Chamber Suspends MacPhee After BIU Incident

February 6, 2014

[Updated: The Chamber has suspended Joanne MacPhee without pay]

Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Joanne MacPhee has extended a public apology to the members of the Bermuda Industrial Union, and also personally thanked BIU President Chris Furbert.

BIU members were marching through Hamilton yesterday [Feb 5] to protest the labour dispute with the Fairmont Hamilton Princess, and Ms MacPhee, who was on vacation at the time, yelled at them.

She has apologised for her actions, and also extended her thanks to Mr. Furbert for defusing the situation.

At this morning’s press conference, Mr. Furbert said, “Yesterday something happened that concerned me as the leader of the BIU. Too many times, the BIU membership or the BIU leadership has been accused of coercing, inciting…coercing our members.

“Yesterday, we had a member of the public that tried to coerce and intimidate our members. Now you might be saying, ‘Well, Mr. Furbert, it was just a member of the public.’ No – it was no ordinary member of the public.

“When you have the Executive Director of the Bermuda Chamber of Congress, which is Ms. Joanne MacPhee [audience applause] shouting at our members to go back to work…and had I not told the workers at the front of the line that I saw something going on, I walked back – we could have had a mini riot yesterday.

Photo sent in by a Union member of Ms MacPhee on the balcony during yesterday’s march:


“And I’m not trying to over-dramatize anything, but here you have a person in authority inciting workers and then they are going to accuse, I guess, because…and I don’t want to get into a race issue – no, I don’t want to. But guess what? For Ms. MacPhee to make that kind of statement, we could have taken it that way.

“We were having a peaceful march, it was well-organized, we were listening to what the police were telling us, and there was no need for her to do what she did yesterday. And she owes this country, and our members, an apology.[audience applause]”

BIU President speaks on Ms MacPhee

Today Ms MacPhee extended her apologies for her actions, saying: “I wish to go on record as being extremely sorry for offending members of the Union during my unprecedented personal outburst yesterday while on paid vacation.

“Mr. Furbert is absolutely correct in stating that it was completely inappropriate given my position of employment, but upon reflection I believe that regardless of what I do for a living it was extremely inappropriate for me to essentially yell at people I do not know and enforce my views on them in such a manner.

“This is a very emotive issue for me because not long ago I was unemployed for almost a year and I know first hand how hard it is to keep it all together when you have no money coming in to support your family.

“I believe that having a job in this economy is truly a blessing and a privilege and one which should not be taken lightly,” added Ms. MacPhee.

“Further to Mr. Furbert’s comments, it was not my intention to incite the membership however, I did take note that he did indeed personally defuse the situation and I thank him for doing so,” added Ms. MacPhee.

Update 4.02pm: Opposition MP David Burt said Ms. MacPhee’s behaviour was “highly unacceptable,” and said they “expect that the majority of members of the Chamber will require that she resign or their President take the appropriate and required action to deal with this unfortunate situation.”

Mr. Burt’s full statement follows below:

During the labour march yesterday, the behaviour of Ms. Joanne MacPhee, Executive Director of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, was highly unacceptable.

It has no place in a diverse and civil society where we must have respect for the right of workers to organize and participate in peaceful protest.

This behaviour is a manifestation of the anti-Bermudian and anti-labour attitudes that continue to divide us into two Bermudas. Healing this divide requires concrete action not apologies after being caught.

As a former director of the Chamber of Commerce I am appalled that the Executive Director of an organisation that claims to be politically neutral would incite Bermudians engaged in a peaceful march in support of worker’s rights.

The leadership of the Chamber of Commerce has an opportunity to send a strong message to Bermudians that there is zero tolerance for this behavior from within their ranks. We call on the members of the Chamber of Commerce to make their feelings known about this reprehensible behavior to their President Mr. Ronnie Viera.

We expect that the majority of members of the Chamber will require that she resign or their President take the appropriate and required action to deal with this unfortunate situation.

Update 4.09pm: President of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce Ronald Viera has said that Ms MacPhee has been suspended without pay, and they will “meet with the full executive board as soon as possible to discuss further action.”

Mr. Viera’s full statement is below:

The Bermuda Chamber of Commerce has received information regarding the actions of our Executive Director. Let me say, first and foremost, that the chamber in no way condones the statements made by Mrs. MacPhee.

The Bermuda Chamber of Commerce represents all of Bermuda and wholeheartedly supports the rights of unions and their membership.

Although the statements by Mrs. MacPhee were made in her personal capacity, and on her day off, we take these types of actions seriously and can assure the Bermuda public that this will be dealt with seriously and swiftly.

The decision to suspend her without pay was taken by myself and key board members. We will meet with the full executive board as soon as possible to discuss further action.

We wish to reiterate that we find the statements made by the Executive Director to be unacceptable and offensive, and not at all reflective of the values or viewpoints of our organisation.

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  1. Chris Famous says:

    Seems this is the week for anger directed to “Islanders”

    • Betty Trump says:

      “With Freedom of Speech comes consequences”

      “There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love.

      Martin Luther King, Jr.

      I hope that we can do better than this. It is an example that Bermuda still has a longs ways to go.

      Bermuda needs to come together. We need to acknowledge our issues as it relates to RACE, and Economic conditions. Until this is done, Bermuda will not move forward, and actions as demonstrated by Mrs. MacPhee will continue. The blogs is where we see this demonstrated daily.

      Bermuda we must begin to love one another and treat one another as one. There has to be a reaching out by others in Bermuda.

    • Bettty Trump says:

      “Freedom of Speech comes with some level of Responsibility when one holds public office”

      “There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love.”

      Martin Luther King, Jr.

      Today marks the fact that Bermuda still has a long, long, ways to go. The remarks by Mrs. MacPhee indicated that we still need to do more to bring the races together. She spoke of many that think, feel and act as she does. Some of this is displayed by the bloggers daily. Bermudians need to recognize that many are seeking one Bermuda, but not at the expense of others.

      Until Bermuda acknowledges the issues of RACE, ECONOMIC Disparity, Jobs, Equal Educational opportunities, for of all our people Bermuda will not move forward.

      Bermuda Come together, and respect our Brothers and Sisters. Folks only seeking Equal Rights and Justice in this small Bermuda. The Pie must be equally shared for a fair standard of living.

      • Bettty Trump says:

        Action has been taken by the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, while I thank them for taking this step, I hope that something is done that will address the mind-set of folks that think and act as she does with in our country.

        What has been put into place that will address her true feelings of disrespect to a certain sector of our community? Is any courses such a “Racial Tolerant” or Understanding of “Labour Relations in Bermuda History”…. etc been recommended?

        Addditional workshops on:

        Sociology of racism and ethnicity Racism and Ethnicity interact with other forms of social difference such as ‘nation’, ‘gender’, and ‘class’. Race’,

        Racisms and Racialization,
        Racial Diversity and
        Economic disparity with in Bermuda.

        I think this would go towards a more meaningful change in addressing this issue in the long-term.

    • Cindy S says:

      Sad position is that tonight and thru out the weekend at some happy hours, cocktail parties and other social gatherings in ‘their’ social settings, they will be cheering Joanne AND some of those people won’t look like Joanne either. Even is she’s upset at her outburst, they will NOT make her feel an inch of guilt. Those who knows, just knows, trust me!

      • haha says:

        and who is “their”?? Jus say white people cuz thats what you mean. always someone. STFU already…lay down

        • Robert says:

          Yes white people, if you was there , she said “you peolpe need to go back to work and be Lucky you still have jobs. Go home and feed your babies”. !!!! Please tell me whst she meant by ” you people “? !!

          • She Did? says:

            WOW…. she went deep… “you people” … now I fully understand… the pic is clear….

          • Come Correct says:

            The people marching? I don’t know just a guess…smh

          • "race card" says:

            Think outside the box! She said “you people” as in the people that were marching as a whole. Not a specific colour, whether it be white, black, pink, purple, green or otherwise.

            People are too quick to assume the meaning of a simple comment. And in case you’re wondering, when I say “people” I mean of ANY race.

            • Mazumbo says:

              OH PLEASE, don’t try to be politically correct and don’t try to undermine people’s intelligence, there where no pink, purple, green or otherwise that where marching. She was feeling nice and got caught out, like de guy round Hickory Stick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • "race card" says:

                Careful, those pink, purple and green people could easily get offended by that comment…

                The fact of the matter is, she in no way, shape or form specified a specific race. It was a general comment at a group of people!

                • LOL (original TM*) says:

                  Hence you people…. not like when the PLP say anti Bermudian/”a certain sector of our society” bla bla bla.


                  • Mazumbo says:

                    Its subliminal talking and we all do it ,we know there are people that are anti-Bermudian and we know that there’s a certain segment of society that endorses it, and the person that spouted YOU PEOPLE just happens to be a part of that group.

                    • Come Correct says:

                      Yet you can spout outright racism with no repercussion. Its ok when we do it, and you know by my previous comments I don’t condone her actions in the slightest bit. Do this island a favor and GKY.

      • "race card" says:

        Oh my gracious!!! Why does everyone insist on pulling the “race card” out of their a$$ every time there is a dispute?

        This situation has NOTHING to do with race!

        • Hurricane says:

          @ “race card”, how would you know if this is anything to do with race? Do you know what was in her heart? SMH

          • "race card" says:

            I know very well what was in her heart (its in a lot of our hearts) and I can guarantee that it was in no way race related.

            Had I been up on that balcony I think I would have joined her.

            Bermuda shutting down for the loss of 10 jobs is completely absurd. Do you not see the snowball effect this could’ve had on Bermuda? Yes, the employees of the hotels involved should take action for the wrong doing but in no way is it necessary for every member of the biu to take part.

            • luke warm says:

              3.5 million people use the London underground on a daily basis. Over the last two days they have had to endure travel chaos caused by industrial action because of 960 job losses announced by TFL in the coming years.

              Is it really so absurd that Bermuda shuts down over 10 jobs?

              Let’s hope both sides can work together to resolve such issues for the long term. Ten jobs or 960 can bring an island or city to its knees.

              • Mazumbo says:

                Only when a situation happens like this in Bermuda it’s a Black and White thing because most people who support the Unions are black its not rocket science, stop tip toeing around the tulips and be real.

          • LOL (original TM*) says:

            No but you think you do inna which again still says that you and her must have much in common.

            LOL keep shakin your head I’m sure everything is a racial issue with “some poeple” lol

        • Not 1980 says:

          People mention the race card because they fear any talk of race in this country.

          We have deep racial divisions and these divisions are amplified when we talk about the economy.

          Let’s not run from this!

          • Hmmm says:

            The race card is a manipulative tool intended to divide a people. It should be illegal as it serves to is a tool of the devil used by racists.

            • Mazumbo says:

              Do you feel the same towards the race that started it, or slavery don’t count.

              • LOL (original TM*) says:

                No I don’t why cause it was not all of them so I do feel the same way about the people who started it. BTW if what you say is true following your logic you must hate everyone cause no race did not have slaves. Unless you think being an egyption slave was ok or how bout the girls that the African enslaved from Europe hundreds of years before the Atlantic Slave trade not to mention the Africans that sols there own. Mazumbo you have no credibility from read your posts your heart is as dark or darker than theirs and I can see you wishing to do real damage if you could get away with it.


  2. WTF says:

    Mrs MacPhee needs to be replaced with someone with more spine.

    Where is Chris Furbert’s apology to the people of Bermuda?

  3. David Henry says:

    Wow Ms. MacPhee. It really is something when you make Chris Furbert the voice of reason. I think maybe you should give serious consideration to extending that vacation of yours… indefinitely.

    Also, GREAT photo!


    Public office official – simply SMH

    • Get it done says:

      OK so he said, “Public office official”, what’s your point? After reading the article or watching the video, is that the only error you noticed? Yes Mr Furbert may not be the most articulate person but he’s no fool and neither are you because you know exactly what he’s trying to say.

      As for Ms MacPhee, she needs to thank God or whomever she believes in that this incident didn’t turn for the worst. To say what she did was reckless is an understatement. She’s on a balcony, berating those who are marching on an emotional issue. Had Mr Furbert not turned around to diffuse the situation, emotional persons could’ve entered the premises and confronted her in a hostile manner which could’ve taken any possible turn you one could imagine.

      She doesn’t need to be fired, but this has to put her on the near the last strike.

      • ONLYINBERMUDA says:

        To be clear I was referring to the Chamber of Commerce Director conduct.

  5. Franklin Jr says:

    “…and I don’t want to get into a race issue – no, I don’t want to”

    so… why bring it up at all then? Or did you just want to say it without saying it to rile a subset of your members up a bit more?

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Well , she wasn’t exactly the first to bring it up , was she ?

      Didn’t Marc Daniels say that he knew what people looked like by the posts here and elsewhere ?

      To me , the implications of that are far deeper than anything Ms MacPhee said .

  6. Serious Though says:

    Wonder why the union is strong in Bermuda

    • Hurricane says:

      Because people are aware of what position they put themselves in without union representation

      • I think, therefore it is.. says:

        Um, wouldn’t you say that a LARGE portion of the population are WITHOUT union representation, and wouldn’t you also say that for the most part they probably are WAY better off than the unionised folks?

        Oh, and don’t we have an Employment Act which provides basic rights for workers, unionised or not?

        Rather than spewing untrue, paranoid nonsense, how about we actually be honest?

    • Real deal says:

      There is a plan in place to weaken the Union, however the main reason I think the union is strong is because Bermuda is very small place. If the place was bigger there would be more people to dilute the unity.

      • Come Correct says:

        Weaken the union? The oba could collapse the BIU if they wanted to…but they won’t, because things would get messy. BS story short, FAIRMONT was wrong to begin with, the BIU was wrong with their approach since they were in a good position to play things by the book and garner more support and this woman should have kept her big mouth shut. Not only was she wrong for yelling down to people at a protest but since when was it ok to yell at people off the balcony of a professional establishment that has an image to uphold. Some people shouldn’t drink.

        • Jiminy Cricket says:

          Come Correct. I agree with your assessment. The BIU could have better used their position for their advantage. Their cause had a large public support and support from Minister Fahy and I beilieve that they could have obatined the same outcome, without the downing of tools. I really think that if they played that part differently, they could have garnered more respect and support from the Bermuda public.

          I also wonder if the reinstated employees have been given any counsel on their career prospects. If they could use this opportunity for training in another area of service that may help, because I don’t see Fairmont hiring anymore bar porters.

        • Real deal says:

          Right now the OBA could not. collapsing the union is something that has be done with cleaver planning and it has to be done indirectly.
          Easiest way to do it is starting with the kids. When the older folks pass away there will be no one preaching anything about unity.

          First thing GOV needs to do is instate the death penalty. Something as simple as that is very powerful. If tells people that “we are the Government and we can end life we can end your life so pick your sides wisely.” People will start to fear the government. we also need all police to have guns and to start using them. The pit-bull a while back was a good start however they need to start killing people or at less putting people in the hospital. The first human killing needs to be in self-defense to a gun and the police officer needs to take a bullet to show that he was in real danger. This will make people feel the killing was justified. But before all of this before this there needs to be a “Government” Branch that is higher than the Government. This branch should police the government. UBP started some and the biggest move towards this was with PLP under Brown.

  7. kat says:

    She only apologized to save her job. She explains it in the apology.

    • Ty says:

      She apologised cause she got caught….she will get a lot of pats on the back by her colleagues…..these people want workers to go back to pre-1834….shut-up and do as your told…..and that aint going happen!!! THANK GOD FOR THE UNIONS!

      • Bono says:

        All I hear is race, slavery and drama. This is about a woman wrongly shouting at a crowd and 4 people who wrongly lost their jobs and now have them back.

        Suddenly Bermuda is in turmoil and kids can’t get to school. Ridiculous.

        • Shawn S says:

          @Bono u hear race cause you want too from this comment, I didn’t read that, also you seem to know nothing about turmoil, you are the Ridiculous for your comment.

          • Bono says:

            I hear race because the prior comment talked of going back to pre-1834, which in this context is ridiculous.

            1834 marked the abolition of slavery across the empire, including Bermuda.

            There’s your history lesson Shawn. You’re welcome.

  8. Anti-Propaganda says:

    What a dopey thing to do.

    She needs to go for that thoughtless action especially knowing how high emotions were running yesterday.

    See you later McPhee.

  9. bozey says:

    She is sorry….sorry she was identified and recorded!! Look at her body language!

    • Concerned says:

      she was maybe having liquid lunch or perhaps she was thinking it was a pre 24 May parade Get it together lady

  10. Joonya says:

    Wow not only are we FORCED to accept the consequences of frequent strike action, but now we cant speak our mind?! Facists!
    It was ok for you lot speak your mind and YELL at Minister Fahy and DEMAND apologies, but no one can yell and be demanding to you?? Hypocrites, every last one.

  11. Serious Though says:

    On Bob Marley’s Birthday! a day to let dreads out!!!!

  12. bozey says:

    “if she had one too…”

  13. Serious Though says:

    The saying goes” a drunk man or woman speaks what they believe”

  14. Get back to work says:

    Looks like shes had too many black and cokes.

    • Betty Dump says:

      If she had smoked some weed… she would have just laughed her butt off and ate her food…

  15. buzz says:

    Wow in this day and Age !

  16. watching says:

    She needs to GO. She meant it. Look at her body language. Nasty.

  17. Dumb & dumber. Suggest Mrs. MacPhee resign immediately, she has losts all her credibility and has shown she has extremely poor judgement. She should have known better than to stoop down to Chris’s level…

  18. Triangle Drifter says:

    So, in the capacity as a member of the public she let her feelings fly. Big deal. She happened to express what thousands of others feel.

    In the BIU’s world it is OK to march around town, most likely without a parade permit, disrupt traffic, prevent the public from conducting their daily affairs, but it is not OK for a member of the public to critisise them.

    OK, I think I have it now. The BIU is a bunch of insecure babys who will throw a temper tantrum if anyone shouts at them & hurts their tender feelings.

    Next time Mrs McPhee should throw them a box of pampers.

    • Serious Though says:

      Your have drifted the wrong way Triangle drifter!

    • sage says:

      What would she have said if someone threw a boot in the side of her head.

      • Joonya says:

        Thats it always turning to threats of violence when ya got nothing else..typical. Im not exactly defending her, but did she throw anything at them? She was exercising her freedom of speech just like everytime BIUplp march on parliament and demand apologies.

        • sage says:

          She threw insults, exercised her free speech, now she can deal with the consequences. I’m just saying she was lucky the repercussions weren’t immediate.

          • Toodle-oo says:

            What exactly did she say besides’ go back to work’ that was so terribly offensive ?

            Does anyone know ?

            • Rich says:

              Given her role at the Chamber, don’t you think that she said to much?

              • Toodle-oo says:

                ‘Too’ much like ‘go back to work ‘ ?

                I hardly need to repeat what’s been said many times already here .

                Free speech applies to some but not others.
                She’s not the premier for heaven’s sake.

                This is just another continuation of the whole ‘I’m offended (at nothing) syndrome ‘ that is the new browbeating tactic .
                Bore me less .eh ?
                Wait ’till the REAL issues come up . And they are soon. Start growing you nads now. You and everyone else are going to need it .

                A whole lot of people on this island need to grow up and get real.

                • Come Correct says:

                  In a way I do agree with you, but at what point did this woman think that her yelling at protesters would make them say “hey, what are we doing, the belligerent lady on the porch is right. Let’s go back to work”? Look at her position and look at how she acted, I guarantee she expects better of the people under her. She deserves exactly what has come of this. Nothing more, nothing less.

                • James says:

                  Surely you are joking. There’s no getting around this issue, she made a serious error in judgement.

                  • Toodle-oo says:

                    Not a single person has yet explained what was so heinous about what she said .
                    ‘You should all go back to work and be thankful that you have a job ‘ is not a demeaning racial slur by any stretch of the imagination .

                    The only real issue for many is that she was a white woman addressing a mostly black crowd. Plain and simple .

                    Would there be a peep about this had she been a black woman ? We all know the answer to that .

    • Infidelguy says:

      It takes a BIGOT to support a BIGOT!

    • Mazumbo says:

      You should’ve thrown them a box of pampers and seen what might have happened, being that people like you and Mrs. McPhee are more CIVIL now I could’ve imagine how it was in Jim Crow days down South.

    • Trish says:


    • Shawn S says:

      @Triangle Drifter. Be happy it was just a march and not something else, I for one think that we as Bermudians are too laid back and let too much slide.

    • neverODDOreven says:


  19. Candid Camera says:

    Someone has to have the video.

  20. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Even the pigeon on de roof don’t look impressed!

  21. O'Brien says:

    “This is a very emotive issue for me because not long ago I was unemployed for almost a year and I know first hand how hard it is to keep it all together when you have no money coming in to support your family.”

    It’s a feeling I suspect you will be re-acquainted with very soon – and it will be thoroughly deserved, for sheer stupidity if nothing else.

    • Mazumbo says:

      There are people who have been without a job longer then that and probably worse off then her and still keeping it together.SMFH

  22. here we go says:

    That picture looks very vulgar! As a woman she should not have been behaving in that manner. Looks like Macphee was down Pickled enjoying a few licks in the chops and got TURNT UP!

  23. TW says:

    Imagine how she treats her employees……. ??? I wouldn’t want to be 5 mins late lol….

  24. Pastor Syl says:

    At least she apologized. I still remember folks who made very nasty and racist comments in the past and have yet to apologize, and who were not fired, or even chastised by some of the same people who are up in arms now. Mr. Furbert was right. It really makes a difference what color you are and denying that that is the case is just trying to sweep reality under the carpet.

  25. blah blah BLAH! says:

    oh please, she was just saying out loud what majority of us were thinking….

    • Independent says:

      @ Blah blah BLAH,

      Speak for yourself dumba$$

    • bozey says:

      That may be true! But how many of them hold a high ranking jobs?? She was wrong on different levels!! And screaming her comments for the balcony of a pub?! Says alot about her!!

    • outkasted says:

      ahhh yes we all know what each other maybe thinking…but saying is another matter.

    • Mazumbo says:

      Well good thing majority of you kept your mouth shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • haha says:

        and you’d be someone’s b***h lmfao…lay down already bra

    • neverODDOreven says:


  26. Shocking says:

    I am truly shocked that once again race is brought into this. You don’t want to make it a race issue… you did by bringing it up in the first place. It has nothing to do with being black or white. It has to do with the fact that you are out of work and disrupting everyones day to day lives with this protest nonsense. I am a Bermudian like the rest of you.. A white Bermudian and it makes me sick that every time something wrong happens that is the first card that is pulled. Get off the fence and go back to work.

    • Get it done says:

      I get what you’re trying to say but unfortunately in labour/industrial relations Bermuda still has racial problems. Chris wasn’t making it a racial problem, he was simply suggesting that many in his crowd could have perceived it that way and could’ve overreacted.

      I too, would like to see a Bermuda where the issues at hand are address rather than often crying race, but unfortunately it will take for the old guard of both races do die because the youth in Bermuda both black and white get along very well.

      Sorry about the old guard dying comment, but it’s the truth

      • Come On Man says:

        Its to much of this race baiting BS every time someone does something or says something. People use the race issue to their advantage

      • joe says:

        He was making a thinly disguised statement that it was racial. It was not innocent. Much like “I can see the member is not a racist dog, because he is clearly not a dog”.

    • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

      You just pulled the white race card…

    • Infidelguy says:

      Yet another cloaked racist comment.

      That’s the stuff, keep racism alive!

  27. Ess Ess Dee says:

    Ms Mcphee was only speaking how her and the rest of a certain segment of Bermuda feel! OBA pls get a hold of your member, before you reach an early demise! Wouldn’t want the black folks who voted you in get a tru clue about what’s in your hearts and turn on you!

    Chris, can we now arrange a march to get her emotional, classist azzzzz removed from the Chamber of Commerce? Freedom of speech hey, we’ll now suffer the consequences!

  28. Lady says:

    This isn’t the first time she has shown her true “colours” I have wondered for several years just how long it would take her to go too far.

  29. Alvin Williams says:

    Well I don’t know many are calling for Mrs Macphee to resign; but I doubt the Chamber of Commerce is going to be all that comfortable with her being their spokesperson in the future so the issue may resolve itself.
    Still her reaction is a far cry from the reaction of the than head of the Chamber of Commerce during the aftermath of the 1981 strike. I remember it clearly.He came on TV and stated that “The Chamber is going to have to take account of the concerns of the workers”. Of course that labour strike was far more intense than the current recent one.
    Bermuda’s problem is that it forgets it’s history and as a consequent social lessons have to be taught over and over again.

  30. BUC says:

    hey hey people,

    she looks like she has had one too many beers. dont blame her, blame it on the Liquor, afterall, Bermudians love to drink.

  31. DarkSideofTheMoon says:

    This was all OBA supporters w3t dreams come true….

  32. edwin says:

    If the march was so peaceful, what made her go lower than a SNAKES BELLY to the ground. Maybe they were giving out COOL AID up there.

  33. Come On Man says:

    Has Chris Furbert ever apologised for inconvenience he has caused the traveling public?

  34. BUC says:

    Poor Lady been suspended now. she gonna be outtah a job to soon. Hope sh joins the BIU. LOL. bet she regrets possibly having a few drinks up there yesterday. SMH

    • Bermudian says:

      She needs to feel what is is like somedays to have cereal for b’fast,lunch and dinner.
      She needs to feel the emotion that many of those marchers have been feeling for a very long time. ‘dispair’
      Guess she never felt the pinch when she had no job for a year. This is clearly a HEARTLESS human being and don’t blame it on the alcohol. Apology not accepted you ment what you said –
      If Mrs. McPhee could have freedom of speech why cant I.

    • I think, therefore it is.. says:

      Omigod, she was suspended without pay. The BIU should be all over that. I’d suggest a march, island wide protest, sympathy “meetings”… Oh wait, that only happens when it suits the idiots.

  35. C says:

    Lol guess that cocktail doesn’t taste so good now.

  36. mixitup says:

    I guess she’ll be marching down front street tomorrow for her job! The shoe surely fit her well, both pairs, she’ll need um.

  37. paul says:

    that’s how “they” all feel

    • inna says:

      I am sure that that is how a lot of bermudians feel, black white and friggin purple, and that is their opinion! Get over yourself you twat!

    • Huh? says:

      Thought stereotyping was bad?

  38. laugh or cry says:

    Why ia race being brought up?

    Fact of the matter is that whether or jot you agree with her statements, we are supposed to live in a free democratic country. Those very same rights that are in place to give the BIU the right to protest/march/strike etc are supposed to apply to all of us. The freedom of speech does protects us all and allows ALL of us to speak our mind.

    The statement about a ‘mini riot’ is as shameful as it is reprehensible. If that was indeed the case, then really the emphasis lies with those demonstrators who thought that violence was the answer to quiet the voice of dissent, to really look at each other

    • Get it done says:

      In an utopia you have a point. But when people are marching or demonstrating on emotive topics it is wise for opposing persons to remain silent at that point of time as it could turn ugly fast.

      If you don’t believe me turn on the world news and watch the countries that have opposing protesters in the same place and see what the end result happens to be.

    • mixitup says:

      She’s still free, no ones locked her in a basement and fed her bread and water.. She just learns the difference between free speech and responsible speech and moves on with her life..

    • Bermudian says:


  39. Think... says:

    Resign. The CoC can not seriously even think to have you around and still have an ounce of credibility. You said what you felt at the time, possibly had a drink or two. A drunk man speaks a sober man’s mind, they say. Your body language and words all agree…so resign.

  40. laugh or cry says:

    It was that long ago that those in power used Violence to quiet those who were marching and demonstrating to give us the rights that we all enjoy today. People fought and died and suffered so that we could all share the same rights. All of us.

  41. Wayadumb says:

    I have one thing to say “UNITED WE STAND , DIVIDED WE FALL” . HA HA HA

  42. more than enough says:

    here she sits, having a meal and possibly a few drinks(or maybe a few too many apparently), on paid leave, from her, at least, $100,000 a year job. and she has the nerve to concern herself with others getting back to work… are you f n serious?
    is your money not enough to console you? how she ever found time to hurl this crap out of her mouth, whilst stuffing it with food and drink, and conversing with family, is inconceivable to me.
    maybe now she will think before she acts/speaks.

  43. Suzie Quattro says:

    I can remember the rude in the green shirt, shouting in the Premier’s face, who had to be escorted away by a policeman.

    I’m pretty sure he faced no consequence at all for voicing his opinion in an offensive way.

    • Candid Camera says:

      He was a roody poo not the ED of the Chamber of Commerce, that’s why.

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        They’re both members of the public, both entitled to voice their opinion.
        One set of rules for one, another set of rules for the other.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Remember the lynch mob that marched on Cabinet grounds to verbally abuse Dr. Brown?

      • Mike Hind says:

        Nope. Because it didn’t happen.
        That is a complete and utter misrepresentation of events and you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to regurgitate that kind of hate.

        • Mazumbo says:

          You guys just don’t get it when white people protest in Bermuda its justified even though its rare.

  44. SMDH says:

    I think we should all strike until she is reinstated with full pay.

  45. I heart 441 says:

    How is someone suspended without pay while on paid vacation?

  46. Get it done says:

    I bet Joanne wishes she was unionised now!

  47. Vote for Me says:

    The suspension of Mrs. McPhee may prove interesting!!

    Whilst she was clearly emotional, it would be intersting to see if the action taken by the Chamber is legal.

    Now wouldn’t be an ‘par for the course’ if the BIU acted to have her reinstated!!

  48. Rich says:

    Possibly not the smartest thing that Joanne has ever done. In additon to the ever growing income disparity, it’s clear that politically and racially, Bermuda is drifitng further and further apart. These are scary days!

    • mixitup says:

      In a neutral voice… I really believe Bermuda is drifting into turbulent waters with regard to Race Relations.. And people laughed at Dr. Brown for attempting to open that conversation years back..It needs to be had!

  49. Dog don't bite meat. says:

    I personally think she planned to have her lunch at that location and time. Her possibly being drunk under the influence of alcohol and arrogance is only a true reflection of the new/old Bermuda under the UBP/OBA. Back to the plantation we go or not time to fight back against this behaviour.

  50. Bermyboy says:

    The things a few beers can make us do!!!

  51. sage says:

    It ain’t called “liquid courage” for nothing.

  52. Good Stuff says:

    10 points if you spotted the Snowy Owl on the roof ;)

  53. Girlspeak says:

    You people all sound nasty – thought Bermudians were supposed to be friendly !

    • Bermail says:

      We used to be

    • more than enough says:

      been hanging with ppl like joanne

    • Rich says:

      Yes there was a time when we would happily sing, ‘Bermuda Is Another World’ and there would be some element of truth attached those words. We were genuinely nice people and so very accomodating.
      Sadly we have become like the rest of the world–Sadly!

      • Velerie Trott says:

        I agree. The spirit of discontent and unrest that is plaguing the rest of the world has arrived in Bermuda. I personally think its the height of emotional reaction because people are worried about whether or not they will be able to survive the present economy and scared that it will last longer then they can handle. Emotions that would normally be controlled are at the surface and more easily let loose with less effort then usual.

  54. citizen y says:

    whats d problem? ALL OF U back to work!!

  55. Rock watcher says:

    Wow she was acting like Laverne … With out the racial slurs. But do they tell Laverne to step down

    • Johnny says:

      You are a fool rock watcher, this woman does not have even 1percent of the courage and integrity of Laverne Furbert. Ms. Furbert does not have to get herself drunk to be able to voice her true feelings. And she surely would not lie with a fake apology, just because nobody likes her view.

  56. watchfuleyes says:

    Why blame it on the alcohol? I am not giving her an ‘out’

  57. Hmmmmm says:

    To anyone who thinks that white privilege is not real, I encourage you to analyze this last week plus carefully. This incident is the manifestation of exactly what white people think of blacks. If this woman had looked over that same balcony and seen these same people on a Wednesday night filling the Chamber’s coffers at Harbour Nights she would’ve been overjoyed, no matter where their children were or whether they were at work or not. But because she saw a peaceful protest in a supposedly democratic society that did not include or resonate with her or her interests, she immediately chose to demonize it. That is white privilege: black people boosting their profits = good; black people fighting for their rights= bad.

    I do not celebrate the fact that she may lose her job because i wish that on no-one but understand this, the people of this country are wise to this behaviour and also wise to the Government whose like conduct has encouraged it out of the shadows. For those of you comparing these events to 1981, here’s a vintage example of an attitude from that era. With that, anyone still think we can just sweep aside race and related issues in this country?

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      ditto! The ubp/Oba govt has caused this to manifest again.

    • Infidelguy says:

      You are right on the money with that comment my friend!

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      And the rude guy in the green shirt? What was that a manifestation of?

    • joe says:

      The fact that you extrapolate this woman’s behavior to a whole segment of the population says more about you than her or them.

    • Bettty Trump says:

      Hey be careful talking about “WHITE PRIVILEDGE”, I was told that I was inciting racism when I tried to make the very same point as you…ahah great points you make. Somehow many whites became enraged because I was trying to have the uncomfortable conversation that is needed in Bermuda. They always call you racist if you even point out when they are acting in such a manner. Often they use words and not aware of the fact that it is tied to WP. Today was a great example of it.

  58. swing voter says:

    Congrats to MacPhee ……you’ve sunk to the level of…..a BIU member…welcome to the club, your application is on Furberts desk…..awaiting sign-off LOL

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Actually swing voter, she is exactly at the level that most white Bermudians are at…….and just a notch above those black Bermudians who defend, validate, protect, worship, and excuse them in the hope of gaining a few scraps and trinkets from their table……..

      • Bermail says:

        Wow that is a pretty nasty comment!

        • Rich says:

          Nasty? Maybe…but in your heart of hearts you will know that there is some truth in Concerned Citizens words.

          • Bermail says:

            Not in my heart mate.

            Just as I know that Concerned Citizen’s mentality doesn’t exemplify the majority of black Bermudians.

            Stereotyping is wrong no matter the color of the pigment of ones skin

      • swing voter says:

        you sound bitter because some of us make it and some don’t….BDA is not for p*****…..its for the few that get it….you obviously don’t ….after the BS of the UBP and the greed of most of the PLP, this time I’m for ME

        • Rich says:

          The reality is that many more Bermudians actually made it under a Tourism driven economy. We sped full stream ahead into IB and sold Bermudians on the promise that everyone would benfit from this new direction, And yes, partners and senior executives at Law firms, Accounting firms, Banks, and of course IB, made crazy cash. And yes some money trickled down to average folks but not unlike Regan’s Vodoo Economic / Trickle Down policies , the vast majority of us fell way behind. Those my friends are the facts.

          • swing voter says:

            you’re not right on this one…IB overtook Tourism after 1981….the government realized that some of us just don’t get it…when you show up to work with a chip on your shoulder and every ‘insult’ leads to a walkout, the government realized that they needed to attract investment dollars from an industry that wasn’t based on manual labor…hence intellectual labor now leads…if you’re smart, then your in…if you messed around and just want a job…you’re living off the trickle down from the top…not good

            • Infidelguy says:

              swing voter, do you actually read the crap that you write? You really believe that “every insult leads to a walkout”?


              You have a very warped perception of reality. Not everyone working in International Business are members of Mensa and there are some highly intelligent people that do manual labor in this country.

              Take off the blinkers!!

          • Sandy Bottom says:

            No, that’s wrong. From the mid 80′s to the mid 00′s we had over-employment. We all had jobs – anyone that wanted one – and many people had two jobs. It all came crashing to a halt under dreb and Cox.

            • Ride says:

              Yes, but the reason there were so many jobs was because of the boom in IB. There was an increased demand for labour and services fuelled by a considerable increase of cash in the system that subsequently drove the prices of goods (food, clothes, cars, …) and services (labour, gym fees, legal fees, …) up.

              The point being made above was that under the tourism economy most people were doing ok. Prices were lower and it was easier to get into the industry; it was labour driven. IB brought big money but it is a knowledge economy not a labour economy. Those who did not make the switch for themselves and/or their children from labour to knowledge got left behind. All the while the cost of living went through the roof. Have a look at how much a 3 bedroom cottage cost back in 1980. Then have a look at the cost in 2007 and today. Even adjusting for inflation the difference is notable.

              It is true that not all boats rose with the IB tide. Those that switched from labour to knowledge did well. Some found a niche for their labour. Others missed out.

              However, it is not too late for them to build a compatible mindset for the knowledge economy in the children so that they prepare themselves to participate. I speak as a person (Black male) raised in a labour household but prepared for the knowledge economy that I currently successfully participate in.


  59. Terry says:

    Comments here are of emotion.
    Reality is she is speaking what she has kept inside for to long.
    It’s unfortunate that it came to this but many support her but are too weak to open their mouths but when they do they are wrong but right.

    Everyone hides behind a pen name but want to say without being named.
    Yes she overspoke but it is a culmination of true feelings without all the facts.

  60. Bermuda boy says:

    Muzambo, I could live better without seeing your verbal spew all the time.

  61. Triangle Drifter says:

    So she was angry. She had every right to be. She is a hard working, energetic, enthusiastic individual whose job it is to promote businesses of the CoC. In case there are a few who are a little slow here, when those businesses are successful they employ more people. They employ your family & mine.

    For a small issue at the FHP to blow up to an islandwide walkout/strike so fast was absurd. For there to be a risk of violence because somebody shouts at these strikers, who are jeapordising everyones livelyhoods, rediculous.

    The BIU membership needs to grow up. If they entice a reaction from the public by their action, they are going to get it.

    Mrs McPhee gave the reaction that many felt. Good for her.

    Bad on the CoC if they fire her. She was not on CoC time. Yeah, I know that CoC staff are held to a much higher standard than say BIU staff. If a staff member of the BIU, off the BIU clock, shouted insults & such at CoC people in a public place nothing would be said. That type of behavior is expected of the BIU but not the CoC.

    • Rich says:

      And there-in-lies the problem; Joanne is a senior member of the Chamber of Commerce and her words and actions in this scenario (on her own time or not) crossed the line.Upon reflection,Joanne will be embarrassed by this and concerned over the harm that she may have done to her career and more importantly, the relationship between Business Owners and Labour. Less we forget, Joanne in her capacity at the Chamber represents the Fairmont Hamilton Princess.

    • Infidelguy says:

      You are just one big apologist for bigotry and hatred. Many of the people marching yesterday are “hard working, energetic individuals” too.

      What makes it more acceptable in your mind, for this one pathetic excuse for a human being, entitled to hurl insulting epithets at a group of peaceful demonstrators? This is not the g**damn 1960′s or 70′s or even 80′s.

      People have a right to be upset and angry at what this woman said and people like yourself will not stop them from standing up for their rights. In fact, people like yourself, are exactly the reason why we need strong worker unions in this country.

      What you saw yesterday were hard working, tax paying, Bermudians marching for their rights to be treated with the common decency and respect that they all deserve.

      No, not all of them are perfect like some of the delusional people here making their hateful rants, but each one of them have a right to expresses themselves in a peaceful manner as permitted by a civil society.

      Lay off the hate juice!

      • mixitup says:

        ^^^^that about sums up the thread. good night all.

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        What “epithets” were “hurled”?

        Yelling get back to work is not hurling epithets.

        • Infidelguy says:

          Definition of Epithet:

          a word, phrase, or expression used invectively as a term of abuse or contempt, to express hostility, etc.

    • sage says:

      You give her the next “executive job” at your business, birds of a feather…

      • Bermudian says:

        Birds of a feather stick, drink and plot together. The higher they are the harder they fall. She needs to be TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY – perhaps she needs to feel the plight and pain many people on this island are feeling after being laid off, working hours cut in half etc. Many of us could not afford to get a higher education and props to those who did but we are the ones who have worked hard and worked with much pride and respect.
        YOU COULD HAVE LOTS OF EDUCATION AND BECOME THE PRIME MINISTER, CEO, PRESIDENT, DOCTOR, POLITICIAN BUT IF YOU ARE NASTY (As Mrs. McPhee has demonistrated)HER EDUCATION (If she has any) and HIGH POSITION MEANS NOTHING – The truth will eventually come out and YOU have shown Bermuda who you really are. LOL AT YOU

  62. mixitup says:

    Well lookie lookie… Now the tables are turned there are people on here screeming “it this legal to suspend her” “this isn’t right” “we are suppose to live in a free and democratic country” A week ago it was, “who needs bar porters, they are lazy anyway” “the investors are going to be scared” “Look at their faces, who would want to hire them.” “The message needs to be ‘dumbed’ down for some to understand”.

    This week has exposed a whole lot about how far Bermuda has NOT gotten.

    • Bermail says:

      I would say that the calls questioning the suspension are definitely in the minority in this thread.

      And I definitely don’t feel that way given her position at the CoC.

  63. Just wondering says:

    Wow. What type of people does this place employ??

  64. Just saying says:

    Maybe she was playing the DRINKING GAME and every time she said the Name CHRIS FURBERT she took a shot ?

  65. Thirsty says:

    Come on you guys.. Clearly everyone misinterpreted what is going on in this picture. She was talking to the HP bar staff.. She probably was just looking to get a better drink.

  66. Bermudian says:

    She was out of work for a year bet she still had food on her table and able to pay bills, she is a … who clearly showed no regard for those persons who were marching or the Unions on this island because anyone of us could find ourselves(whatever union we are with)marching one day to support what is right.
    She only apologized because she was found out- this stupid woman should be ashamed to show her face anywhere on this island, she should be fired immediately OH I forgot she is the much ligher race. She has outright DISRESPECTED Bermudians most of whom where of the darker race.
    Hats of to Chris Furbert and members of the Union and other Unions who showed support. Hope she will never need one of those marchers on day, we never know whats going to happen next or who we may need. Lets continue to be our brothers keeper.

    • Bermudian says:

      This island is so divided with race, it is in our face everyday and Mrs. McPhee clearly demonstrated this yesterday – come on Bermuda do you really want someone like this woman to be in a position of authority and trust to be a spokeperson for you or your island. Perhaps a march needs to be held to the Chamber of Commerce to get her removed. It is sickening that this day an age we as Bermudians will allow this person to keep such a high position after insulting us. When is enough going to be enough. She has shown her true colours!!!!!

  67. more than enough says:

    is that the lady from the sage breakfast behind her?

  68. One for All says:

    Having watched the threatening words and body language of Chris Furbert over the last couple of days, it seems it is acceptable to some, being on the BIU payroll, that he get away with threats of national devastation if the union does not get its way…(look at the tape of the grim looking man in shades going at it…intimidating? Without a doubt!)

    I’m not saying Ms. MacPhee was wise in her position as spokesperson for the CoC but she is also a private person speaking her mind on her day off when all people in Bermuda have been inconvenienced. This is an expression of frustration felt by many. Is she Intimidating to the demonstrators? No way!

    Bermuda is in a financial mess and we are having a national walk-out after minimal efforts to resolve the issues! A shame Mr.Viera has apparently hung her out to dry before the entire Executive has considered what to do. A shameful rush to appease the workforce at her expense I’d say. While certainly unwise to ignore her public-facing position, a firing offense? Don’t think so.

    For all our sakes, cooler heads and common sense are required. Solve our problems calmly and everyone will have jobs in the long run.

    • Bermudian says:

      To:One for All

      I take it you are in a secure,comfortable well paying job or very comfortable in life and good for you. Obviously you are anti union who agrees with this womans behaviour on her day off. Mr. Furbert as a Union Head is doing his job. Can you imagine or maybe not where this island would be if not for the unions or for the fight of our forefathers who stood firm for the rights of black Bermudians and ordinary working class citizens.

      Financial mess yes – People like you just don’t understand – the once middle class are becoming poorer, the poor are still poor but can apply and qualify for financial assistance etc. and the wealthy are still making all the money.

      Did she consult Mr. Viera or the Executive before making a complete A– of herself in public, did she think of the consequences it would put her in regarding her job NO….. so what you are saying on her day off she has the right to put aside her title post with the Chamber of Commerce – OH PLEASE!!! has she no pride and respect for herself, her job nor the ordinary working class Bermudian .

      For someone who is in high position and supposed to be educated she is an EMBARRASSMENT to the ‘Bermuda Chamber of Commerce’ and Bermudians she represents – if you are a board member with this mindset perhaps you should join her. She brought this on herself and now has to deal with the consequences. From the photo looks like she needs to hang out to dry. LOL (She acted alone and now you expect members of the C of C to support her actions)

      As the saying goes ‘A drunken person speaks a sober persons mind’

  69. watcher says:

    Jobs for Bermudians unless they don’t look like us! or say things we don’t agree with! Come on people how many of our brothers and sisters have made egregious mistakes and been allowed to maintain employment, a certain ferry driver springs to mind. Like it or not the same rights of free speech which allows us to voice our opinions, march and express displeasure with employers, extend to every other citizen of this country. While we may not agree what Ms. McPhee had to say she has as much right to voice her own personal opinion as we do.
    While the way she did it was inflammatory and could have caused issues, I for one will take Ms. McPhee at her word with her apology forgive and forget and move on. I recognize a lot of supposedly godly posters on here tonight who seem to have forgotten the tenants of the good book and the principles of turning the other cheek and forgiveness.

  70. To put it succinctly…Joanne Mcphee is a person who has BUSTED her A$$ trying to pull, help and create for the Chamber members. i.e Bermuda. OKAY, she had a weak moment…..based on emotion. AND I AM NOT surprised given her efforts. You bust yourself trying to improve things…and then all that work goes down the drain…in one day. My guess is that she allowed her emotion to overcome her better judgement. Does this make her a bad person??? She made a mistake, so what? Are you going to crucify her for it? How many of YOU have had emotional outbursts? I do not agree with her public display, especially for one in her role…but I totally understand the frustration. Cut her some slack….some of you have been there… and others….you will too, at some point.

    • Bermudian says:

      Joan Cabral,
      FRUSTRATION!!! There was over 1000 persons marching – what about their frustration (ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO WERE LAID OFF) She was out of work for a year and should have understood. Most of us at some point in our lives have done something or said something wishing we couold take it back BUT to attack 1000 persons who were standing up for their civic rights is just RUDE. THEY did not bother her SHE stood alone you dont see anyone standing by her and her attack. STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR HER.

  71. Just saying says:

    is that bottles of beer on the table?

  72. Bda says:

    I’m so sick of the racist in this country until people move on this will forever be an issue !! Racing a biracial child I dread them having to grow up in this country!!!! Leave race out of it! Grow up!

    • Rich says:

      How does one divorce race from any political issue in this country?
      It sounds like a nice idea, but not something that any country has managed to do. If you know of one please enlighten me.

  73. d'byes says:

    The pop,buy foot soldiers are a disgrace to this island…biu shamefully distabilise with illegal strike with inside support from shameless pop snow they want to make race hunt over JM ..incite race division a d other crap..this is the same ppl who 14 yre hoodwinked their own with deceit,lies and bringing the island economic nightmare
    Eb acted arrogant with dictatorial attitude and one dare to protest.Get over it plp you are NOT in power and stop your pathetic undermining of Bermuda

  74. observer says:

    What the Plp,Biu and Brown done to Bermuda are zillions worse than Joanne Mcphee.They all should shut their pieholes and stop criticize those who want do something constructive

  75. hear ye says:

    The rubbish is coming out of plp/biu supporters..they all losers with no resources yo maintain daily needs a d all they are interested on some aggravated comment.Go figure why we are owing 4 billions and can no support these trouble makes and the have the liked of cunning marc Daniels,ffamous to stoke the race fire..nb. They got comfy jobs as they mislead them!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. John says:

    Let’s try and realize that people are being made redundant ALL over the world not just in Bermuda. People get redundancy pay then they go search for another job! Can someone please find how many redundancies there are in other countries every day and how many protest marches there are for those individual redundancies! Not many I’m guessing!

  77. Pat says:

    Thanks to Chris Furbert for keeping the protest to a peaceful stand for principle. Mrs. McPhee May have been in serious danger had he just turned a blind eye to this disrespectful situation. Bermudians are such a proud and respectful people.but I think it has been to our demise. We have watched as our people have been continually displaced and disrespected in the work place. This is true in union and non union businesses. We complain on the talk shows but we shy away from all out mutiny like what happens in other countries. We walk around the island and see how nice the island looks on the surface but if you look behind the screensaver you will see the real truth. This dispute between the hotel and the union was a test to see if Bermudians were going to press the escape button and reveal the hard truth about Bermudians not being valued in their own land. The march is for principle not a parade. It could have been one of us who lost our livelihood. How would you feel? Mrs. McPhee knows what is like to be without employment but I don’t think that she experienced what it is like to be without food and shelter and have kids to feed. She was out of line and should be reprimanded. If alcohol causes you to behave that way than I suggest giving up that sport. Alcohol is another example of pressing the escape button and revealing the real person behind the screensaver smile. The Unions are the only piece of history and heritage that we have held on to with all our might. They have saved lives for union and non union employees in Bermuda. Had there been no action on this matter, tomorrow could have been our turn to get sacked aka made redundant. This is a call to all Bermudians to hold fast to what is right and to take a stand against any injustice. We are our brothers keeper whether we believe it our not.

  78. Smh says:

    Don’t worry 1 of the 40 thieves will take care of ms McPhee they’ll create a job for her she’s not the least bit worried!!!

  79. Bermuda Boy says:

    She made a mistake, so what. How many have said something they regret before even finishing the sentence???

  80. Lone Wolf says:


    Although I didn’t agree with the call for ALL BIU members to strike at such an early stage, one must admit that it is a very effective tool the Union has to get what they want. It works and it works fast.

    We probably wouldn’t be quite as upset about it if, next time, the BIU gives us at least one day’s notice before shutting down transportation so we can make arrangements without having to scramble and stress out.

    But then I guess that would take away some of the power that it has.

    Anyway, more to the point, although I didn’t agree with the strike as it was, the behavior of Ms. MacPhee was simply outrageous and quite frankly disgusting.

    Anyone with any common sense should know that you just do NOT do something like that. Free speech or not, there is a time and a place for everything. That was not the time OR the place for her to voice her opinion in such a manner.

    The march was peaceful and thankfully remained peaceful to the end, with the quick action taken by Mr. Furbert, but her actions at that point and time could have easily turned a peaceful march into a riot. Especially since she is a white woman in power bringing home a huge paycheck.

    We ALL know that ANY issue in Bermuda always ends up coming down to a RACE issue regardless of what the initial issue was or is. Racial issues are here to stay and they will never get better until ALL sides come together with a common goal. I don’t see that happening any time soon, though I do wish we could sort it out and live in harmony.

    And for the record, I am a white, male Bermudian. I stand alone with my OWN views and opinions. I am not for the OBA or the PLP or the BIU or any other organizations. I stand for what is right, what makes sense and anything that will help Bermuda and her people as a whole.

    Peace ….

    • BERMYGUY says:


  81. paul says:

    it was not a mistake, and im sure those were her true feelings,,
    and im sure many others feel like she does,

    so stick together sisters and brothers

  82. more than enough says:

    mrs macphee claimed to be having an ‘emotive response’ because of how this might look to potential investors, because while everybody else is pitching in to make bermuda work, these people are marching. with her deep seated anger she passionately displayed the intolerance of the ‘upper class’ to the workers, at a peaceful protest. showing clearly, the need to unify and approach these matters as one body, not allowing individuals to be railroaded by big business or big $$$.
    how does she think that her contribution to the day reflects in the mind of potential investors?
    ever thought about anger management? you need help.

  83. paul says:

    her getting suspended was just because “they” would like to keep the fact to themselves that their racism is at the core of the purposely put in place problems blacks have, their greatest defense is trying to convince people that it don’t exists, and they pretend that they are not racist, but they are terrible fakers, and racism exists in every company in this island,

    how many of them do you see marching
    not even the ones that do work for government ,,wake up its time,

    • die hard St. George's Fan says:

      I love all of Gods children whether color race or creed.What I don’t like is disrespectful people like mcPhee. She should have been FIRED NOT SUSPENDED

    • tfm says:

      If someone doesn’t march because they do not believe in the purpose….nd they are white its cause they are racist??? Get real Bermuda, it is this kind of thinking that holdsd you back. Its so frustrating to be accused of being racist over and over again – its ridiculos – I don’t have a racist bone in my body. However, the comments and abuse I have had to take as a white person it DISTURBING aand I find it VERY hard to swollow that no one will acknowledge that there is a huge problem with the racisim but its the other way around. Move on, no one is trying to hold anyone else back, rather your thinking is what holds you back. Stop injecting hate and racisim into this community. OH and is it possible that when someone said “You People” it was meaning “You people who are marching” ?!?!?!!? seriously – stop looking for something that isn’t there. FREE your minds and move forward stop holding yourseves and the entire community of Bermuda back.

  84. Hello people says:

    I agree that the workers were treated unfairly and that BIU should have gotten involved. Which they did & things where being handled. I feel that a two day demonstration by the BIU members marching through Hamilton, was not truly necessary.

    As for Mrs. McPhee, I believe that her point is just, yet should have been done in a different manner, Her position for this reason, it is the job “Her EMPLOYER” of The Chamber of Commerce to help drum up business or new ways to generate more business opportunities for the island to keep us all employed. Generating money to come in to our beautiful Island, getting us out of this mess of owing money that we don’t have.

    Look a it this way YOU as an investor are looking into investing your money in a new business in Bermuda, looking at what went on wouldn’t you think twice before putting your money into something that is unstable… That things can get hairy in just a few hours…

    Many people “both local, foreigners & Tourist” rely on many of “you” The Union workers for your services that you provide the community with & having you walk out on us makes me think twice before relying on you, to do what us the community needs.

  85. Tired of race cards says:

    Submitted to an online resource for consideration and possible publishing.


    Proposed Definition: As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a reference to race or racism approaches 1.

    In other words, given enough time, in any Bermudian online discussion — regardless of topic or scope — someone inevitably makes a reference to race or racism.

    Yes, this does read similar to Godwin’s law / Godwin’s rule.

  86. Carob Bean says:

    DIGUSTING, wretched and VILE behaviour! This is the mind that privilege made.

  87. MA$E says:

    the race issue is boring and predictable … she is allowed to feel how she feels

    I find it more interesting the idea that governments around the world gave Trillions in the way if bailouts to Banks , Financials Institutions , Corporations and Insurers that we still blame the pot washers and housekeepers for the state of the economy.

    more often than not in Bermuda the blame falls at the feet of the quote ” greedy union ”

    Bermudas financial woes run much deeper than Chirs Furbert. The idea that the fate of multi million dollar companies are 100% in the hands of the trade and union workers is simply false.

    Union worker are a comfortable place to put blame because the average person (myself included) lacks the understanding of the banking and financial instruments that make up the majority of our economy.

    Hotel worker late to work or rude on the job we understand is bad …

    Interest rate swaps , Lit and Dark orders , Structured Bonds … most have no idea

    but we need someone to blame so better the devil you know than the devil you dont .

    As for outburst id say maybe if those in positions of power and influence like Ms MacPhee did a better job at understanding the real driving forces of the markets and industries Bermuda rely on there would be no need for anger and emotional outbursts after ” having a few “‘

    Her lapse in judgement speaks to a inadequacy and helplessness many Bermudians feel as the reality of being part of the Global Village sinks in.

    Understanding of the Larger economic picture is needed not blame or resentment.

    no more 20th century thinking while in the 21st century from either side.

  88. theothersidebda says:

    Maybe I missed it, but has any article published what was said? I’ve only heard what she claims her intent was, or what she meant by it, and she’s sorry for the emotive statements….but unless you know what was said, then I fail to understand how anyone commenting can deem whether the statement is worthy of such comments posted here or not.

    I must admit, based on the fact that she is being disciplined by her employers and the situation escalating to the point that Chris Furbert had to calm the situation, my gut feel tells me that what she actaully said was quite serious and not an ‘innocent’ emotive response to some people marching to support workers’ rights. I personally don’t buy the whole “I was upset because I know was out of a job for a year and I felt angry that people were taking employment for granted” story. You don’t get to near ‘riot’ status over such remarks. So what exactly was said then?

    Most times people mean what they say when they say it in the ‘heat of the moment’. And yes, you often feel badly expressing it after the fact, but you feel badly about expressing it…and not neessarily that you hold that belief in the first place. Those are two different things entirely.