Photos: PLP Delegates Conference Banquet

November 4, 2012

The Progressive Labour Party hosted their 45th Annual Delegates Conference Banquet last night [Nov 3] at the Fairmont Southampton Hotel. The night started with a cocktail reception, and the Keynote Speech was delivered by Premier Paula Cox.

The evening’s theme was “The Green Wave Builds,” and the upcoming election was an mentioned many times through the night. All the PLP candidates for the upcoming election were highlighted in Premier Cox’s speech.

History was not forgotten as PLP members, both current and past were highlighted on powerpoint presentations throughout the night. Entertainment was provided through the evening by local entertainers including Olivia Hamilton and Gene Steede and his band.

Toasts were offered for the people of Bermuda by Lawrence Scott. and for the Progressive Labour Party by Tinee Furbert. The keynote speaker was introduced by candidate John Gibbons, and thanked by Attorney General Kim Wilson.

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  1. welldone says:

    Beautiful Pics!

    PLP Let’s do this!!!

    • sharky says:

      You’ve been “doing” the people of Bermuda for 14 years.
      Time to go!

    • MJ says:

      “The Green Wave Grows”. Soon to ebb and wave “Goodby”

    • Gatorade Jeff says:

      Let’s do what? Stiff the country a little more? These smiles are embarrassing, you should be ashamed – partying while the country is in a mess, this should never have happened. Green wave builds? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. 11 point lead – bye, bye!

  2. Encyclopedia says:

    Awesome!! They look dressed to kill.

    Any discussion or news/rumor through the grapevine about when the election will be announced (next week?) and for what date in December will it be?

    • grapevine talk says:

      Because I heard it through someone who has to work / be stationed at the polling stations on the big day with advance notification I’m going with December 10th.

    • Family Man says:

      The announcement should be any day now. Paula’s pension is fully vested so there’s nothing holding her back.

      On the other hand, she’s just a cog, so somebody will have to nudge her to the front to actually lead.

      It will indeed be fitting to see a lady of such leadership and integrity stand shoulder to shoulder with her party’s best, Rolfe Commissiong, Pastor Bean, Derrick Burgess et al. The thought just brings a tear to me eye. (And bile to my throat.)

    • Mad Dawg says:

      I guess she’s waiting for instructions from The Vinyard. Or she’s still deciding whether to run.

      • Webster says:

        Paula Cox, is the worst premier Bemuda has ever had !!!!! Zane you need to talk to her.

        • Kim Smith says:

          I’m sorry to disagree with you. Dr. Ewart Brown was absolutely the worst premier for Bermuda, hands-down… in my opinion.

    • Gatorade Jeff says:

      They look smug to me. Joke party.

  3. media says:

    I’ve heard Dec 12th, 13th or 18th. Maybe announced tomorrow or sometime this week.

    • Autumn Fire says:

      According to the MOED (Education) website, the public school term ends Tuesday, December 18th. Since some schools will be used as polling stations, as previously, then maybe the election will be Wednesday December 19th or better yet, Thursday December 20th. Any time after that, many families will be off Island for the Christmas Holidays until school resumes January 2013.

  4. Small fry says:

    PLP – Standing Strong at the party’s big banquet at the Fairmont Southampton grand ballroom! Sorry I could not make it this year! Couldn’t afford a ticket now that I’m only working part time so I decided to pay my internet bill so I could stay in touch. Your Throne speech let me know PLP election platform. Especially like the Blue economy. Is that porn or not?

  5. tidbit says:



    • Cleancut says:

      Ewart Brown is hiding from the media just like Col. Burch. Those two are keeping out of the media because they know people are unaware that Burch is using his power to get elected for another round of deceit and destruction.

  6. The date please can we have the DATE – Election 2012

    The date please can we have the DATE – Election 2012

    The date please can we have the DATE – Election 2012

    The date please can we have the DATE – Election 2012

    The date please can we have the DATE – Election 2012

    The date please can we have the DATE – Election 2012

    The date please can we have the DATE – Election 2012

    The date please can we have the DATE – Election 2012

  7. Small fry says:

    PLP got some hot looking women too!

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      I count 3 that make it in these photos……..


  8. Small fry says:

    Glad there were no shootings last night to mess up the big party!

  9. Portia says:

    The evening’s theme was “The Green Wave Builds”?

    Yes, meanwhile this country is drowning in debt; the majority of us are just trying to stay afloat!

    Banquet = tax money well spent. Hah!

  10. Correction says:

    The Green Wave OF DEBT Builds!

  11. Liars says:

    Well at least some people are obviously eating well in these horrific economic times, good for you PLP voters for coming out to your last free chin dig. Hopefully you will be eating humble pie for the next five years!

  12. Liars says:

    and yes l noticed yet another chin dig with very clearly only a handfull of white folks, get with the times PLP you ignorant bunch of —-

    • cool! says:

      @liars–have you noticed the amount of black faces at ubp or oba function? By the way nice photos, The Premier looks better in black! couldn’t make it this year either!

  13. Romeo del vecchio says:

    Any whites here?

  14. terry says:

    One only has to look at the persons, their jobs and their association with the PLP.

    Not a damn one is a trash truck driver or a waitress.

    • Cleancut says:

      Yes that’s right the PLP top hierarchy are out again looking solid.
      Most of them are in their golden years packed with houses and apartments with 3 vacations a year to boot.

      All of them are reaching for the stars and don’t even show the slightest guilt for the thousands of unemployed people in this country.

      All they are really saying to the public is hey! look at me i’m doing well.

  15. sure. says:

    are the commentors above are pulling the race card again??….the flyer didn’t say blacks only. unfortunately you are the ones segregating this entire election…i wonder why so many whites are so hostile towards the PLP anyway?? hmmmm. Just think. If the OBA were hosting this event i wonder where they would have it. Just how much different do you think this banquet would be? (which by the way is the 45 “annual” meeting—meaning this occasion has occurred longer than the inception of the PLP having leadership) to read the bickering of race is a turn off. stop using race as a distraction. there are things more important than the color of our skin and this shouldn’t even be up for discussion. its 2012 shut it up.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      If colour of skin shouldn’t be up for discussion, can you tell that to Rolfe, LaVerne, Eva, and Cordell Riley.

      • sure. says:

        Two wrongs don’t make a right…End it there, leave it there. Way too grown for this he said she said. worst than a bunch of kids!

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          So are you saying get over it……………


  16. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Ignorance is the tool of the devil! In Jesus name I cast you out devil from these shores of Bermuda and turn the tide to distant shores….in Jesus name Amen!!!

  17. how low can u go says:

    So I hear John Gibbons made an aaaassss of himself again. In stead of introducing the Premier he took that opportunity to rant again about Bryant Trew. Well if there is one candidate who will cost the PLP votes it sure to be John Gibbons an ambaresment to all Bermuda whether you are black or white.

    • welldone says:

      haha u can’t even spell yet you are criticizing John.

    • LOL says:

      What John did was speak the truth. Now put Craig the tool out for you since you’re all to weak to run a white leader in a white party. Everyone knows that Dunkley and Gibbons have more brains in their hands then Craig has in his head, but hey this is part of the greater plan. So front all the black faces while you can and hope for the best. In the end you’ll will still fail. I’ll be the first one on here LOL.

      • cool! says:

        @LOL–what makes you think that both Dunkley and Gibbons have more brains than Craig.? do you even know Craig? if you did you would know different..just because Dunkley has what he inherited doesn’t make him any brighter or better than Craig, Dunkley does not run the Dairy alone and doesn’t have most control like most Presidents of companys, he ran and was unsuccessful, he was then given a senate seat Craig busted the Bda and UBP and became Leader because he insisted! Get to know the Man cause that he is a Man! As for Gibbons, remember he also inherited,and he wanted to give us little prefab houses, privatise education, and doesn’t have a personality! Craig is good looking, and intelligent; he is also running his own what!

      • street wise says:

        How insulting to the inteligence and integrity of black Bemudians who choose to serve their Country under the OBA banner… the plp will not earn many votes with that kind of tired old racist rhetoric. Please give it a break, we are all sick and tired of hearing it!

        Tell us about plp past performance and honesty AND WHERE THE MONEY WENT!!

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        What John did was show his racial tendencies. You can’t get to the level he’s at in the party with out put the plp check marks in place #1 talk bad about those nasty whites #2 talk about youself as all black people.