David Cox Appeal Underway: Murder Conviction

November 5, 2012

In the Appeals Court this morning [Nov 5], David Jahwell Cox launched an appeal against his murder conviction.

On August 9th 2010,  Troy “Yankee” Rawlins was gunned down in the entrance of Spinning Wheel nightclub on Court Street.

Mr Cox was arrested shortly after the shooting, and charged with murder on August 25th 2010.

During the trial the court heard that Mr Rawlins was shot 16 times, and viewed the CCTV footage of the shooting. Testimony was also presented that the guns used to kill Mr Rawlins were used in a number of other shootings, and that Mr Rawlins had ties to Parkside, while Mr Cox was said to have ties to 42nd.

Mr Cox was convicted of murder, and in July 2011 he was sentenced to life in prison, with the Court ruling he must serve a minimum of 38 years in prison before he can be considered for parole.

Mr Mussenden’s main point in this morning’s submission was that that part of the Crown’s evidence tendered by Police Sergeant Rollins should not have been admitted as ‘expert evidence’ and that the jury might have been unduly influenced by this treatment of Sgt Rollins.

Mr Mussenden was arguing that Justice Carlyle Greaves ought not to have accepted Sgt Rollins as a witness whose testimony on gangs could be accepted as testimony coming from an expert witness. Mr Mussenden argued that this treatment of Sgt Rollins was out of step with UK legal precedents.

The three judge Appeals Court panel questioned Mr Mussenden as to why the defending lawyer, Mr Perry QC had not, at the time, challenged Sgt Rollin’s expertise when he was cross-examining the Sergeant and had the full opportunity to do so at the original trial.

Mr Mussenden continued with his argument that Sgt Rollins ought not to have been considered as an expert witness. The appeal continues.

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  1. King Jammys says:

    More money spent on this joker……give him the needle and put him down.

    • me says:

      a look dont talk sh%^ bout my bra you p%^%ies cause if he was out you wouldnt say it to his face u mug

  2. sgsgs says:

    David Jahwell Cox, you sir, are a f**king idiot..

    • TRUTH says:

      To tell you the truth if Coxy was out non of these punks with the guns would be walking the streets. I say let him out to do what has to be done. You 2 punks above would never tell Cox to his face and that’s the truth!!!

      • Poetic Justice says:

        Having said that neither would you. The only reason why one would not want to anger this psycho is he would likely get a gun and shoot them like the coward he is!!! Probably in the back!!! COWARD plain and simple.

      • toilet water says:

        So your boy coxy is a tough guy…so you look up to him??? And no I wouldn’t call him names to his face either. However, I wouldnt talk to your child, mother or anyone else in a negative way. That is what is wrong with us, for some reason many like you look up to guys like him. And as long as we look up to people like him we are in trouble.

      • sgsgs says:

        You’re right, but then again I don’t belittle myself by hanging out with 34yo men with no jobs, no lives, and no future.

        You’re totally right by saying I’d never say that to his face. No one in their right mind would go up to a murderer and call him bitch or an idiot.

        lol I bet “coxy” cant wait for that prison life. But judging by how stupid this guy is, I can tell he’s probably been there before.

        Bubba cant wait for his little “coxy” to come back Westgate.

        • Love Cox says:

          I heard guys in court LOVE cox, after awhile that is.

      • Bull%%$. He stole the gun he used to kill n^%$#. He aint got no $$$$$ to buy one or smuggle one. He a broke a#s loser sittin in jail til he rot in hell……….he aint out n he aint gettin out. He dead jus like the n%$## he shot. Clowns

    • Walker says:

      bold statements from anonymous men.

      • TRUTH aka Trott says:

        Oh I’m sorry did you put your first name Walker.

  3. jojo says:

    Would be something if this guy gets off or gets very little time. The thought of that is frightening.

    Give him life in jail and throw away the key with no chance of parole. “Throw away the key.”

    Sadly a lot of guys that pulled a lot of these vilonet crimes a few years ago will be out soon and the viloence is going to start all over again in a few years if they dont give life sentences.
    And I mean real life sentences you are done living with the rest of society for good.

  4. . says:

    Free #dhaguys

  5. terry says:

    Well I would not go that far sgsgs.
    He must have a hell of a lot of monies and backing to make an appeal like this.
    Do the math.
    Who controls what here.
    I would not wanna be…..

  6. BuB says:

    Every one is entitled to appeal a case. If evidence should not have been permitted he has a good chance at beating his case. Everyday Presidents in the world commit atrocities are they sentenced for killing innocent people? I think not. Every day a black man is fighting a battle to survive. I don’t see why in Bermuda especially everyone is so quick to see individuals locked up…um it is the taxpayers who are responsible for their welfare. So if we had less inmates maybe the taxes being deducted from your pay will decrease IDIOTS! Leave the guy alone let him have his fair chance to a trial. We don’t know what happened the night in question. Only GOD really knows and it is up to GOD to judge. So tired of people judging as if they are holier than thou. Sure you may not be up for alledgely committing murder maybe your an adulter, or a thief. Who knows. Nobody is perfect. Until we can build this community up with support we will never beat the issues faced with bringing this country down to the ground.

    • toilet water says:

      I would happily pay more in taxes to keep those like him KILLErRS locked up FOREVER so that I can feel somewhat safe. HE IS A CONVICTED MURDERER for goodness sakes. Think about how the families he affected would feel. How would feel to see your son or daughters murderer in the supermarket , football game, your childs school. And my opinion would be the same regardless of color or where he lives.

    • Just Us says:

      @ BuB,: Judgement is now… Exodus 20:5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God I am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

      The Antichrist; 2 Thessalonians:7-17 For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way. 8And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming. 9The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, 10and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 12and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

      Stand Firm

      13But we ought always to thank God for you, brothers loved by the Lord, because from the beginning God chose youb to be saved through the sanctifying work of the Spirit and through belief in the truth. 14He called you to this through our gospel, that you might share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. 15So then, brothers, stand firm and hold to the teachingsc we passed on to you, whether by word of mouth or by letter.

      16May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, 17encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word.

  7. bob dillion says:

    Least cox was real de guy had not nothing 2 live 4… These parkside pv$$!3$ THINK they can do w.e. B murdering pure ppl innocent or not hitting d wrong ppl n b4 u all go on sum tip I dunno wha um talkin bout ya lot of these guys r doin sh%$ n r undercover n ppl wudnt expect them or know them 2 b involved and are but u can’t do sh!t on this island without worrying bout sum c%$& taking ur chain chatting sh!# 2 ur boy ur gf w.e. N they all over the place sitting at the bottom of your own neighbor hood on the walls what have u… I’m not 100% against weed don’t do it nemore but come on… On a real cox shot — heavily involved in this bs that our island is suffering from if u ask me he did more good than harm… Respect and condolences to the families of these victims but u no their days were #d n so did they they choosed that lifesytle live by d gun die by d gun… If cox was free hed prolly do —- in n prolly get his own lead soon after its how it is…u might as well put all civilians up westgate give us 80grand a year! (How many bermudians on a real make that kinda money but thas wha we pay per in mate a year make that guy dig a hole once its dug 6ft fill it up n do it again 6am-6pm) make them do sumin 4 80grand mercy wtf is this. D police know who all these freaks r go set up sum surveilence (undercover PI) and jus end d passa like come on get it together u got 24 years old outa college who have a better aspect on this bs than most mp’s if u ask me we need sum younger ppl in parliment its our future u gangsta if u can afford internet or data read this n wake up u aint bout it neva will u either guna go jail or get killed what gangsta u know has made money rich n got out the game successfully and um not talkin bout the politions

    • toilet water says:

      Hooked on phonics worked for me…you should try it.

      • bob dillion says:

        You should try and write a comment that relates to the story. If I wanted spell check or wanted to proof read my comment I would have done so. Smh get a life

      • TRUTH says:

        @ toilet water, you don’t have a clue of what’s going on in Bermuda, a certain group of men who live in one area are the real problems. Everyone on the street knows WHO they ARE!!!!
        Does parkside ring any bells. No they busy snatching peoples gold chains off their necks since no OG want to work with them anymore! Ask the young men, ask anyone. When Cox was out…nvm…just check the movie first blood. That explains it all.

        • 80's Baby says:

          @TRUTH is pretty much right, I was just saying this to my mother last night. If David was out a lot of nonsense that is going on now wouldn’t be happening, you wouldn’t see these parkside idiots hanging on Front Street every chance they get they wouldn’t be venturing down east causing fights, you would have a few less senseless killings etc. so yes to a certain extent this is true. Do I think he should be free? No, only because he’s done a lot of bad as well. I know him personally he is a very cool guy but obviously he is caught up in a lifestyle I and I’m sure a lot of us don’t condone. Every one is entitled to an appeal yes this is a fact, whether or not I think they should win is another story. R.I.P. Troy and God Bless You David….

          P.S. Growing up in a time where all the man dead and in jail were all one, partying, beaching it etc and to now see what it has come to is heart breaking, literally. Fire Sundays, Spinning Wheel after the game, Sundays down Boat Club, Parties out PCC the Rec, set up RC’s the list goes on… R.I.P. The Old Bermuda and a Big Shout Out to — The Originals….

  8. realistic says:

    King Jammys and Sgsgs u sound like some haters with keyboards lol

  9. FREE COXY says:

    until you know the situation i suggest people keep their opinions to themselves, because thingS are not always the way they appear, i hope he does get off!!!!!FREE COXY!I agreee with you “TRUTH”, people really dont know what going on out there , yet they quick to criticize and point fingers!and “BOB DILLON” i agree with you too , COX did alot to try to help rather than harm, and if he were out none of this parkside stuff would be happening.. LIKE I SAID free COXY!

    • SEEIT says:

      Free Coxy, Truth and Bob Dillion, nuff respect. You all have said exactly how enuff people see this with Coxy and peeps who check it for what it is. The “system” that fears him is working against him too; why? knowledge – knowledge is power. Some folk out there live in a different world, they’re just ignorant to the sad realities of this little island we live in and to echo Free Coxy, remember THINGS ARE NOT ALWAYS AS THEY APPEAR. It’s so much more to all of this. God bless and keep you Coxy.

    • tricks are for kids.. says:


    • —- He a clown jus like his supporters

  10. Mon ah gyallis says:

    Let him out so he can clean up these psc streets, cause the popo cant.

  11. rightious vigilant says:

    if this clown gets out he prolly snitchin…f**kin idiot

    • SEEIT says:

      A “snitch”!!?? Ya a joke!! That Coxy is not!!

    • me says:



      • Richard says:

        homie you are not the one doing Time let be real here I hope the police are reading some of this people are sick of PS guy this has gone on long enough and PLP I said this before they are right out side your door everyday the first think PLP should have done was clean up court street but drug money rules.

  12. real talk says:

    its very disturbing to see tht many of u whom r living in a world of ur own, why dnt u live ur own life, to me cox went and took someone life, rather then be home next to his baby moms, while she was about to bring a his child into the world, its u the friends tht he has tht has put him were he is,to me all of u r making all these excuses for his decision makin, when he was question by the police if any of u was following the trial when a police officer gave him the chance to bring foward witness to were he was tht night, he gave the m the run aroound, now if tht was me i would clear my name one time, i was with, shwan, sheena ext, so if he was out he would do way more damage, with the ones whom r still causing problems now, the reason he is appealing, is because its now hit home tht 38years isnt no joke, and now being charged for more murder, if u all coxy supporter r forgetting, so no one else will say it, so i will, he will lose tht appeal, and found guilty for those other shootings, u all will need to move on with ur lives, and do some good for ur children, family whom eva rather then entertaining the fact tht he will be in jail for life, i await many of ur comment because number 1, the night of the shooting u wasnt their, number 2only ppl kno wa took place is the shooters, the victim and whom eva witnessnes it,so take time out to make things right for ur life and stop worrying about him

    • tricks are for kids.. says:

      @ REAL TALK…did you ever stop to think that there might be a “method to his madness?”……Probably not!…….Just like everyone else who THINKS that they know……and for the record..YOU WEREN’T THERE EITHER so how you know???? HMMMMMM!!!!!!!….IJS…..

  13. so saddened says:

    It really broke Cox heart when Kumi died. It broke my heart too! I miss you KUMI HARTFORD!

  14. me says:

    to all the people that aint judged my brother nuff repsect my brother aint done no wrong the police —- you people that chatting s*** all you can do is talk you aint gotthe balls to say it to his face you can only talk on computer you have no clue to whats going on around you


    • 80's Baby says:

      Everyone is talking about how things wouldn’t be happening if he was out, and YES that is true! BUT, a lot of people would also be ALIVE if he wasn’t out a while back as well!! So yes there is some good in him being out BUT there is also a lot of bad as well. He is not innocent but he’s one of the nicest guys you can know. Shout out to — I love you all!! R.I.P.

      P.S. Someone needs to eradicate these parkside boys and also, if you know the REAL there actually is a method to his madness when you really think about it, BUT it doesn’t make it right.

  15. Will says:

    oh so he can speak..what happened in de courts? cat got ya tongue?

  16. real talk says:

    no one is judging ur brother, the fact of the matter ur his brother, were r u these days, why u gone and left the island, because in ur time u have done baddness urself, and its not about all tht tuff guy talk, oh no one kno what goin on, we wouldnt say it to his face, who u think ur brother is, god almighty, u better start living in the real world blood, and i am not comin at u in a way of disrepect, i kno u, ur brother, ur other 2brother i kno ur moms, and ur father, god bless his soul, i dnt judge u for havin ur brothers back, any brother would, but at the same time we have to face the fact, do u kno the facts, can accout for ur briother were abouts tht night, keep it real fam, i not against u, and i just hope u r ok and all is well with ur family

  17. Bermp bermp says:

    They ain’t lettin coxy out yo. ————– Wish he was out. Tired of the psc f%%$#$%

  18. CHEEKUMS BIE says:

    Why do people always say you can’t judge???? So what happens when you go to court …your judged by a jury of your “peers”, the only thing we can’t judge is a person’s heart, however we sure as hell can judge their actions.
    Needless to say if Cox was out he could very well be dead just as fast as any of these other guys that have lost their life to the senseless violence. What these guys fail to realize is that they are caught up in a web that will soon lead to their destruction. Cox was a cool guy, to those who knew him, and so is guys from other gangs, they are cool to the people who know them.
    However they are all glued to this web of evil which evolves murder,rape,drugs,alcohol,acts of violence, and just like a fly that is trapped on a web soon they will be caught up and s#@t out of luck.
    The strongest doesn’t survive in this jungle…. he just last a lil bit longer but in the end he gets caught. These guys need to leave Bermuda altogether for a long time, for all the dirt that they have did, leave and seek forgiveness from God and start a new life, because the longer they stay in Bermuda the longer others will want to do them harm even if they turn their life around, so they would wind up either dead or in jail.
    And the type of behavior that they are exhibiting we as citizens of Bermuda can judge their behavior and call it what it is………EVIL!

  19. Where do I "BUY BDA" says:

    The fact of the matter is not whether he did it or not. I do not know – do not care and will not judge. The scary part of this whole thing is because of this jacked-up antiquated judicial system here in Bda we COULD BE freeing a convicted murderer because Police or Prosecutions don’t cross their T’s and dot their I’s. And if we (the system) did screw up like that, then that is a slap in the communities face.

    To most lawyers out there – The love of money is the root of ALL evil. (think about it)

  20. L. Robert Dill jr says:

    all i know is if coxy was out a lot of this stuff wouldnt be happening.. he was the only guy that was standing up to the young guys that are claiming they from town when they are from all sorts of parishes,, anyway back to my point,,this guy let them know that its not cool to be just killing,stealing,fighting with no fear or consequence…when it should have been the police..do i condone him killing do i condone him fighting..no but somethings have to be done for the better good sadly,,,these guys are killing freely,,how would you feel if your whole neighborhood and friends and family started dying one by one..it saddens me to go up the 2nd to get a fish sandwich and all those guys are DEAD or hiding behind a tree…thats not cool..maybe coxy was/is that lone desperado that the island needs to clean up the mess that nobody else seems to want to do,,,but in his defence as a person..he is a cool guy down for friends and most imporatantly family..,..so sick of seeing these wanna be guys travelling in a group of 20plus stealing fighting an causing trouble with no regard of the origanal town youtts and elders no regard of how cool it used to be anyway im rabling but yeah people its more that meets the eye dont just go by what you read in the paper…people and police funded parkside, police escorted parkside, do what they want in front of police and public parkside need to be stopped so we can all get back the bermuda we love

    • letthetruthbetold says:

      Mr Dill Jr. YOU have said it all right here. And that’s how it is! I endorse every word you have just written. Thank you for your realness and settting the record straight.

      • Come Correct says:

        Your words fall on willfully deaf ears and the dispersal act will be activated in St. Geo and St. Davids next. Life will go on as usual. Maybe they’ll work their way parish by parish into town and when police officers start getting gunned down by the same punks they protect everyone will wonder wtf happened, well, all but a few. Vigilantes will be charged charged worse than the very men they fight against. The entire system is backwards, f@ck futurecare, our seniors should be in westgate and our prisoners in nursing homes. Gone are the days…when sh!t actually made sense.

    • 21 jump st says:

      Real talk

    • He part of problem jus like rest of em.hatin ass loser. Broke a#s n$%$#cryin out. Now cry from behind bars b%$#@!!!!!! R.I.P tRoY RawLiNS

  21. kelzstar says:

    To all of you defending this MONSTER you all are just as sick as he is

  22. fed up says:

    We’ll it’s not about defending a monster its real talk .people need to stand up to these parkside pu%^$# because they are being helped by the —- so don’t think they have your back because they allow the bull^&% .the police need to stand up and stop fronting and do their job.

  23. Duh says:

    If he goes free he is a target! Dnt free him! Just keep westgate on lock brah :)

  24. Sgsgs the idiot is u. King jammys some1 needs 2 put a needle in u & put u 2 sleep.Keistar u really don’t no what’s going on allow it & let this case go on. The truth will unfold Coxy let the ball roll now, hold ya head high & don’t give a f$€k what people hear think & say about u,talk is cheap,lawyer rattle those big & small rats bring them 2 there knees.

  25. real talk says:

    @ tricks r for kids, to be honest u r just talking and really dnt kno what ur talking about, if u knew who was on the other side of this computer u will swallow everthing tht u r directing at me, number 1, to anwaser ur question was i thier, yes, number 2 u and everyone else whom r thinking or assuming what went on tht night, u will never and i hope u will never experice what i had to go thro , so do u have anymore questions, i am all ears, because like i say all the time, many will talk a great deal of bull, but the fact of the matter, u wasnt their, all u and everyone else can do is talk talk gossip of wa u m,ay think u kno, now i am waiting,

    • Shut up cuz it was 3 there driver n 2 shooters. Which was u? Incriminate yourself some more fool. Try look hard for ppl.

  26. Highly Concerned2 says:

    What to do, should they let him go or keep him locked up. Would these little PS punks really be put in their place, or would they band together and set out to get him. There is good and bad in everyone, some think he is the coolest guy others think he is a monster, well from someone who knows nothing about him I feel that there is alot of good in this man, but I also feel that if he is let out there will be more bad than good only time will tell. All I can say is God Bless our Little Island.

  27. Somebody or something needs to wipe that smirk off his face!!

  28. L Robert Dill jr I agree with you 100%, & its not just the police neither, its a dirty stinking J¥dg€ that doing a lot of Fu€kery 2. Vex at the system. Rip Wheels,Tatti,Kumi,Shane,Perry,Carlford,Jameiko L,Freddy,Shundae,Shaki,Jason L,Jason S & Mikey Gone but will never be forgotten.