Second Firearm Incident of Night: No Injuries

November 1, 2010

Following the shooting of a 19 year old man in the West End this evening [Nov 1], there was another firearm incident approximately two hours later. Around 8:45pm this evening [Nov 1] Police responded to a confirmed firearm incident in the St. Monica’s Road, Pembroke area.

The Police say that forensic evidence found suggested that a firearm had been discharged; however no one has reported being injured. What the Police term ‘missiles’ were thrown by individuals in the area.

The first incident saw a 19-year-old male get off a bus in the White Hill Field, Sandy’s area and be shot by two men on a bike.

The Police say that it is unknown at this time if both incidents are related. An active investigation into both incidents is underway.

Police also addressed the rumours of a shooting at Bernard’s Park saying “Around 8pm on Monday, Police responded to a reported firearm incident in the Marsh Folly Road/Bernard Park, Pembroke area. On arrival officers conducted a thorough search of the scene; however, nothing was found to substantiate the report at that time and no one has reported being injured.”

Police are appealing for any witnesses or anyone with any information about either incident to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 299-8106. An anonymous call can also be made to the independent, confidential Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline at 800-8477.

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  1. Brasco says:

    YOU KNOW WE HAVE TO BE BRUTALLY HONEST HERE….OK, You want the Bermudian public help the police…Police does the necessary job to bring the Gayngsters to court….Judge ONLY would end up giving them 10 to 12 years in a jail cell…..

    WHAT’S THE USE OF HELPING?!?!?!?….When Our Judicial System has sympathy for the Gayngsters?!?!?


  2. Stunned says:

    I thought it was mandatory 15yrs just for having the gun? SMDH

  3. anyway says:

    At least they got a conviction for once.

    • The Truth Hurts says:

      @anyway – check your facts. There have been a few cases that have passed through the courts involving firearms. All have been convictions. Court trials don’t happen the day after a shooting, it takes time. Send a positive vibe instead of taking the synical route. Don’t jump on the negative bandwagon. Good result I say.

      • anyway says:

        A few cases, mostly recently, after years of failure. I’m not celebrating yet.
        I’m thankful that they got a conviction, but we still have a long way to go before a) people feel safe again b) people have faith in the justice system and c) “gangsters” are deterred from using guns.

        • Peace and Love says:

          Albeit convitions..applauds? so-so..Out of seven convictions within the last few many of the weapons have been recovered? I’ll give you a clue..not all seven

          • anyway says:

            I’m not sure if you meant to comment to me, because I wasn’t being all that excited, but yes, I agree with you that that’s a huge reason to NOT be satisfied.

        • ok says:

          @anyway and other negative fools, We are that much safer now that these guys all be it only 7 cases, but 7 less fools out there running around with guns. fyi the police have recovered a weapon in atleast one case. What you should be happy about instead of being so critical is the fact that the prosecution dept. actually won cases and not let these defense lawyers get these murders off on technicalities to be out there terrorizing the community. Further more the PEOPLE are the justice system. The justice system cant work effectively without the people. You cant sit back and expect these guys to be convicted without assisting in everyway you can. People like you “anyway” no wonder they get any convictions because if everyone thought like you and was so negative there would not have been even 1 conviction. Yeah agreed the guns havent been recovered but if a shooting happens say on a Friday and the person doesnt get arrested til the Sunday you think they are going to have the gun on them? Think… Also forensic evidence takes weeks to process and get results so by time police do make arrest it is weeks sometimes months later so obviously the guys wont have the guns on them.. Just be more positive and not so cynical. You think the rate of detection in other countries are any better?

  4. Peace and Love says:

    @ ok..look at what you said..even though seven have been put away no weapons (well maybe one) have been recovered, that still leaves a possible seven others to now be in possession of those weapons…so yes that is still cause for concern….you can’t ‘knock” someone for not being positive ..those stats are not the greatest..maybe if they had recovered 5 weapons you may get people feeling a little better…the seven culprits are locked away..but the weapons are still out there……..not a real comforting thought……