Police Rescue Two Mariners From Sunken Boat

June 27, 2011

marine policeEarlier today [June 27] the Police Marine Unit rescued a couple from on top the submerged vessel after their 13’ vessel fishing began taking on water.

A Police spokesman said, “At 2:20pm on Monday, police received a 911 call regarding a sinking boat. Bermuda Radio was immediately alerted and sent out a message to all area vessels to assist. The Police Marine Unit was also immediately dispatched to the scene.”

“It appears that a 44 year old man and a 42 year old woman were in the 13’ vessel fishing approximately a mile off the oil docks when the boat began taking on water. The boaters donned life vests and were in contact with the 911 dispatcher until police vessel ‘Heron 2’ arrived, rescuing them from on top of the submerged vessel.”

“In all, three boats including ‘Heron 2’ answered the call for help, with the police vessel reaching the individuals in distress first. They were taken ashore at Mullet Bay. The Bermuda Police Service would like to thank the other vessels who answered the call to assist for their efforts in this matter.”

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  1. Ganja mon says:

    Probably drunk and realized to late the boat was taking on water..smh

  2. Clafe says:

    oh mercy come ON Dun,

    Yet anotha example of de police departmint tryna ruin GUYZS good time. i personally KNO de bedren whose boat it wuz dat sank, n he wuz vexed that guyz tried 2 “rescue” him n hiz ace bird.

    His name is Rumbly-Nose n he haz this special type of boat where if u press a certain button on d dashboard, a small explosive charge goez off in de hull, n TEMPORARILY sinks de boat so that guyz can sit on top of d sunken hull n enjoy d sunset wifout havin 2 b distracted by lookin at de boat. NE WAYZ, deres anotha button that u can press when ya done FLEXIN, n dat button makes sum nanobots (BOASTY technology) come out de dashboard n repair de hole in like 3.74 seconds. He wuz ABOUT 2 press that button when all of a sudden d police came n ruined there good time. Rumbly-Nose kept tryin 2 tell them “DUN, DUNEENWORRYWIFIT, WE GUYZ ARE KEWL!” but d police wuz like “NAH, dun…we guyz r gunna rescue u whether u like it or not, cuz we’re de polic n we’re mug.” An u bies kno de rest of de story.


  3. Goat buh says:

    Nuff respect Clafe– u de voice uh de ppl.. inna, my nephew got dem nanobots 4 christmas last year and dey sunk his toy boat. de police, aka babylon showed up 2 tow dat too. where’s de justice bie??

  4. Alexander Facetious Jr. says:

    Listen Clafe, none of what you say makes any sense. If you want to make a mockery of our police department, then do it one someone else’s time. Bernews is a forum for tolerance, and respect for real issues that are plaguing our modern nation. Please take your hate speech to another location, because no one sane wants to hear it anymore.

    Also, on another note, nanobots are an advanced technology that has yet to come to fruition. Your story has no basis in reality, and you should probably be arrested on counts of forgery and slander.

    • Scott says:

      LOL wow.. hate speach? no basis on reality?

      i know someone with their head too far up their ***

      ….humor man…its what this island needs right now…

      • Scott says:

        …unless you were screwing around.. then nuff respect for makin fun of people with no humor :P

      • homestarrunner says:

        Agreed. Lighten up

        • Funbag Commission says:

          look up the word Facetious ya bumbas

          • Terry says:

            But we already knew that> What’s your point. Really. Another slap in the face……….

            Spoken words are not “Facetious” not at all. Now “Funbag”….just depends on whether you have a match and a cracker……….

  5. Shabumba de Whale says:

    Ey bie me thinks dis be one dem classic miscommunications dat i ben earin about.

    Sounds to me like deez two luv chickens was merely bumpin rumps and rockin dat boat like a pair o baboons on de sauce. One ting led to de otha and sure enuf deez two end up a bangin a hole right tru de fleppin hull!! Timez like doze you can’t help but keepin dat love potion in motion so dey simply grab dem life jackets and keep rocking dat boat until dey floatin around churnin up dat sea like a dung wave pool boi. den, imagine diz poor bredrens suprise as de police roll up as da bie is makin passionate to his choice mama. Sounds like all deez stinkin police was doin is ruinin a good time. When is dey gun realize dat just cause two dem turkeys was tangoin and splashin dat water around, dun mean dem in trouble, probably just puttin dat totem pole in de donut hole (KNOW WHAT UM SAYIN?!?). All i hope is dat dis poor bredren gets ta shazam before dem police show up and ruin da party.

    • Terry says:

      Shabumba…Yah werflass….geevin way hall doze heast anned seekratz. I hope you get diareeeeha nax tyme yoo katch hall dem damm yaltunz and vite vawtar snepparz…….yah ah traytar……..mus be frum Koot Pahond…..wufflass peeple…..

  6. Ganja mon says:

    Possibly drunk and didnt realize they were taking on water till it was too late..

  7. Terry says:

    Clafe…..Bwahaaaa yah sum chiel……Ann leeve Rumbly-Nose out of it. Bleddy buy vaws trin to gaff a pilchard ann punkchaird dee hall….detz right.

    Ann Bernooze…gatt yah feks strate. If it’s on top…it’s a floater. If it’s sunk caull den yoo kaul dee Wine Pleese detz rite……..Doze lutt muttow his …”You sunk it, we’ll drunk it”………

    As for Alexander…yoo no nuffin about nannabots. Nah go beck/s and tal Noel vee sayed hallow…..

  8. Terry says:

    Dee Goud Sheep Lully Pup…….Gives a new meaning to “COXWAIN”…….

  9. Takbir Sharrieff says:

    I am certain of one thing…..the type of sick humor that the public is being subjected to here is precipitated by a brain that is affected by mental unbalance, drink drug or , otherwise,oxygen deprivation…. or damage seen in individuals …..up on something..down on something…or whatever and badly in need of M.A.W.I. Attention.Can someone please help….!!!!!