Photos: Miss Bermuda Contestants In Parade

May 24, 2011

[Updated] Along with Little Miss Paradise, Glamorous Granny, Miss Big & Beautiful, the contestants in the upcoming Miss Bermuda Pageant were in today’s Bermuda Day Parade.

Miss Selita Crockwell, representing Warwick North, and Miss Davika Hill, representing Warwick East:

miss bermuda girls may 24 2011 (1)

Bermuda Day Parade  May 24 2011-1-21

Miss Davina Cannonier, representing Devonshire East and Miss Kalvilicia Joell representing Devonshire West:

miss bermuda girls may 24 2011 (2)

Bermuda Day Parade  May 24 2011-1-23

Miss Channing Dill, representing Smith East, and Miss Alisha Phillips, representing Smith’s West:

miss bermuda girls may 24 2011 (3)

Bermuda Day Parade  May 24 2011-1-24

Miss Sharmaine Landy, representing Hamilton Parish West, and Miss Rachel Sawden, representing Hamilton Parish South:

miss bermuda girls may 24 2011 (4)

Bermuda Day Parade  May 24 2011-1-25

Miss Cheyenne Darrell, representing St. Georges West, and Miss Jana Lynn Outerbridge, representing St. Georges East:

miss bermuda girls may 24 2011 (5)

Miss Dawnita Smith, representing Paget East, and Miss Deonae Dickinson, representing Paget West:

miss bermuda girls may 24 2011 (6)

Bermuda Day Parade  May 24 2011-1-22

Miss Kylah Burch, representing Southampton, and Miss Cratonia Smith, representing Sandy’s:

miss bermuda girls may 24 2011 (7)

Bermuda Day Parade  May 24 2011-1-20

Video of the cars with the contestants in them driving by:

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  1. W.T.F.??? says:

    anyone see any white girls?

    • Nicole says:

      Are you serious?

      • Think about it says:

        I agree with W.T.F.???

        Where are the white girls? There was one in the contest at the beginning, I wonder what happened to her Lol

        • haha says:

          No there wasn’t. You are probably thinking about Hamilton Parish South.

          Does it matter though?

          • Mohawk says:

            Its a beauty pageant for schits sake get over it. Obvously no white girls entered. WTF are the Miss Bermuda people supposed to do go round Fairylands and drag some white girls onstage? Besides who cares? What type of fruit looks at photos of pretty girls and thinks about race?

            • Think about it says:

              That’s dumb if you think no white or Portuguese girls tried to enter

              • LOL (original) says:

                This is Bermuda would they win? Personally I do not know if any entered.


            • LOL (original) says:

              What type of fruit indeed looks at race? Doctors, lawyers, politicians, poor people, rich people, posters on this site, people looking for role models within everything the list is pretty endless………………….


      • W.T.F.??? says:

        Yup! very serious…this does NOT represent Bermuda at all!!!

    • T Smith says:

      Maybe no white girls entered. What are you trying to say

      • Think about it says:

        I find it unlikely that only one white girl entered the pageant. As diverse as Bermuda is, you mean to tell me there isn’t one white or portuguese girl in this contest? And that one white girl that was there has vanished by the looks of it. smh.

        • haha says:

          If you look at the history of Miss Bermuda pageant, there are never many white Bermudians that enter. Usually each year there is 1 or 2 maximum.

          • Think about it says:

            How do you know how many “enter?” For all we know,there could be dozens that “enter” but are never “selected”

            • haha says:

              because usually as long as a girl fits the age and nationality requirement, and is single and has no kids, then they can all enter. there is no specific screening process other than the entrance requirements.

  2. haha says:

    these girls ALL look beautiful

  3. Pitch it says:

    Paget West ALL DAY!!

  4. john says:

    this is gota be a joke ,, they cute,, but pageant material ,,,no,,,

    • Observer says:

      Frigg off!!! Thats all u deserve. Everyone else has something positive to say but you. And yet i dont see a picture of you here

    • Very Impressed says:

      ALL these ladies are “pageant material” it takes a lot of COURAGE, hard work and dediction to be involved in pageant and the fact that these ladies managed to stay poised in the face of harsh comments and overall negativity from anonymous bloggers both local and internatiol is an achievement in itself. These ladies are BEAUTIFUL and anyone who says different has some serious issues….”john”

    • White Christ aka Whiite Jesus says:

      Not pageant material???
      What you mean is that they’re not…………..’white’!!!!

      • Think about it says:

        No, what they mean is that they aren’t the most attractive females in Bermuda. I partially agree, some of them shouldn’t be in the contest, but whatever.

        • Everyone's a critic says:

          We all know somebody that’s taller, prettier, skinnier etc, however, the fact remains that they didn’t have the courage or couldn’t be bothered to register for the pageant. If you think you have what it takes to be Miss Bermuda stop complaining on the sidelines and sign up!!

      • LOL (original) says:

        Here you go again obessed with colour aren’t you………………..

        LOL Black & White is the same thing you know take White light and split it it makes all the colours of the rainbow and if you mix all the colours of the rainbow together in paint form you get Black. Amazing init.


        • Think about it says:

          It’s not the same thing when it comes to skin tone genius. Black, white, yellow, red whatever colored people are different because of more than the color of their skin, so your point is moot.

          • LOL (original) says:

            Sorry wasn’t talking to you talking to WJ

            “Not pageant material???
            What you mean is that they’re not…………..’white’!!!!”

            Guess you could not think about it have you ever read the science behind how people see colour in the first place think about that………………..


  5. Bold Enough says:

    Well done in the parade ladies! You all looked beautiful and were very poised throughout the parade. Good luck, it’s almost time! :)

  6. Alexa Smith says:

    This pageant is not a true representation of Bermuda at all. There should be a selection of girls not only one race. But I guess this is Bermuda’s future, ruled by biased people. I am 100 percent sure there where people of different races who entered this contest but of course were not given the opportunity. Look at the prime example of this behavior, THE GOVERNMENT. We have a government who is only based on one thing, RACE! Well done Bermuda, see how far that mind set gets you. And it’s really good to shut down and close opportunities for young women of a different race!!! YAY BERMUDA……sighs

    • bernews says:

      The selection of Miss Bermuda will not take place until next month…..the organizers didn’t select these preliminary entrants.

      The requirements were; Aged 18-25, childless, unmarried, and resident of Bermuda for one year or a Bermudian. Those four things were all that was required, and all young ladies fitting that criteria were welcomed.

    • Think about it says:

      There had to be some sort of selection stage. If the only requirements were that they are 18-25 and don’t have kids, then there would be a whole lot of applicants. With that being said, out of all those applicants, there was only one white female that made it through?

    • haha says:

      Ok Alexa Smith is ridiculous.

  7. S. Simmons says:

    I would just like to point out to all the people who commented on this page that all girls in Bermuda who are in the age range 18-25 (except those who are married or have children) had an equal opportunity to sign up for the Miss Bermuda Pageant. I know for sure it was advertised on facebook for all girls who meet those qualifications to sign up for. If girls from other races did not sign up then that has nothing to do with any particular selection process. All the girls that signed up for the pageant are seen here. Any issues with racial diversity was not because of the people putting on the pageant. It was simply because of the lack of girls from other races signing up for the pageant. It would be nice to see more diversity; over the years we have become a highly diverse nation. However, one cannot truly make the statements that some have made unless you know for sure what has happened. Hopefully after this year more girls of other races and backgrounds will see the great opportunities that this program offers and sign up. That issue aside, I am proud to see that we do have a good selection of girls. This is a beautiful selection of women and as Bermudians we should all be proud that there are intelligent young women in our community who are not getting caught up in all the nonsense that seems to be wrecking our Island these days. We should be proud that these young women have stood up and answered the call to represent our country on both a local and global level. They may not all meet your personal standards, but atleast you can be proud that they were brave enough to put themselves in such a highly publicized and regarded position. I’m surely proud of these girls and I’m proud that they have continued to hold their heads up high despite the negative comments that have been said. They are truly an inspiration to me and I’m sure they are also an inspiration to many young girls on the island.

    • Think about it says:

      So you mean to tell me that only one girl from each parish signed up? LMAO, that’s funny. There had to have been some sort of selection process because there would be so many women that would apply.

      Then again, maybe these are the only girls aged 18-25 without a child Lol

      • bernews says:

        Only two parishes have one entrant…another has four entrants, most have two, and one parish is unrepresented.

        • Think about it says:

          If they have more than one, then why is there always the same few girls being shown in the media?

          • bernews says:

            Not sure what media you mean, as we have shown and listed all the entrants multiple times. This article we are on now shows that some parishes have more then one entrant.

            • Think about it says:

              This site, and the royal gazette site posted pictures of supposedly all the contestants, and there were not two to four girls for each.

              • bernews says:

                “There were not two to four girls for each”. It’s not 2-4 per parish, its 0-4 as we just stated above.

                Must get back to work, however we’ve done 20+ articles so far on Miss Bermuda, so there is a fair amount of info on it here:

                • JUST SAYN!!! says:

                  thanks for shutting thinkaboutit up bernews!!!

                  • Think about it says:

                    No one shut me up at all, I actually have work to do and can’t be on bermnews all day like some people.

                    All I know is, EVERY article I have seen, it has been the same amount of women in the photos. No more than 1 per parish, not 0-4.

                    • Support System says:

                      Having such strong opinions, you would think you would attempt to qualify them. It’s as easy as reading a sash. Or hey, reading the listing above a photo. It’s illogical to glance across a photo and assume each person is representing their own parish….especially since there are 16 women (14 pictured above) and only 9 parishes. Is it just me?? Or… :S

    • Everyone's a critic says:

      Well said S.Simmons!

  8. Nicole says:

    Um one chick definitely looks to be half white. Does it really matter though? A country with mostly black people having mostly black women in a pageant is not surprising. Maybe the white girls didn’t want to enter. I will agree that these aren’t the best Bermuda has to offer but whatever.

    This comment was hilarious though- “WTF are the Miss Bermuda people supposed to do go round Fairylands and drag some white girls onstage?” LMAO!

    • Ring Master says:

      So these aren’t the best Bermuda has to offer according to you. Why didn’t you enter if you are so high and mighty? Please post your photo and educational achievements so we can see your profile. So many negatives and criticism. All these ladies will learn and mature from this experience, something you seem to need.

      • Nicole says:

        Ah yes the good old ad-hominem. Lets start shall we. For one maybe I have other obligations? Like work, or school? Or maybe some people actually don’t want to compete in a pageant? But heres the zinger, I actually know I wouldn’t win. Now am I being negative towards myself or just being honest? It has nothing to do with being negative. They will be no competition with the other girls in the Miss. World competition.

        You can kiss my a$$ though because you don’t even know me or how mature I am so how about that for some maturity? Hmm one of them your relative? Hurt feeling? Better tougher up for the competition.

        P.S. Being that it’s pageant, based partly on BEAUTY I didn’t realize judging them on their BEAUTY constituted as being negative. I wonder if you’d say that if the judges felt the same way. Moron.

        • Ring Master says:

          Sad to see what an immature and uneducated person you are. Let’s go through some of your responses. Other obligations? Let me guess – you’re 20 with 3 kids already from different daddies. Strike 1. You know you couldn’t win. Strike 2. Potty mouth and vulgar. Strike 3.
          Some of your problems can be corrected, and I hope you take advantage of some of the courses you can attend to help you with your self esteem and respect. Good luck in returning as a better person.

          • Nicole says:

            Oh yes Ring Master very mature and racist of you. Lets see how do you know how mature or educated I am? Please do share since you know me so well.
            1. Nope no no kids-no baby daddies(how very stereotypical borderline racist of you)
            2. Potty mouth? Sure. Occasionally. In public? Never.
            3. Some of what problems? Do share since you know me so well.
            My self esteem is fine. I know I’m a beautiful person inside and out but being realistic about my chances in a Miss World competition makes you believe I have low self esteem and respect? Are you seriously retarded?

            It’s good to know you’re a racist and you somehow know me based on a comment on a bernews article. Funny thing is I know some of the girls in the competition and all 3 of your idiotic points apply to them. Still haven’t answered the question about being related to one so I will take that as a yes. I also find it funny how you didn’t mention the fact that I know I wouldn’t win or do in your idiotic mind do you believe that somehow being realistic means I have low self esteem? I bet you thought I’d reply and say I could enter and would win huh?

            P.S. Only insecure, low self esteem, neurotic women need to enter beauty pageants and be reassured of how beautiful they are. How about picking up a book instead of being a low budget Dr. Phil thinking you know something and somebody?

            @crazytalk Um what are you talking about? How did you conclude that I’m racist? You all are retarded. So judging BEAUTY PAGEANT contestants on their BEAUTY makes me racist, negative, and what else? Oh I will go ahead. Has anyone ever stopped me before? Nope. I can express my views all I want and don’t care if you find them ugly or foul mouthed. I could say the same about you, but I don’t know you just like you don’t know me.

        • crazytalk says:

          Nicole, you don’t like the ‘good old ad-hominem’. Let me reassure you. We’re ok with ugly foul-mothed racists expressing views on beauty contests. So go ahead.

          • Think about it says:

            @ Ring Master and crazytalk

            Ring Master, you’re an idiot and an @sshole for one. How are you judgin Nicole and making comments that she has three kids at 20. For all we know, your sister, mother or daughter is in the same boat! Your comment is also ridiculous when you consider that the main requirements for this pageant are that they are between 18-25 and don’t have kids. I guess that’s so rare in Bermuda that they decided to make is a qualification.

            There is nothing wron with Nicole admitting that she feels she wouldn’t win a pageant, it’s not negative, she just feels that on a contest based SOLELY on looks, she might not be able to compete. You’re also making comments about educational achievements, you think anyone cares what these girls have done? Pageants are NOT about intelligence, they are about who has the nicest @ss and smile, PERIOD. I think Nicole might be right in her assumption that you either know or are related to these girls. Either that or the level of attractiveness in the women you associate with is sub par. No grenades please.


            Where was Nicole racist? I’m lost? How is it racist to ask why there are basically only black women in the contest when there are so many other races that live on this island. The fact that Portuguese people were here for just as long, maybe longer than black Bermudians and the fact that there are only black women in the contest seems strange to me. All I hear from Bermudians is racism this, racism that, stop using that as a crutch. The majority of politicians in Bermuda are black, so stop your nonsense.

            And Before any of you @ssholes say anything, I am of Portuguese/Bermudian/West Indian ancestry

            • crazytalk says:

              “Only insecure, low self esteem, neurotic women need to enter beauty pageants”
              Is that right, Nicole? Have some proof of that do you, or is that just a sweeping generalization off the top of your head?

              They’re all ‘insecure and neorotic’? Or maybe they just have some ambition and confidence (the exact opposite of an insecure neurotic, actually).

              Well Nicole you had a good ‘LMAO’ about the going around Fairylands looking for white girls “joke”. The “joke” certainly has a racial element to it. But I admit, sometimes people are over-sensitive on that issue. Know what I mean?

              As far as your style of language goes, you are foul-mouthed, and so is your ‘Think about it’ friend here. Putting a @ or * in the middle of a crude word doesn’t stop it from being a crude word.

              • Nicole says:

                Yes it is right. Proof is everywhere, try googling the studies about it. Do you realize how many beauty queens are anorexic, bulimic, and yes have low self esteem? Or do you think every beautiful person has high self esteem? Are you seriously that stupid? Some of THE most famous beauty queens have battled insecurities. I’ll name one Vanessa Williams. Of course not all of them are, some are also narcissists. Both are unhealthy, whether your self esteem is extremely low or extremely high. Two unhealthy extremes.

                Why are you all so sure that these girls have some big time self esteem and me stating the blatantly obvious fact that they won’t be able to compete with Miss World contestants equates to me having low self esteem? Seriously. Probably one or two of them stand a chance and I have even admitted THAT I MYSELF wouldn’t stand a chance so what is your point?

                Also that comment wasn’t racist, again are you stupid? Someone asked why no white girls entered and another person replied “should they go grab some white girls and force them to”. How is that racist?

                Who cares? They are words, they are only “crude” because humans made them “crude”.

                I do know what you mean but the only person being “over-sensitive” is you. Again what is your problem? You want to make sweeping generalizations about me so I’d do the same. Except the fact that I’m right and you are wrong. So tell me again crazytalk how is judging BEAUTY PAGEANT contestants a bad thing?

                @ringmaster Our anger? YOU attacked ME first so do not TRY and play VICTIM here. First you insulted me about my looks stating that I should enter then you tried to claim I have multiple kids by multiple men. Which is a racist stereotype. You mean the same UNFOUNDED, DEROGATORY AND DISGUSTING ATTACKS you hurled at me? When I didn’t even mention you. You replied to me! Sorry I offended you, like I said tougher up for the competition! Restrict it to you alone? Who else are we addressing? crazytalk addressed me so I will reply. I’m DISGUSTED at your hatred. You are ridiculous.

            • Ring Master says:

              @ Think about it and Nicole.
              Your anger and vulgarity is sad and if you have disagreements with my opinions, you should have been mature enough to restrict your attacks to me alone. Instead you choose to level completely unfounded, derogatory and disgusting attacks against the 16 contestants. I am dismayed at the level of hatred you have shown.

              • Think about it says:

                @Ring Master and crazytalk

                Why does everyone say that I am angry? Lol. I don’t let stupid people such as yourselves get to me, so I do not get angry Lol.

                I put an @ or * so that bernews doesn’t edit or delete my post, not because I’m trying to make the word less rude. I have no problem with calling you both a$&holes and feeling now way about it.

                To address Ring Master, I didn’t restrict my “attacks” to you alone because your buddy Crazytalk felt the need to join in and attack Nicole. I have not made one derogatory comment about these women, I made comments about the women in YOUR LIFE being unsightly creatures. Even if I did comment on these contestants, so what? Don’t enter a pageant that is based on looks, and not expect not to be criticized.

                I find it funny how everyone on here will read a comment, and decipher it as horribly as possible. And to further back Nicole: Crazytalk, have you ever been to fairylands? I have, quite a lot actually, and you know what I see? White people! Nicole is not racist for saying that white people to reside there any more than I am for saying that black people hang out on court street. Ooooohhhhh! Yeah! I went there!

                • crazytalk says:

                  Thanks for your response “Think about it”. I think you’ve pretty much proved my points.

                  • Think about it says:

                    And what point is that? Please don’t be one of those people that thinks they’re smarter than they really are. Because I used the word @sshole? I am willing to bet that your swear, and that you’re trying to SEEM mature or sophisticated by not doing so on this site. Unlike you, I have no issue using sentence enhancers

                • Nicole says:

                  @thinkabout it

                  LMFAO! These two must have rode the short yellow bus to school as kids!

  9. Bold Enough says:

    It’s really sad that people are focusing more on what races are represented instead of the positive experience these ladies are getting from the pageant (which could be tainted by such negativity coming out of the public). I know firsthand that there was no selection process for Miss Bermuda this year and that all who applied are indeed contestants. Of course the group of young ladies could be more diverse and in fact would be welcomed, however, ladies of other races did not opt to sign up. As previously stated I do hope that young ladies from all ethnic backgrounds have been inspired/encouraged to sign up next year for the opportunity to represent their home.

    Having said that we are all privy to our own opinion and we will not always agree, nevertheless it is not our job to select a winner – the judges will make that decision on June 12. Please remember that although pageants do focus on outer appearance, there is just as much emphasis on personality and intellect and therefore it is anyone’s crown to take.

    Let’s be a more supportive community and stop bringing each other down for whatever reason.

  10. john says:

    ok, lol

  11. john says:

    like i said they cute but not pagent material,, straight up ,,, i know u lot want to be nice, but really?

  12. john says:

    i would support them tho..

  13. john says:

    im black , we have some fine white and black girls, sweeeeet mix