Video: Police Respond To Brutality Allegations

July 9, 2010

Earlier this morning [July 9] the Police held a press conference regarding the allegations of police brutality by Troy Smith in today’s Royal Gazette and on the ZBM news last night. The Royal Gazette stated that “Troy Smith suffered a broken nose, two broken cheekbones, a broken bone above one of his eyelids and a sprained jaw after the alleged assault in the early hours of Sunday”. A Police statement last night confirmed the use of Captor incapacitant spray and the Taser device. The Police said today that two officers have been removed from operational duties while an investigation takes place.

The full statement by Deputy Commissioner of Police Mike Jackman is below:

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen:

I speak to you in my role as Service Discipline Officer and I wish to make a few statements in relation to the allegations being made by Troy Smith in today’s Royal Gazette and on the ZBM news last night.

* Police officers in Bermuda are facing an unprecedented level of danger as they carry out their duties.
* Senior command recognises that our officers have been dedicated and courageous in performing their duties.
* We provide our officers with officer safety equipment so that they are able to protect themselves when faced with dangerous situations.
* We provide our officers with high levels of training so that they use the available officer safety equipment in a manner that is consistent with our policies and is in compliance with Bermuda’s law.
* We teach our officers how to use the officer safety equipment based on a use of force system so that they determine the appropriate level of response.
* We also have systems in place to review how we use force and to provide remedial training if officers do not comply with our policies and Bermuda laws.
* Now that we are aware of the full extent of the injuries suffered by Mr Smith, we have commenced a full investigation that will look into the circumstances; however we recognise that there are two sides to the story and we urge the public not to rush to judgement on this matter.
* The principles of natural justice will be applied and the officers will be treated as innocent and given the support of senior management inclusive of welfare; however, the officers will be removed from full operational duties until the investigation is completed.
* We cannot comment on any specifics of the case at this time as this matter is a criminal investigation.
* We will liaise with the Police Complaints Authority to apprise them of the investigation and once the investigation is completed, we will send the file to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions for advice.

Update: Video below in which Deputy Commissoner Jackman speaks on possible repercussions and previous instances:

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  1. Confused says:

    ‘Treated as innocent’, ‘Given support of senior management’,'Natural Justice will be applied’ – except that they will be suspended with imediate effect (Judged) and will lose pay before the case has been investigated (setenced). Am I missing something here?

    • CB says:

      They will continue to be paid, however, they will not be on active duty, i.e. they will sit behind a desk until this matter is concluded.

      • Confused says:

        CB – they will be paid at 3/4 pay for the duration of the investigation. The last high profile investigation lasted over 2 years. They will miss out on overtime, shift diferential and will loose out on valuable experience that may aid in career progression. They cannot be promoted in rank whilst they are suspended, and they will not be permitted to seek a second job to make up for the loss in wages. In other words, the will be punished from day one and THEN the evidence will be evaluated, after which their innocence or guilt will be established. If guilty, they will be further punished (rightfully so), but if they are not guilty they will not be reimbursed for the reduction in pay during their suspension unless they sue at their own expense. If they sue, they will be black balled and might as well kiss their career goodbye….
        …and Mr. Jackman says ‘natural justice’? Maybe he should google the term…..

  2. Truth is killin' me says:

    Cracked out of my head and ready to beat someone with a stick. Police show up and I get the beat down. I refuse treatment because if they do a blood test it will show narcotics in my system. Now I’m gonna cry to the public and get sympathy out of them and maybe a few dollars from the taxpayers. Next time do what the man says and put down the stick!

    • Real talk says:

      stfu a##hole ! how do you know he was cracked out..Idiots like you say anything..Are you seeking attention? make friends !!

  3. ROCKFISH says:

    The injuries sustained by this man are not consistent with the proper use of Captor spray and the Taser.
    Police officers can inflict injury to a person before deciding to use the spray and Taser, in which case the video will not show what really happened!

  4. jason says:

    he was beaten far beyond any usual assault. He was beaten way more then any of the police could have imagines. F**k the police, thats why no one likes them and no one will continue to help them. I have no love for them and know plenty ppl who wouldnt say anything to help or that will lead to any important information, period !