like life in the inside…

  14. West Side says:

    Its HOTT at Westgate – Im told during the summer with the humidity it feels like 107.5 in there! I spend 40 days there during the winter – that was enought for me!

  15. Malachi says:

    This is a young man who has had every opportunity in the world to succeed. I am also certain that he could have been anything he wanted to be in life. This is a case of a young man who has decided over and over to make the wrong choices.

    It’s not true all the time, but in this case, life is clearly what he made it!

  16. Unbelievable!!!!!!! says:

    You people are so damn ignorant. He is a grown ass man who has made his own decisions in life. What he does has nothing to do with his father or how he was figgin raised. Stop with the BS of pulling his father into his dumb ass decisions because he’s a political figure!!!!!!!

  17. Rain says:

    I agree, his father is not responsible for his actions.

  18. saddened!!! says:

    This boy has choosen to be a follower all his life, he is one of many young black bermudian men that has had the opportunity to something in his life and has choosen to do bull$hit, I dont blame his parents because parents can only do some much for their kids, its up to the child if they wanna do right or not, once they get of age the choices they make is all on them. this fool has put his parents through a lot so i feel for them. but at the same time do you really think he cares about getting charged for the weed lol please!! he probably went right back jail and had a draw lol drugs are more plentiful in jail then it is out on the street(dont care what Eddie Lamb )says. lol he already doing 30 yrs so whats another year, lol God Bless these fools, May they pay attention before they pass on. SMH!!

  19. More with less says:

    All I can say is he got some nerve.
    Must be singing we gonna run this town tonight
    up there.

  20. stfu says:

    Stfu! Being in jail is not like a hotel at all so relax with the bs! & you all saying it is haven’t even been in a damn cell so remind me as to why your talking? & why are you bringing his daddy into the situation? He is his own man now. He is 30.