Two Failed Handbag Snatches: Man Arrested

December 1, 2010

Two female would-be victims of a handbag snatcher refused to let go of their purses and left the suspect to flee empty handed yesterday evening, and a  man was subsequently arrested in connection with both incidents.

Police say that yesterday [Nov 30] a 41-year-old Pembroke woman was walking along Parliament Street in Pembroke near the junction with Church Street around 5:25pm when she was accosted by a man who attempted to take her purse. He fled on foot empty handed after she refused to let go of her handbag, and some male members of the public in the area came to her assistance.

Approximately 15 mins earlier, around 5:10pm that day, a 29-year-old was accosted by an unknown man who attempted to take her purse, however he fled on foot empty handed after she refused to let go of her handbag.

The 29-year-old lady was uninjured, and the 41 year lady suffered a minor injury to her finger as a result.

A 25-year-old St. George’s man was subsequently arrested in connection with both incidents and inquiries are ongoing by the Hamilton Criminal Investigation Unit.

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  1. Sheriff says:

    People are desperate.

    • Cure says:

      Have undercover cops (just a couple can cover loads of ground) walking around town with purses. When their purse gets snatched beat the sh&t out of them.

  2. John Q Public Esq. says:

    Message to thieves: Get a job, join the hustle truck, sell some of your stuff. Sell drugs I don’t care – but stop trying to steal from law abiding people. Or how about this: Steal from the thieving people who sit in the big house on Parliament St.

    • marx says:

      The drugs trade encourages thefts. When someone needs their next fix and don’t have money, they will steal to get high. So your suggestion of “sell drugs I don’t care” in addition to being sad, is counterproductive!

  3. Utterly disgusted! says:

    Chop off their fingers! Enough is enough! I don’t work damn hard every day making an honest living to keep a roof over my head and my belly full to have some waste of sperm just feel as if they can take it away from me to feed their daily drug habit! The penalties for purse snatching, whether it be toward a local or tourist, should be mandatory jail sentence of 10 yrs minimum! Or maybe we should exercise some forms of punishment found in parts of Asia, like the chopping off of limbs! That’ll teach them! A strong message needs to be sent!

  4. itwasn't me says:

    when will the police get proactive and start using decoys after dark. they do it in the UK and in the US. this guy is lucky that a mob didn’t beat his azz. If I was around, I would have!

    • Arthur Raynor - Atlanta says:

      Hmmmm..Maybe they do use decoys, but what is the true odds that out of hundreds of women walking the streets, that decoy will get chosen by the thief?

  5. Harry says:


  6. Truth is killin' me says:

    That’s what it’s going to turn into I’m afraid. Mob beatings are going to start happening real soon and I don’t feel sorry for the culprits either!The police have their work cut out for them and it’s gonna take the public to restore order.

  7. Brasco says:

    WHY, WE THE PUBLIC KNOW WHAT IS NEEDED TO TACKLE CRIME, for example, Decoys, Operation Clean Sweep, etc, etc…..but the Police seem to be out to lunch with this?!?!?!?….I would never understand!!!!!




    • Itcouldhappen says:


      You would have my vote!

    • Liz says:

      Not useless at all it should have been the whole force. How many stolen bikes have be used in the commission of a crime. Sounds like proactive policing to me. Besides if you are a law abiding citizen you have nothing to worry about. What the police need is to get out earlier like at 6am in morning. When it seems the laws are different and nobody stops at a red light.

      • Harry says:

        I think what Brasco meant, LIZ, is that that particular exercise is pointless if you are trying to catch the people who are ROBBING and BEATING and MURDERING law-abiding citizens. Which, in the opinion of the majority, are more important issues to be working on. If you’ve got a police force of 100 and you use 100 of them to catch people who run red-lights at 6am in the morning do you know what happens? This is a test for you, LIZ … LIZ — DO YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF THE ENTIRE FORCE IS USED FOR TRAFFIC OFFENCES and NOTHING ELSE?!!!!!

        • marx says:


          Let’s not lose sight of reason here!

          The entire police force is not out catching traffic offenders! Your embellishment does not advance reasonable and logical debate.

          There are various departments and many officers are working behind the scenes.

          When the police are not out policing traffic, there are complaints from the public about that! When they are policing traffic, there are complaints that they are doing that rather than catching “real criminals”.

          F.Y.I. It is the Road Traffic Unit’s responsibility to monitor and police our roads. Narcotics, Serious Crime, etc. are tasked with the responsiblity of other crimes.

          This is a test for you – think, research, analyse and be rational before you espouse sarcastic inaccuracies!

      • Brasco says:

        Liz, be honest…do you really feel safe in Bermuda with a Police Force that isn’t Proactive??

        • Liz says:

          No I don’t feel safe but I refuse to blame the police for the islands sense of entitlement. Just because you are entitled to double park, entitled to speed, entitled to run a red light and entitled to show the world your dirty boxers doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do. Most of the above mentioned entitlements are against the LAW. I would feel a whole lot safer if ALL ADULTS set the right example for our youth. Children lead by example and you can’t expect any more from them than the example you actually set for them. I would also feel a whole lot safer if I could cross the road without fear of being run over.

    • marx says:

      With all the criticism you have of the police, why don’t you join the service to “improve” things?

      Realise that it is a difficult, dangerous and thankless job. I would like to see half the people in Bermuda who denigrate the police service rather than encourage and assist the police, show up to work to pursue criminals, who may have guns whilst you have nothing but a pair of handcuffs and pepper spray! For all your mouth and bravado now – trust me, you wouldn’t show up to work and neither would most Bermudians.

      The Bermuda Police Service needs our gratitude and respect, not useless and unsubstantiated whining!

  8. DARRIN DIZZLE says:


    • Boss Lady says:

      Brasco, you got my vote too Hun!!
      Dizzle I’ll place you in charge of the prisons!

    • Brasco says:

      Our Police Force is weird and predictable….

      when there has been a traffic death, you will see them on Eastbroad Way the next morning…..Every first of the month you see them out checking License Plates…..first weekend of every month you see them out with the TRAFFIC WARRANT sheet….then you wouldn’t see them until the next month….when there’s been a shooting, you’ll see them in the neighborhood where it took place…..

      I will never understand this type of Policing in my country called Bermuda.

  9. Get Serious! says:

    If u want my purse be prepared to fight for it. There ain’t much in it, but ITS MINE! I agree with Darrin, catch a thief beat a thief!

  10. k says:

    When will the judges start handing out MAXIMUM sentences everytime. They have the final say !!!

  11. ok says:

    Brasco you’re an idiot!!!! Police shouldnt just stop worrying about every other offence cause there is a handbag snatch. You can put a police officer on every corner in Town you think the crime will stop??? Use your brain! So the police go out and start searching EVERY person. Pulling over every car and bike. You’ll be on here saying why are the police stopping everyone! There is a thing called human rights and UNFORTUNATELY in some cases that means the criminal has them as well. Do you really think the answer is Bermuda becoming a police state? Bermuda is an island of complainers. You will never be able to please everyone. Instead of spending your day on here complaining, what have YOU done to assist your community? Let me guess your reply will be, “WELL THE POLICE KNOW WHOS DOING THE CRIMES.” Police should go down Court Street and 42nd and search everyone who comes through? How long do you think it would take before everyone would be up in arms saying, “THE POLICE ARE HARRASSING THE PUBLIC.” Hey I know the police aren’t perfect and they have a ways to go, but this is not a Police Problem alone. This is a Community problem. Instead of coming on here complaining about what the police should do, you should be asking what I can do to help. You dont have a clue what it takes to be a commissioner. You dont have my vote! Cause if it was up to you everyone that looks “suspicious” would be locked up. A Police state is not the answer. It didnt work back in the 70s-80s when police were way more forceful than today and it wont work now. We need to come together and support one another (including the police).
    FYI… Im glad they are checking for unlicenced vehicles at the beginning of every month. If I have to licence and insure my car every year so should everybody else. If somebody hits your car and has no insurance then you’ll be on here complaining that the police need to do more checks for unlicenced vehicles.

    • Brasco says:

      Calm Down, Calm Down….don’t let anger cloud your judgement…go back over what you wrote and revise…You’re obviously upset and probably never experienced any harm to you….so in all honesty you simply can relate…

      It’s not complaining…it’s just stating the obvious…..I give all props the the men and women that patrol our streets when we are asleep….but sorry I can’t give props to the ones that be eating donuts when crack heads are allowed to roam free….feel me now…Our Commissioner just seem to put all his eggs in one basket…DO YOU SHOP LIKE THAT??

      • marx says:


        With all your superior wisdom, why don’t you join the force? It’s obvious from your messages that you could do a far better job than anyone on the force, including the Commissioner! (No apologies for the sarcasm.)

        I would love to see you out there on the frontline dealing with hardened and insane criminals who will assault you/shoot you without thinking twice. There’s a saying, “if you ain’t walked a thousand miles in a man’s shoes….” Stop bitching about our police until you’ve walked the thousand miles that they walk every day!

    • The Truth Hurts says:

      You and I would be great friends. All the armchair cops out there are always complaining! Damned if you do damned if you don’t!

      • wondering says:

        I love the comment about armchair cops……..until you have done SOME things all you may have is an opinion which is like something else each human being owns in their nether region lol!!

      • Brasco says:

        Bernews allows us to speak our minds right?….So Hypocritical!!….Got to love us Bermudians…..

        Isn’t the armchair relaxing though….now back to my tea and donuts

    • DARRIN DIZZLE says:

      Ok! I think the cops should start harrassing people. The people that have their underwear showing should be getting harrassed. The people that have their underwear showing while sitting on a wall all day smoking spliffs, drinking beer and selling weed should be harrassed. The people that have their underwear showing while loitering in a certain area all day should be harrassed. The people that have their underwear showing and acting rowdy at a party should be harrassed. The people that have their underwear showing while they are drunk and causing trouble at Ice Queen at 2 a.m. should be harrassed. If you irritate the same frog that sits on the same lilly pad day after day that frog will go away. The cops need to be issued one pair of b@lls each and a handgun!

      • Brasco says:


      • marx says:

        Darrin, what you got against underwear? Good grief, it’s mentioned five times in your little paragraph. Ask someone to buy you some for Christmas so you can lose that big chip on your shoulder!

        • DARRIN DIZZLE says:

          Marx, you must be one of those droopy drawers, pants saggers that I was talking about? I do have a chip on my shoulder with sloppy dressing individuals that like exposing their dirty boxers to the rest of the world. They are too dumb to know that they look dumb. The style is older than most of the guys and girls that do sag. When they start dressing smart, they might start feeling smart and then maybe they can get jobs so they don’t have to snatch purses. Pull your pants up and contribute to society instead of taking away from it.

      • crazytalk says:

        I hope when they caught the guy they tazed him several times and beat the living ‘you know what’ out of him.