Police Investigation Into BPAC Account Ongoing

August 21, 2014

The Bermuda Police Service Financial Crime Unit’s investigation into the Bermuda Political Action Club [BPAC] bank account is still ongoing, the police have confirmed.

On July 23 a police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service Financial Crime Unit has commenced enquiries to determine if any criminal offences have been committed in relation to the financial transactions associated with The Bermuda Political Action Club account. No further information with regards to this investigation will be released at this time.”

BPAC is the bank account at the center of the “JetGate” affair, with some $350,000 being deposited into the account by Maryland business tycoon Nathan Landow and his associates.

Last month then-OBA Chairman Thad Hollis released a full statement on the “JetGate” investigation, which said that the money was sent to an account which was opened with two signatories; Steven DeCosta and Derrick Green.

Steven DeCosta is a private business associate of former Premier Craig Cannonier who was on the private jet flight in March 2013, while Derrick Green is an American political consultant.

Mr. Hollis said the account “was not authorised by the established protocols of the OBA” and the Party Executive did not know about until eighteen months later.

“According to documents shown to me and presented, money was spent on campaign related activities. However, it should be noted these accounts are unaudited and rely on the veracity of Mr. Green and Mr DeCosta,” said Mr. Hollis.

Following the release of the inquiry on July 18th, Mr. Hollis resigned from his position as OBA Chairman on July 22nd. Neither the party nor Mr. Hollis have publicly spoken on the reason for the resignation, and MP Susan Jackson was appointed Acting Chair of the OBA. That position is to stand until the OBA’s Annual General Meeting on September 29, when a Party Leader, Deputy Leader and Party Chairman will be elected.

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  1. Starting point says:

    This can’t be, we have been told by countless PLP / BIU / PC posters on here that the police are racist, friends and family stooges, controlled by the Colonial governor, hell bent on keeping the ‘real bermudians’ down..

    This article must have been printed by mistake.

  2. swing voter says:

    A police investigation? R u serious? Heck I wish my wealthy godfather Lord Viscount Mishka of Liverberry Upon Avon would wire me $350K and you can investigate all you want as long as I can keep the money! LOL

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    How much time, effort & money has been spent over this great non happening?

    You can bet it has been far more than $350,000.00

    What a waste! Think what that time, effort & money could have been used on, like where is the missing $800,000,000.00 & just where was that $2.5b worth of debt spent?

  4. Independent says:

    That dude Decosta said the $350,000 was spent on pop up signs. That is a lot of signs.

  5. Coffee says:

    Well this investigation into the financial affairs of the ruling party cannot be good for Bermuda . For the sake of our Island I could only hope that no corruption of any sort is unearthed as we are just now turning the economic corner and any malfeasance may disrupt our recovery .
    However if persons are found to be unfit by The Bermuda Police Service to serve the Bermudian public in any capacity under the OBA then the Law of justice must prevail .

    • Tested says:

      Coffee, I agree, in one sense it may not be good. However, I would rather know one way or another if there was any corruption or theft involved even though it isn’t the publics money. If it is , don’t bury it…uncover it.