Photos: 2011 Opening Of Youth Parliament

November 18, 2011

The Reconvening of Youth Parliament took place yesterday [Nov.17] at the House of Assembly, with a speech from the Youth Premier Ryan Robinson Perinchief as well as an address from Premier Paula Cox.

Modeled on Bermuda’s official Parliament, the Youth Parliament of Bermuda was founded in 1985, and has grown to have approximately 40 registered Members of Youth Parliament, and meets on Wednesday afternoons at the House of Assembly.

Youth Premier Ryan Robinson Perinchief, a 15-year-old Berkeley Institute student, said, “It is no secret that we in Bermuda are currently facing many challenges including an increase in violent crime and downturn in our economy.

“However, there are other less prevalent concerns that are undoubtedly and steadily growing within our society. We, the young people, are up against various social issues we must constantly face. It is our strong belief that if these issues are not addressed, the end result will be disastrous for our country.”

Read the full address, and view videos of the Reconvening of Youth Parliament here, and photos below.

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  1. Not supporting Youths says:

    What was horrible was that leader of the opposition on training wheels, Craig Cannonier rsvp and told the youth parliamentains he would attend and not only did not show up but did not apologize nor send anyone to respresent him. NO OBA showing was meaning that OBA does not belive in our youths.

  2. never@oba says:

    this is why my fellow Bermudians, I say the OBA speak with fork tongues, can they be trusted to form government with such insult to the young people of this country?

  3. L. Simmons says:

    Where were you Mr. Cannonier? This was the OBA’s time to show their commitment to the young people of Bermuda. Shame on you that you did not attend or send a representitive. The diversity of this group from public private and home schools was very impressive. If you had attended this event you too would have seen that Bermuda has a bright future.

    Bernews this should have been a headline article.