Premier Invited To London Royal Wedding

April 23, 2011

PrinceWilliamKateMiddletonBermuda’s Premier has been invited to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton which takes place in London on April 29.

Premier Paula Cox and husband Germain Nkeuleu are among the 1,900 guests who have been invited to the service at Westminster Abbey.

Celebrity guests at the royal nuptials include soccer star David Beckham and his wife Victoria, musician Elton John and film director Guy Ritchie.

Other guests include British government officials led by Prime Minister David Cameron, British soldiers who fought in Afghanistan and people who work for Prince William’s charities.

Royalty from more than 40 countries including Denmark, Norway, Spain, Thailand and Morocco will be in attendance along with political leaders and dignitaries from the 54-member Commonwealth of nations made up of former British territories.

In Bermuda, Project Action will be holding a Bermuda Reception “High Tea” in celebration of the wedding between HRH Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton. This fund-raising event will take place in the Harbour Room, Fairmont Hamilton Princess on Friday, 29 April, 2011 at 3pm. The taped wedding will be seen on large screens.

Prince William and Catherine (as she will be known officially) have urged the Westminster Abbey ceremony reflect the recessionary times and are said to have taken steps to ensure the celebrations surrounding their marriage are not overly “lavish.”

The full guest list is below, click ‘Full Screen’ for greater clarity:

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  1. True dat says:

    Soooooo What Big Fat Hairy Deal!!!
    Not Mad at you Bernews Because you all are just doing what you do and reporting the news…
    I just ain’t got nuffin for the Premier or any of these politricksters right now!!!!

    • Frustrated Teen says:

      I agree with True dat! I am a teenager and I hate how she took away the summer jobs for young people now its hard to find a job.. they all talk out of their butt

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Oh wonderful! As much as the PLP depises England & the Monarchy I wonder if she is going? I guess she simply must go to represent we poor downtrodden subjects of the Queen.

    Oh goody, this junket will require a new hat, paid for by the taxpayer of course, since it will be an official journey.

    • Red says:

      Triangle…the plp are very found of the titles bestowed on them by the Queen.. Dames reign and even
      sir Rolfe of Norfolk has softened his anti monarchy stance..They would like nothing more then to sit with the royals..Hypocrisy abounds…

  3. say wha???? says:

    Ewart must be kicking himself for retiring last year,seeing as he liked to be amongst the stars. Although, he was unlikely to get an invite since he wasn’t too fond of the Queen and Wanda didn’t like to curtsey, probably because she thought she was Queen of Bermuda.

  4. oh please says:

    With all that is going on in Bermuda, somehow I doubt the average struggling Bermudian gives a hoot about the wedding of people born into privilege who will never know what it’s like to wonder where your next meal is from, wonder how you’re going to pay that BELCO bill, or have to be told by a smiling snake that YOU have to sacrifice but not her with the 224,000 salary who has been running the county Finances the past 7 years.

  5. Missy says:

    Oh my Goodness, you can never please them all, Stop complaining, you selfless, lazy, unhappy people!!!!Everybody around the world is taking about this Wedding and to have our premier invited is an honour for our country!!! And one weekend trip to this wedding is not going to cost too much! If your really concerned about the well being of our country, you’ll get out there and help be apart of the solution instead of complaining and doing nothing and being apart of the problem!

    • your joking says:

      depends on who is paying…us or her….$10,000 first class ticket for 2….5 star hotel plus travel and food new outfit..etc….$20,000 easily….would you like to pay this for her???/

    • Common Sense says:

      Who cares about the Royal Wedding, you must be a house wife or live a very comfortable lifestyle to even care about this wedding. Then you refer to all Bermudians as “selfless, lazy, unhappy people”, how ignorant and bias of you! while your life may be good enough to care about a stupid wedding rather than the state of the country and the fact that our premier does not deserve to even attend the wedding is selfish of you.

    • oh please says:

      And who are you to presume that we’re selfish, lazy people when many of us are simply more interested in the affairs and declining standards of our own country! What’s YOUR personal vested interest in this ceremony?? You get an invite?

    • Bermy Born says:


    • NoBullTish says:


  6. sigh says:

    U all make me laugh. She is the leader of the country. A territory of Britain. She is invited in that regard. Your personal issues with the govermnent or with the Premier or whatever, is irrelevant. I wish you would all stop being ignorant with your responses and keep it all in perspective. And I am sure none of you would be complaining if the Governor is attending, or who is paying for his travel.

    • Terry says:

      I must agree with you on that ‘sigh’. Everything now is beaches and moorings…….

    • Rob says:

      The Govenor did not put Bermudians out of thier business, the payroll tax Queen did.

    • I Agree says:

      Exactly. We need to stop being reactionary and think before we speak. I don’t agree with everything that is going on in government but that isn’t the issue here. I think it’s an honour that the Premier has been invited to the wedding.

    • PEPPER says:

      I agree the premier should attend… enough said..

    • Bermy Born says:


    • George Courtney says:

      let the queen pay for the governor afterall she is her represenatative

  7. sorry.. says:

    bah this is one of the most talked about events in the western world at the moment..we may have differences regarding how we think the govt is doing, but she should definitely accept this invitation.

  8. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    Hope she goes and represents Bermuda famously. She is the elected head of Bermuda and regardless of politics must be supported when representing Bermuda officially at such a Historical event^^

    • your joking says:

      if she pays fine…but would you be happy if we are paying for it while others struggle to feed their family??? Why doesn’t she just donate some of her salary to a charity and send a card stating she has donated on the Royal couples behalf instead of attending….

      • NoBullTish says:

        its you’re not your
        u cant have a ‘joking’

    • Terry says:

      Must agree with Mr. Innerbridge. The Governor has nothing to do with this. Seperate issue and not relevent.

      Paula is the Premier and she should attend as have others in past years. She will be representing Bermuda and her people.

      Can we move on. Our young men are dying the streets and your bitching and moaning about a “hat”?

      Monies are set aside for events like this. She’s not taking anything from the people, she is letting the world know that we are still stable and suffering like many nations.

      Give it a rest guys and gals.

      Enjoy your Easter weekend and be thankfull for what you have. You could be living on the African Continent, Asia, Japan, Haitti or any other impoverished country.

      Rodney King said it right. “Why can’t we all get along” years ago. Guess what? Greed killed the Jones’s. I’ll stop here because many don’t give a flying pig about what I say, ………

      A great day too all and may you reflect on what Tomorrow is all about.

      He’s Risen, will you?

    • George Courtney says:

      @graeme, if bermuda pays for her going there, we will be paying for a double attendence as the bermuda london office head will there as well

  9. chapeau blanc.. says:

    Lordy ,Lordy , this is gonna summon up all of one’s imagination to come up with the ultimate hat of all time …

    The very grandest chapeau of all time , ever !

    We ought to be able to pick her out in the crowd in the Abbey with a wide angle sweep of the camera ..


    • Shut Yo Mouth... says:

      Mrs.Place up by govment gate just got some fresh peacock feathers in for May 24th,Um sure she could make ah nice gombey style hat for her at absolutely no cost to de taxpayer .Go check her out Paula .

  10. J Starling says:

    I’m living in the UK right now, and I’ve only come across two people who actually are interested in this event. Everyone else is fed up with the media coverage or annoyed that the State has to foot the bill for this while social services are being cut back and people being made redundant.

    I’m as happy for these two people as I am for anyone wishing to enter into a marriage contract, but I really am increasingly annoyed by the hoopla over this.

    I’ll be in Edinburgh at a street party organised by the British republican movement (not related to the US Republican Party at all!) on the day. Anyone orgainising a republican party back on de rock?

    • Terry says:

      And there in lies the rub Mr. Crimson Starling. “Two people” ?

      Get out more often and take your Starlinist………..Marxist……..

      When you comming back too Bermuda. Yah sum buy you are……….

    • oh please says:

      “Everyone else is fed up with the media coverage or annoyed that the State has to foot the bill for this while social services are being cut back and people being made redundant.”


    • Not invited .. says:

      I guess you’re not the only ‘anti monarchist’ over there then .

    • Bubba says:

      Is your whole life serious?
      Got to be very very boring when you analyze EVERYTHING.

      Enjoy life

      Part of mankind involves a bit of silliness. And that is why even you will end up at a street party.

      Loosen up. It is a weddig=ng for those people who like those sort of things. Those of us who know the whole thing is silly just leave it alone and RELAX knowing that it brings pleasure to some people. surely they deserve that. Or do you want more shootings etc

  11. Rockfish #2 says:

    At least everyone will know who she is, albeit for the wrong reasons.

  12. Bubba says:

    Everyone of u complainiing about the Premier’s invitation would jump at going in a hurry.

    • J Starling says:

      Not all; some of us still stick to principles. There’s quite a few people who refuse Queens Honours and whatnot still – and plenty who are still disappointed in certain members of a certain political Party dropping a constitutional clause in order to adorn themselves with these colonial trinkets…

      I’m not actually begrudging Premier Cox if she goes. I think there is a protocol in place as it is, in that she can’t really not go. I just think that the Royal Family should pay for all the guests out of their own pocket instead of the State (UK or Bermudian) covering the flight and hotel rooms.

      • Terry says:

        Mr. Starling, your talking crap. There is nothing that says she has to go. Next you’ll be saying Obama should have cut his speach/trip shot because of a and b. Your in Scotland man ( well thats the latest). Come back to Bermuda and run your site instead of denying others a voice yet so vocal everywhere else. You know what I am talking about.

        You can only control so much. Then have to to rely on other sources to get your point across. Your history speaks for itself. Your a Marxist yet rule in your beliefe from affare.

        Thats not a personal attack. It’s fact.

        Have a happy Easter what ever that means to you.

      • think... says:

        Or Paula pay for it out of her $$$ that we pay her… The 100′ lus that the “trip will cost the people of our country could be better used. Helping a single mother feed and cloth her child…

        Paula won’t consider a pay cut for the big G’ment spenders then why should we pay for her to attend a party..

    • oh please says:

      Nope. Could care less. I’m more concerned about the direction of my country than attending the wedding of someone born into royalty with a platinum spoon in their mouths.

  13. Tired of the tired act says:

    Am I the only one who is tired of seeing Terry’s comments on every single story, ranging from stupid to incoherent? Terry, please get a job and/or a life…

    • The 411 says:

      No you are not the only one. I really wish Bernews would do more to elevate the level of discourse on this site. You have many people, I guess so castrated from opinion in our quarters, that comment on everything…where ignorance is so evident. Sometimes the bloggers should read, research more before they comment. For one, all those commenting should take a look at the actual guest list to see EXACTLY who has been invited before they make a comment of whethe or not she should to. Go to Read the list and one will understand why the Leader of our country must attend.

      • Terry says:

        Well 411, I go you go. Now go back to B..I…..get some rest. Gotta go to work tomorrow and type crap all day..right?

        Freeze food prices (notta shrayed)……..See yah all tomorrow as you sit at your desks and type all day…….damn………………….

    • Terry says:

      Listen up Tired. I ain’t going no Ver. As for your comment about “Am I the only one who is tired of seeing Terry’s comments” well……

      I don’t give a flying pig what you think or what other blog your on. And I am not always the first. At times, when Bernews put up ingredients for discussion, people waver, don’t comment because it does not refelct how they feel. So I start the ball rolling after hours of no posts to try and stimulate but as is common there’s no dead bodies, people being shot, fatal accidents, confrontations et al.

      As soon as we have a murder, drive buy, where Paula Cox is going, PLP/UBP/BDA/ “SOS”…everyone has a comment.

      As for me getting a job, done my time and I work very hard in my community. You must be related to others who hold the reins on local blogs and forums. You all sound the same because reality has taken a bite out of your a.. and you want to blame someone else.

      As for getting a life, I sure as hell do, very simple and one day at a time.

      Now go back to your other ISP………………………………

      See yah Monday on B…..I……….

      • Spell Check says:

        Shuuut Uuuuppppp for once!!!
        And oh yeah…*reflect & *drive by (not buy) Sheeesh :S

    • Dee says:

      No you’re not the only one. I have even asked Pat to block his comments because most of the time they are either completely asinine or incoherent. He jumps in on every subject and derails the discussion. It is truly boring and annoying. He’s a troll and should be ignored.

  14. Terry says:

    Irony is, this is not about Paula Cox. It’s about you and your frustrations.

    Apparently none of you can deal with it yet lay blame elswhere.

    Gives new meaning to “Time in a bottle”….’Metro mineral” worked until “Coke” became the prime choice………

    The tree most barked up/at is pissing on you. If you don’t get….speak to Granny…..

    • Anyone says:

      Just do as i do, ignore/scroll past “Terry’s” comments!!!

  15. Lawless mindsets says:


    The Premier cannot decline, even if she wants to, as she knows the ramifications. This is also an opportunity for her to meet some people and make partnerships that can help the country too. let’s break it down for the petty people……

    If you work in Somerset and your union calls an urgent meeting in the city, are you going to ask them to pay for your bus fare/ferry or taxi fare. All the people coming to march on Tuesday, are you getting free bus fare, a drink and lunch? The answer is no, but you will still come because you know the long term benefit.

    Bermudians, stop being so petty. You adults are behaving just like the young people. No respect for authority, and you want them to. They are an exact replica, just as disrespectful to law.

    You adults can’t chose laws to abide by and get upset when the children do the same.

    • Bubba says:

      We have overseas investors in Bermuda now and others who read our papers. While they understand democracy they don’t understand why people would march.
      1. Do they get paid when they are off the job?

      2. If the march is illegal they should be fired and their jobs given to the unemployed.

      Why march now? To feel good. Seems childish. And if they are getting more than 1% they are really wasting their time. They are lucky to even have a job given Bermuda’s financial situation.

      • George Courtney says:

        @bubba, because bermudians are sick & tired of the plp’s hypocritical bs. SACRIFICES MUST BE MADE FOR GOALS TO BE ACHIEVED

    • oh please says:

      Respect is earned, and the Premier has a long way to go to earn mine.

  16. Makes sense! says:

    Be nice to get away from the hustle and bustle going on on the island

  17. Bubba says:

    It is a bit of good news to have a wedding. Why not just enjoy something? Some people just seem to want to be critical about everything. In most countries they are happy when something good happens to their leader. If you are not don’t sing that hit song and don’t look at the video: Proud to Be Bermudian.

  18. T Walker says:

    Another onslaught of ignorant responses from people who are too ashamed to even post their real names. And we wonder why we have the problems we have? Too busy hating and not giving honor where honor is due, regardless of our personal opinions. A bunch of disrespectful human beings with foolish pride, happy for no one else but themselves. A sad situation indeed.

    • oh please says:

      Yeah, because some of us saying we’re more concerned about the state of our country is totally selfish and ignorant…..what wicked people we are!

    • I’m afraid I don’t see how any honour is due to the Windsor family. I’m as happy for William Windsor and Kate Middleton getting married as I am for anyone, but I don’t see why the media should be ramming it down our throats (and by doing so not giving the attention to much more important events going on). Why should I bow before these people by virtue of whose womb they popped out of? It would be ‘disrespectful’ to myself to do such a thing. Hope they have a great marriage, but I don’t see why the State should be paying for it (especially as it cuts back on social services).

    • B R Wiliams says:

      Agreed. Uneducated. Unread. Unschooled.

    • True Bermudian says:

      “A bunch of disrespectful human beings with foolish pride, happy for no one else but themselves. A sad situation indeed.”

      Looks like T Walker unintentionally perfectly described the Bermuda Government.

  19. Rockfish #2 says:

    These invitations usually fall under two headings:

    1. Personal—Friends,family etc.

    2.Ex officio— (by virtue of the office) which means whoever holds that position at that time will be sent an invitation. In this case it happens to be Cox. When Prince Harry decides to marry, the same protocol will apply to the Premier of the day.

  20. YES MATE! says:

    Great. If Paula is representing Bermuda then everybody is gonna think all Bermudians wear silly hats.
    @Lawless Mindsets – How can you compare a wedding to a union meeting? No one is gonna listen to Paula talk down on them in that condescending tone of hers cos they’ll be staring at her hat so no political deals will be made at this WEDDING.
    If acegirl does decide to go she could gain some points by doing it on her own dime after all, she can afford it and we taxpayers can’t.

  21. George Courtney says:

    bermuda was asked to be represented by its london office which it agreed to so why should be paying more money for more representation???? HELLO!!!!