Man Injured In Shooting On Happy Valley Road

January 9, 2016

[Updated] At approximately 11.00pm this evening [Jan 9] there was a shooting in the Happy Valley Road area, and unofficial reports suggest someone may have been injured. Details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.


Update 11.30pm: Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said, “At a few minutes before 11pm this evening police and first responders attended a report of a firearms incident that took place on Happy Valley Road in Devonshire.

“Upon police arrival it was ascertained that a male was shot outside of a residence in the area. Multiple shots were fired, and a male was hit resulting in the man being taken to the hospital where he is being treated for his injuries, of which the seriousness is unknown at this time.

“The area surrounding the scene has been cordoned off while the scene is forensically processed, and an investigation into the incident has commenced. Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone who may have seen individuals acting suspiciously in the area to contact police on 205-0011.”

Update 11.37pm: Mr Caines confirmed the victim is a 37-year-old man, and said he has been shot multiple times.

He also added that police are interested in speaking to anyone who saw “individuals on two cycles acting suspiciously then fleeing the area.”

Update 11.43pm: Audio of Mr Caines statement below

Update Jan 10, 12.17am: Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said: “At approximately 10:45 pm Police and First Responders attended a report of a firearms incident that took place on Happy Valley Road in Devonshire.

“Upon police arrival it was ascertained that a 37 year old male was shot outside of a residence resulting with the victim being taken to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. His condition at this time is unknown . The area has been cordoned off and the area is being processed by officers from the Forensic Support Unit and the Serious Crime Unit.

“Police are appealing to anyone who may have seen two motorcycles in the area with the riders behaving suspiciously, and anyone with any information is asked to contact police at 295-0011 or the Crime Stoppers Hotline 800-8477.”

Update Jan 10, 8.48am: The police said the 37-year-old man is in stable condition in the ICU.

Update Jan 11, 8.38am:: A joint statement from Shadow Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban and Shadow Minister of Health and Community Affairs Michael Weeks said, “In what is becoming an all to frequent occurrence, another act of gun violence has tarnished the peace and tranquility of our community.

“It is evident that something is deeply wrong and requires a community effort to change the mindset that believes disputes must be settled with guns.

“We renew our call for witnesses and those with knowledge of the perpetrator of this crime and other crimes, to come forward and assist law enforcement in getting these shooters off our streets. Our prayers are with the family and friends of the victim.”

Update Jan 11, 12.25pm: A police spokesperson said, “The 37-year-old man who was the victim in the shooting on Saturday on Happy Valley, still in King Edward the 7th Memorial Hospital where he is listed in stable condition in the ICU.

“Officers from the SCU would like to speak with anyone who can assist us with this investigation if you have any information we are asking you to contact Detective Inspector Jason Smith on 295-0011.”

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  1. Instead of pointing guns at our brothers and sisters, point them to the cross of Jesus! We really don’t need this kind of behaciour to lead us into a new year! Lord have mercy!

    • .am says:

      Point your gunsto the cross of Jesus? ..Really?

      I feel like this may have sounded better in your head.

    • Awesome says:


    • Luis says:

      Rather than pinning our hopes on some fictional ‘god’, I think we need better parenting, tougher policing and these idiots to sort themselves out.

      I’ll take that over your man with the white beard apparently looking down on us all any day.

    • ron,b says:

      ha ha ha ha

  2. truth Lord says:

    Com on now you kno these guyz do not like you lots yy you gone up ther ,,,,bie it’s a war stay in ya terf ….. if it means foreva Lord have mercy… Mercy Lord

    • i care says:

      Its not about turf. This is Bermuda he should be able to go were he want to go. No man has the right to take a gun and shoot anyone. Its enough. Stop the violence.

  3. D says:

    Omg…. Its still going on…

  4. sunny says:

    Not so much of a ” Happy Valley Road ” after all

  5. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    It will never stop until the mentality stops,the mentality will not stop until the spirit stops,the spirit will not stop until the conditions stop the conditions will not stop until the lifestyle stops the lifestyle is influenced by all of the above.A new mind and a new man and wo-man or woe – man has to be born again.Whether it be Christian ,Muslim,Jew Rastafarian,Hindu,Ethiopian ,Buddist,or whatever faith in G-d one follows or deems to follow or support.G-D is the answer because G-D respects all life and forbids the taking of life un- justifiably.And any attempts to do so,is Aborrent in the eyesight of man and G-d. Those who are G-d,-less may do as they please and are fuel for the fire.Go figure.

    • .am says:

      Is there a reason you’re incapable of saying ‘God’?

      • Justice says:

        You sir are an idiot, how can you ask if he is incapable when the bases of his whole paragraph related to truth. Because you are an idiot, he is saying G-d rather than god because he has a respect for G-d that when you think of the creator you dont want someone who has dyslexia (such as yourself), to look at god as dog.

  6. Young men, divert your ANGER elsewhere. NOT on each other. This young man you shot IS YOUR BROTHER. To look in a mirror, you’ll see him AND yourself too!!!!! STOP THE NONSENSE!!!!!

    • They cant help it, it took centuries of mental condintioning and social media propaganda to believe that they are worthless, and some fools STILL believe it.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Maybe they should get to the root of their anger , or maybe learn how to handle it . Is that what you meant to say or is there a coded message in there somewhere ?

    • Nanny Pat says:

      Young man? This guy is 37… Be an adult, man!!! Grow the heck up! Be home taking care of your children! Be a role model!

    • Reality Check says:

      37 years old and still called a ‘young man’?

      How long does it take before a ‘young man’ becomes an adult male. My goodness, a 35 year old can become President of the USA!

      So when do Bermudian males transition from young man to adult male?

  7. Hello says:

    As long as there’s drugs and hateful gangs it won’t change.

    • sage says:

      As long as we continue the failed “war on some drugs and some of the people who use them”, it won’t change.

      • Hey Dreamer, is this the same “War on Drugs” that Reagan preached about. What a F!@#ing JOKE, Bermuda is just a pawn in the game of this Multi-Billion Dollar Industry which believe it or not fuels the economics in just about EVERY country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Colorado here I come.

  8. Concerned says:


  9. Dog says:

    Crime has this capacity to generate vicious cycles causing unemployment, economic … On average, the more time you spend at school the less violent you will become. Schools … Poverty causes crime

  10. Coffee says:

    With three full years of experience , Our National Security Minister is failing us !

    • Up D hill says:

      What, ,who is shooting who here? Look in the mirror Coffee!

      • Coffee says:

        Soo… You feel comfortable not holding the Minister to pre and post election promises , from his platform , no one else’s . His words hold life and death … He more then any elected official must be held accountable . Now if he feels as if he isn’t up to the task , it would only benefit Bermuda for him to give up the post .

    • frank says:

      All the minister and his side kick are going to do. Is show. Up. For another. Photo. Shoot on they may bring. Young. Mr Simons along. For this. One. Da

  11. sunray says:

    Father God, save us in Jesus name.

  12. The question was asked one young man why he picked up a gun, and his reply was, ” He did not show me any respect .” What he meant by respect needs to be investigated. It appears that this lack of respect triggers an anger that is both satanic and murderous. Our young men are prepared to spend the rest of their lives in jail to get this respect. And as a community, we are prepared to pay to keep them locked up. Maybe we both have a false view of reality .The governor is not prepared to address the issue. His bags are packed, and he does not want to be delayed on his way to the airport. The Premier , has read and seen too many reports on this issue, and prefers that the issue would just go away. The question must be asked , ” WHAT DOES BERMUDA WANT ? “

    • John Silvester says:

      Rodney, you are really placing this on the Governor? You think he has a clue as to what you endured as a young black male in Pembroke. Please!! Get a grip and deal with reality. U can flip flop parties if u want. Get a grip on where u live and where u grew up. That is the reality of 2016 as much as it was in 1976. Regardless of where or who u pledge allegiance. People got u checked fom then and now. Keep it real. If it’s possible in your OBA utopia.

  13. i care says:

    This S*#t needs to stop. Im a mother that lost my son to gun violence. Young man stop the violence this is not kewl. This does not just hurt the person your shooting. Your hurting families. Stop Stop Stop.

  14. Problem says:

    I saw a Police bust the other day and the momma was carrying on with the not my child story. All while the Police were bringing out bags of drugs. This is one of three problems I see. The others are children having children and people that already have no respect for the laws of the land having children and teaching them the same bad behavior.

  15. ron,b says:

    wait for Jesus to save your kids, and watch them go to hell

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